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Angel Flights helps our community

Rotary Alexandra guest speaker Doug Carney, Spring Crk Rd resident for 40 years and Angel Flight volunteer pilot over 15 years, and for the last 6 years splitting his time between Alexandra and Tocumwal.
Angel Flight volunteers provide non-urgent transport for medical treatment at no cost to their passengers. The service is funded by donations, from service clubs and philanthropy
85% of funds raised is spent on aircraft fuel and airport fees, both of which are provided at discount from regular services, to support Angel Flight.
Only 15% of funds is spent on administrative expenses. The service has been operating in Australia for 20 years, after Bill Brewster, visiting the Osh-Kosh Air Show in 2003, saw a similar service in the US and could see potential benefits here too.
Initially it was expected that they would do approx. 800 flights a year. This has grown to 2000 flights a year. Pilots and drivers (land angels) donate their time, aircraft and vehicles to transport patients to appointments. Most of their customer have serious medical problems which cannot be managed in their local communities.
On his first flight for the service, Doug flew a patient from Mildura to the Austin Hospital for chemotherapy- a 2 hour flight instead of an 8 hour drive.
Why volunteer for Angel Flight?
Pilots love flying, and doing something worthwhile for someone doing it tough!
Doug has done 7 flights over the years. Pilots need to respond quickly as available flights are quickly allocated. Allocation depends on both pilot and aircraft certification, plane size, carrying capacity, instrumentation. Other cases Doug has transported include a lady returning from Moorabbin to Porepunkah 24 hours post cardiac stent ( 1 &1/4 hour flight vs 4 hours by car),
A couple from Casterton to Essendon so that the husband could receive a cochlear implant.
A day’s driving from the  outback Queensland town of Boulia to a major centre can be achieved in a 2 hour flight .
A wonderful service for our community supported by our club with a $1000 donation.
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Bombay Rotary Revealed

This week International Director Maria Price toasted The Rotary Club of Bombay. It has 350 members. It has spun off 26 Interact clubs and 6 Rotaract Clubs over the years. They have 50 Committees with 20 looking after Community service projects. Projects such as Tiger Conservation, Empowerment of Women, Fresh Water Projects and the Cotton Green Clinic for the Underprivileged.
They are guided by a saying from Mahatma Gandi:
“The prayer in silence, with faith for love, is service in peace.”
May be an image of 5 people and text that says 'Transformation Salon ay Dharamshala for cancer patients Adult Literacy for women Bom Alcohol De-addiction an amazing year has ended... Rotary Club of Bombay Filled with many new initiatives and milestone achievements. DISTRICT 141 EVS Curriculum Bio Diversity Park Malnutrition in Dharavi'
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DG Neta Kirby visits Alexandra Rotary

Rotary district governor Neta Kirby visited the Alexandra Rotary Club this week. She works as a therapist with children from 2 years to 13 years who have been neglected or abused. Two causes she expounded were “ The Life's Little Treasures Foundation” and taking action against domestic violence.
She gave a personal example of a baby very dear to her heart and how it is wonderful to be in touch with others in the same position – ‘families helping families’.
The organisation has provided support for thousands of families with premature babies but receives no federal funding. With this as her project, Neta is asking Rotarians to help raise money for this foundation who are aiming to raise $53,000.
The Life's Little Treasures Foundation is Australia's leading charity dedicated to providing support, friendship and information, specifically tailored for families of children born premature or sick. The Foundation's services are available in the hospital (neonatal and special care units) and in the community when families come home.
The Foundation's mission is to ensure that no family endures the traumatic and life changing experience of having a premature or sick baby without easy access to critical information and community support to help them through their journey.
The Facts Are: Premature birth is the number one killer of newborns. Over 45,000 babies are admitted into neonatal intensive and special care units every year in Australia. This is over 14.5% of all babies born and translates to over 115 admissions every day. For more information on the Foundation go to:
Neta In consultation with her adult children, she has chosen to champion Say No to Domestic Violence and yes to respectful relationships. She hopes clubs and the general community will also get on board to raise awareness of this serious issue.
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Come along to our meetings

Come along to our meetings. Book on with Lindsay Baker before noon Mondays.
Cost $25 meal drinks at bar prices.
Alexandra golf club Gordon st Alexandra
September 6
District Governor Neta Kirby will be our special guest for the evening.
 ELF Day on TUESDAY 12 September, would like everyone’s support.
September 20
Former Angel Flight pilot and passionate supporter with local connections, Doug Carney will present to the Rotary the story behind the amazing work of Angel Flights.
October 4
The crazy hat is back! 
Time to scrub up ready for an entertaining evening with our Dame Pattie Menzies friends. 
Wear an outlandish hat.
Always a great night!

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Foundation Murrindindi

Rotary Alexandra’s guest speaker this week was Robyn Hill who joined Foundation Murrindindi in 2014 after a corporate career in Melbourne.
The Foundation is an independent charitable fund supporting community led projects, which
evolved from the Marysville and Triangle Community Foundation started following the devastating 2009 Black Saturday fires. As a place-based foundation with an independent board of skills-based members, the foundation understands local needs because its members live locally. They had seed funding of $1million from the Victorian government, to be spent over 10 years. $850K has been invested in 110 community projects by 50 organizations, including $200K for youth suicide and mental health services, and assisting Alexandra Football and Netball Club clubroom redevelopment.
As well as direct provision of funds the Foundation acts as an enabler to help positive things happen, because the needs within our community don’t stop.
Recent grants have been provided to-
Alexandra Secondary College- $49,000 for mental health support, $30,000 for stage 2, Murrindindi Youth Garden, $16,000 for students transitioning from primary to secondary schooling, and $5000 in back-to-school vouchers (Yea and Alexandra)
Connecting Communities Grants recently announced recognize that 30% of households in the Shire are single person households. Sponsoring activities such as barefoot bowls at Flowerdale, community pizza nights in Fawcett, and Seniors’ week activities (with U3A) and Menzies carers week afternoon teas all encourage connectedness, which is so important for mental health and wellbeing.
A social enterprise is soon to be launched, so that local giving can have local impact.
There are many parallels between the work of Rotary and Foundation Murrindindi and by working together we can all do better. 20% of Murrindindi Shire residents volunteer, compared with state average of 13%.
An entertaining and informative speech. If you want to find out more or can financially help Foundation Murrindindi, go their website.
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Anne Burns Presentation 

Anne Burns
Anne is a new member to Rotary of Alexandra. We heard her story and  aspirations. Anne is based in Alexandra and as Land Use Activity Agreement Manager for Taungurung Land and Wayers Council, Anne’s presentation included an insight into local Taungurung culture.
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Come along to our meetings 

Come along to our meetings. Book on with John Alcock before noon Mondays. 
Email: or text on his mobile: 0414 397 376
Cost 💲 25 meal drinks at bar prices.
Alexandra golf club Gordon st Alexandra 
2 August. Anne Burns
We welcome Anne as a new member to Rotary of Alexandra. We look forward to hearing her story and  aspirations. Based in Alexandra and as Land Use Activity Agreement Manager for Taungurung Land and Wayers Council, Anne’s presentation will include an insight into local Taungurung culture.
16 August. Robyn Hill
Executive Officer 
Foundation Murrindindi
Robyn Hill has a wealth of information to help make vibrant communities. 
After senior positions in the corporate world, Robyn provided invaluable administrative support for Marysville and District during the five years of bushfire recovery.
Robyn Hill lives in Taggarty and is the founding Executive Officer of Foundation Murrindindi
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 Highlights of our changeover 

Highlights from our Rotary changeover.
Anne Burns welcomed guests to Taungurung Country.
The toast to Rotary International was proposed by Ian Gibb.
Past DG Phil Clancy spoke in response to Ian's toast, referring to the recent RI International Convention in Melbourne last month. Those who were unable to attend can follow the links to RI in our club bulletin to experience a sample of the convention presentations. In particular Phil cited the efforts of Ukrainian John Hewko ,CEO and General Secretary of RI to assist refugees, who currently number 100 million world wide, and rising. Peace is not merely the absence of war. RI are seeking to become practitioners of peace, to start waging peace, not war. Building pillars of positive peace by developing human capital, acceptance of the rights of others, equitable distribution of resources and maintaining good relations with neighbours.
Toxic polarisation is a threat to world peace. The End Polio Now program is a great example of peace building. Lessons learned from the polio program have been applied during the Covid pandemic.
The Memorial Candle was lit by John Turner, in remembrance of members who have passed.
Pres Sharon Fox outlined her report on the year's activities, as printed in the annual report. Highlights include meeting the goal of increasing membership ( 9 new members, a 30% increase), thereby reinvigorating the club. An international project, providing humanitarian relief for Ukrainian refugees, was initiated,  facilitated by incoming president Geoff's partner Sue, and has been further supported by our neighbour clubs at Euroa and Mansfield.
Sharon then inducted Geoff Proctor as President RC Alexandra for 2023-24 .
Incoming Pres Geoff challenged members to ask themselves - What do we do? How do we engage the community? How do we encourage younger people to join us? What are the needs  and requirements within our community? Housing for essential workers and emergency housing for those escaping domestic  violence may be a focus. What do we do? Why do we do it? How are locally raised funds used? The answers to these questions will guide our path in the coming year.
Geoff then introduced his incoming board
International - Maria Price                                 Secretary-Helen Gibb
Community Service- Ian Gibb                                 Treasurer - Lynda Robinson
Pres Elect - Graeme Bylund                                    Art Show - John Allcock
Vocational- Sharen Robinson                               Vice President - Sharon Fox
The meeting closed with a vote of thanks to those who helped set up for the evening, and Goulburn River Inn crew.

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Changeover president's report

PRESIDENT’S REPORT  2022 – 2023 Sharon Fox
Where has the past year gone?! Our changeover night was delayed for a month to enable travelling members to attend, especially outgoing President Bob. However, I started my year on the 1st July.
In early August we welcomed District Governor David McPherson for the annual DG visit. He was accompanied by Assistant Governor Nina Lunde and they both briefed the club on the proposed regionalisation of Zone 8 of which we are part.
August also saw us start a community / international project supporting Ukrainian refugees housed in Melbourne, predominantly women and children, and the elderly. Reaching out through contacts in the local Ukrainian community it was established that what they needed most was food.
Foodworks helped by locating a trolley for food donations at the Alexandra store.
Dobson’s Potatoes also came on board with a fantastic supply of their local produce.
The food was then transported to Carlton for distribution to the refugees.
The program has been refined by transitioning from direct provision of food to a voucher system, liaising with the Rotary Club of Carlton, and Carlton supermarkets.
A huge thankyou to the Rotarians, Foodworks, Dobson’s Potatoes and all who donated for making this happen. The Rotary Club of Euroa has since come on board to support this project with a generous pledge of funds.
In September Helen, Ian and I travelled to Lavington to their club’s international night where the Ukrainian Ambassador spoke; and in December Helen and I were invited to a “thankyou” evening at Ukrainian House in Essendon.
We enjoyed two nights of fellowship with the Rotary Club of Seymour where we shared the spoils of the footy and golf competitions, and we welcomed the Lions Club for a visit in November.
We continue to help out at community events, Australia Day, the P and A Show, Open Gardens, Christmas Carols, the Rodeo and Truck and Ute Show, as well as organising Music in the Park, the Art Show and in conjunction with Rotary Club of Yea, Cycle Dindi.
The Art Show was a huge success in the new venue of the Shire Hall and congratulations to Melinda and her team for a great outcome.
The wood raffles are always a welcome event on the calendar and enable us to provide wood for those in need of winter heating.
I’m very pleased to say that our membership has increased by 23% this year with nine new members having joined. Welcome to them all and they have brought new enthusiasm to the club.
My thanks to the Board for your work over the past year, a special thankyou to Helen my indefatigable secretary, and to Ross for the program he put together each fortnight, John Allcock for attendance and coordinating the meals and John Monteath my sergeant for keeping order in the house and Melinda our accurate “minute” taker of the proceedings at our club meetings.
Also thanks to our publicity officers - John Cannon for publishing the Bulletin and photos, and Tom Farrell for the website, Facebook and media liaison.
A special mention to Helen, Ian and Ross who were always on hand at the golf club setting up for the meal and meeting for everyone to enjoy.
To all the friends of Rotary who have helped out over the year – thankyou.
To Geoff and his incoming board, I wish you well and hope you have a successful and enjoyable year.
I have had a very gratifying year and thank all Rotarians for your support and look forward to serving Rotary for many more years.
Sharon Fox
Our new Rotary board .
Helen Gibb, Maria Price, Sharen Robinson, Geoff Proctor, Graeme Bylund, John Alcock, Sharon Fox and Ian Gibb
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Helen Gibb, Maria Price, Sharen Robinson, Geoff Proctor, Graeme Bylund, John Alcock, Sharon Fox and Ian Gibb
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National Youth Science Forum – Inspiring Australia’sYoung

National Youth Science Forum – Inspiring Australia’sYoung
Rotary Alexandra has sponsored the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF), for a number of years and late last year called for scholarship nominees. Casey Clark was the successful and very willing applicant. The program included both online sessions and several days in Melbourne visiting a variety of university campuses. The inspiring experience opened Casey up to work in Antarctica, robots that can service powerlines whilst recharging off the lines, food security, dirt doctors, medical research, even precise 3D printing on the moon!
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National Youth Science Forum – Inspiring Australia’sYoung   Jane Bylund 2023-06-07 14:00:00Z 0

Mock Job Interviews

Mock Job Interviews.
Rotary Club of Alexandra members took part in Year 10 mock job interviews this week at Alexandra Secondary College. The aim of these job interviews is to help students to learn how to answer difficult questions, develop interview strategies, improve their communication skills and reduce stress before an actual job interview. It was a pleasure for the seven Rotarians to support this wonderful program. The students were well prepared with resumes and had to prepared professionally by their teachers.
A truly positive sign was that students were considering career paths and how to achieve these goals.
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Dr Brett Ingram

Alexandra Rotary’s Guest Speaker this week was Dr Brett Ingram, Adjunct Assoc Professor Deakin University and Senior Scientist Victorian Fisheries.
He was inspired by Jacques Cousteau in the 1970’s and studied at James Cook University before embarking on a 40 year career as a fish biologist. In the early days, Brett was part of a team which catalogued the Great Barrier Reef, being towed on a sheet of plywood towed by a zodiac inflatable for weeks/months at a time. It was uncommon NOT to see sharks at this time.
Most of his career has been at Snobs Creek hatchery, where he worked to develop and refine production techniques for native fish including Murray cod and Macquarie perch, and salmonids, as well as research into popular recreational fisheries across the state.  A single Murray cod female releases up to 50 thousand eggs (spawn). This process is hormonally induced in the laboratory. The spawn and milt (sperm from male cod) are mixed, and then incubated in tanks until large enough to be transferred into outdoor ponds where they are fed on plankton until grown to size. Snobs Creek Hatchery produces up to 10million fish/year, including brown and rainbow trout, chinook salmon, Murray cod and native perch.
Brett has also worked at Queenscliff developing breeding programs for the mussel industry, where the biggest challenge was to grow enough food to feed the young. Young larvae or spat settle onto ropes which are then transferred to open water to grow out to marketable size. This has developed into a 2000tonne/year aquaculture industry in Victoria. In Brett’s opinion our local mussels are better eating than the perhaps more widely known NZ green-lipped mussel. 
Brett has spent some time working throughout Southeast Asia on international aid projects to help develop fisheries and aquaculture in rural communities. In some places he worked with headhunters alongside orangutans. Fish are now bred in captivity for commercial consumption. Fishing is a vital industry throughout the Mekong delta. Improved breeding techniques have helped raise the standard of living for villagers.
Overseeing a short lived project which introduced barramundi to the warm waters of Hazelwood pondage was interesting. All was going well until the power station was mothballed, cutting the supply of warm water to the pondage. It is now too cold for these fish to survive there.
Despite all this knowledge, Brett is self-described  as 'very average at catching fish'.
An interesting and informative speech.
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Welcome Maria and Anne. Congratulations Neil.

Maria Price and Anne Burns joined the Rotary Club of Alexandra this week. Welcome to the world wide fellowship of Rotary.
Also Neil Robinson received his well earned certificate of appreciation in recognition of his efforts at the Easter Art Show and at our fortnightly meetings . He runs the bar, cleared the tables and helps with the dishes as well as being a cheerful friend.

Welcome Maria and Anne. Congratulations Neil. Tom Farrell 2023-05-19 14:00:00Z 0
Mothers Day Classic Alexandra Thomas James Farrell 2023-05-15 14:00:00Z 0

Dr Mark Wallace speaks at Rotary

Dr Mark Wallace, car lover, paramedic and now GP spoke at Alexandra Rotary this week.
Starting as  an apprentice motor mechanic ( which he hated) he joined the ambulance service in 1986.  During this time he met our fellow member Bruce Hyatt. Further training as MICA paramedic followed in 1991. This was richly rewarding work.
Following the Boxing Day tsunami in January 2005 Mark volunteered to work in Aceh Sumatra for several months . This time proved a turning point in deciding to pursue further qualifications in medicine.
Mark also worked in Vanuatu post cyclone, and as a helicopter based paramedic in Doha for 3 and a half years 2010-2013. An approach from the ambulance service to assist with retrieval of wounded patients from Benghazi, Libya during the time of the overthrow of Col Gaddafi provided another challenging but satisfying work experience.  The port of Misrata was full of ambulances, filles with people needing attention. A ferry was converted into a hospital ship to transport people to Tunis, Tunisia, a 3 day voyage. Mark was part of the team caring for patients and passengers.
Plans to return to a camp on the Libya-Tunisia border to set up another clinic were abandoned when that site was bombed, so Mark returned to Australia,
From 2013 Mark worked as a MICA paramedic while studying medicine, and living in a motorhome while completing his clinical rotations, before graduating in 2018.
He worked as an intern at Burnie, northern Tasmania for 2 years before returning to the big island (but not Melbourne) spending 6 months driving around the  state looking for a place that resembled Tasmania.
Mark's family (36 y.o daughter and 33 y.o son, partner a Melbourne-based physiotherapist) also enjoy their time in Alexandra.
His next challenge- to be a good GP. He is happy now to live a quieter life, as he is 'done with all the high drama and stress' of his early career.
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Congratulations Chris Barry

Another busy meeting at Alexandra Rotary. We welcomed two new members to our club, Jane and Graeme Bylund. Graeme was a member and past president of the Geraldton Rotary Club. They join Lou Norgard who also joined recently. It’s wonderful to see new members helping to serve our community and become friends.
Chris Barry efforts were recognised with a Paul Harris Fellow award. Apart from his invaluable help with the computers and running of the Easter art shows he has for many years run weekly “computer and life skills” sessions for Menzies Support services. His skills are much appreciated by U3A and the HUB (CEACA) with computer courses. He even found time to be a Driving Mentor with the L2P programme helping people attain their driving licences. A well deserved award.
May be an image of 3 people and text
May be an image of 3 people and textMay be an image of 3 people and text
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2023 Golf night with Seymour Tom Farrell 2023-05-02 14:00:00Z 0

2023 Cycle Dindi

Well, another successful Cycle Dindi done - won’t say dusted as still lots to attend to!
As one rider from Melbourne said at the debrief at Alister’s ‘ No other event on a Rail Trail offers such wonderful ‘add ons’ like the opportunity to visit a working farm (with a ride in a cattle crate) and to access private property for lunch. Cycle Dindi is uniquely special’.
A brief snapshot of the day
Preregistrations were TB 114 (adult riders 59 and seniors 47) plus 15 thru Direct Debit (12 Seniors and 3 adults) = 129
Walk ups were 1 at Merton, 4 (or 2 at Alex?) and 16 at Yea = total 151/153 which was a great response given the competing events on that weekend, plus last year’s numbers reflected people desperate to get out after Covid.
John Sinclair said Nutfield was ‘huge’ – maybe more riders stopping for a cuppa and scones this year?
At Cremona I heard lots of comments about how enjoyable Marty’s music was, Deb’s coffee, the damper, Melinda’s yummy fruitcake and the beautiful offerings at the BBQ.
Raffle winners were 1st Summerlands package - Sandra Moore Croydon Hills, 2nd $100 voucher at YWDC - Ken Howden Parkville, 3rd Bike package from Yarck bikes – not able to make contact at this stage.
Also, the On Point Brewery in Alex donated a $50 voucher- random lucky rider was chosen- Trudi Scanlon of Lalor. All winners (except for the third prize) have been contacted and their vouchers mailed out to them.
Well done everyone- a wonderful collegiate and collaborative effort between our Rotary Clubs along with the support provided by Ross from the Friends group.
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2023 Art Show

Wow, what a busy time we have had this month!
After months of preparation and a very busy Easter weekend, the Art Show is now packed away until 2024.
The transition back to the Alexandra Shire Hall was generally well received - 'I like it here, you can see better,' 'well set up, incredibly well set up' , 'location is fabulous,''congratulations for a great art show, I like the new venue, more intimate' were just a few of the comments expressed.
Thanks to our hard working committee- Ian kept a close watch on the financials, John C put a lot of thought into procedures for receiving and distributing sold and unsold artworks at the end of the Show, and Chris B looked after our IT systems, Chris J, Chris B Pamela and Jenny manned the sales desk all weekend. Helen G did a fantastic job coordinating her helpers who provided and served supper on Opening Night. Helen and Ian also did a great job looking after the raffle roster. A lot of effort by a lot of people meant the show ran smoothly.
The full financial position is not yet finalised, but a good result is expected. Most of our advertisers and sponsors have already contributed, raffle sales were good, visitor numbers were up about 25%, and 36 artworks sold.
We were able to borrow supplementary lighting from RC Yea, which helped show artworks off to their best advantage.
A big thank you to all our members and Friends of Rotary who worked together to put on a great show.
In heartening news, judge Raelene Sharp recognised the talent of three of our youngest exhibitors, who shared in the prize pool, sold works or received honourable mention. We look forward to seeing more of their work in future shows.
Thanks also to our other helpers-from the Football and Netball club who helped bump in and out, ASC leadership group who circulated with food on Opening Night, Barman Neil who assisted Ross.
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On point Brewery Tom Farrell 2023-05-02 14:00:00Z 0

Welcome new member Lou Norgard 

Business and pleasure were combined at the most recent meeting of RC Alexandra.
On the business side,  new member Lou Norgard, formerly of Cooktown Qld  and sponsored by John Cannon, was inducted into the club. Welcome Lou.
On the social side, a group of visitors from RC Seymour, along with Lily and Lachlan from RC Yea, and Jane and Graeme Byland from Yarck (formerly Geraldton WA) took part in the mini golf challenge.  After much fun and laughter, Seymour were declared the winner and reclaimed the perpetual trophy.
Welcome new member Lou Norgard Thomas James Farrell 2023-03-17 13:00:00Z 0

Kayla Morton local champion 

Our guest speaker this week was Kayla Morton, Iron Woman.
Originally from Buxton, Kayla is employed by the Reddrop Group, as is her mother and greatest supporter, Janet.
In 2019 she competed in her first triathlon in Portarlington, on a borrowed bike, without clip-in pedals. This ignited a passion, so she got a coach, and trained with a club in Geelong.
In her first Half Iron Man – a 1.9Km swim, 90Km bike ride followed by a 21Km run she qualified for her the World Championships planned for New Zealand in 2021,which were cancelled due to Covid.
For her next competitive effort, she left work at Mt Buller, collected gear at Buxton, then met her coach (with her bike) at Tullamarine in time to reach Cairns just before Victoria’s borders slammed shut. Her first attempt at Full Iron Man (3.8Km swim, 180Km ride and 42.2Km run) was completed in 11hrs, which qualified her to compete at Kona (Hawaii). This has lapsed due to passage of time.
This event requires a huge commitment in training time, and international travel, to compete in qualifying events, and Covid has been a huge disruptor.
Kayla typically trains  at 4am for 2 hours, does a full day of work then does another 2-3 hour training session in the evening.
Specialized triathlon bikes come in at about $10K and need their own hard travelling case to survive air travel.
Family and friends take photos in competition and keep track of split times.
Michael and Tina Reddrop have been sponsors along Kayla’s journey, much appreciated. Kayla’s parents have also been great supporters.
The bike and run legs are Kayla’s strongest- running is her ‘safe place.’ Depending on event location, the swim can be in a lake or in the ocean, in any weather. Friends can follow competitor’s progress via a dedicated app.
Kayla’s long term target is to qualify for World Iron Man at Kona, while her target this year is to compete at the 2023 Ironman 70.3 World Championship at Lahti, Finland August 26-27, after qualifying at Port Macquarie in May.
An outstanding talk and a person all of Murrindindi should be proud of.
Kayla Morton local champion Thomas James Farrell 2023-03-04 13:00:00Z 0

Welcome Jenny and Trevor

Welcome Jenny Paul and Trevor Holmes as members of the Rotary Club of Alexandra.
As a Rotarian, you both join 1.2 million people worldwide in a quest to create lasting change around the globe. You are united with leaders from all continents, cultures, and occupations and have a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and take action in local and global communities.
Rotary can be as big or small as you want it to be. Whether you are looking to volunteer within your local community or explore the opportunities to engage Rotary outside of your club and community, the possibilities are endless.
Welcome Jenny and Trevor Thomas James Farrell 2023-03-03 13:00:00Z 0

Helping Ukrainain Refugees

Rotary supporting Ukrainian Refugees
Alexandra and Euroa Rotary were given a presentation by Alexandra Rotarians Ian Gibb and Geoff Proctor, outlining our Ukraine relief program.
Up to 1000 refugees at a time are housed in Melbourne at a time (200 in Carlton) mainly in student housing, predominantly women (often grandmothers) and children, and the elderly. The Australian government provides $200/person on arrival, and over time they have access to Centrelink, and a visa which enables them to work during their stay.
With the return of overseas students especially from China, accommodation pressures will increase.
Reaching out through Geoff’s contacts to the local Ukrainian community it was established that what they wanted most was food.
Local champions Bec and Janet at Foodworks helped by locating a trolley for food donations at the Alexandra store. Dobsons Potatoes also came on board with a fantastic supply of local produce.
Truckloads of food were then transported to Carlton for distribution from the Ukraine cultural centre.
On these visits Ian and Geoff observed that first comers seemed to get a greater share of the goods, so have refined the program by transitioning from direct provision of food to a voucher system, liaising with RC Carlton through their president Ian Ada, and Carlton  supermarkets. Initially $1000 was transferred from RC Alexandra to RC Carlton, which was used to purchase $50  vouchers for distribution to refugees, overseen by Licia, for equity.
A second aim, yet to be realised, is to provide an opportunity for some of the younger refugees to visit our area and experience the outdoors, rafting, hiking, fishing etc.
The final aspect of the project is cooperation with other clubs. Rotary Mansfield has already come on board. The 200 people currently in Carlton rotate through, starting there before moving into the community. Their needs will not disappear. This support needs to be long term.
Our President Sharon and Secretary Helen were very well received when they visited an event in Carlton in November. At our annual Easter Art Show this year, opening night guests are encouraged to wear blue and yellow, purchase a supporter ribbon or make a donation to support this worthy program providing food relief for displaced persons. We are hoping to secure the Ukraine dance troop to perform on opening night.
Thanks to all those in Alexandra who supported the grocery collection at Reddrops Foodworks. Without new members and community financial assistance Rotary couldn’t support this worthy cause.
Helping Ukrainain Refugees 2023-02-03 13:00:00Z 0
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art show Easter 2023 raffle Tom Farrell 2023-01-29 13:00:00Z 0

Ross Thompson receives Paul Harris with Sapphire

Ross Thompson dedication recognised.
At Rotary Alexandra’s first meeting for 2023 at Sharon Fox’s home Ross Thompson was awarded with a Paul Harris Award with Sapphire. With ongoing support from his wife Pam he has made a wonderful contribution to Rotary and the community since joining our club in 2007.
Highlights include organising the year 10 mock job interviews at Alexandra Secondary College, organising catering at our numerous events, helping with wood collection, being on the bushfire fencing team and liaison with the golf club.
A well deserved award.
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2023 Art show poster Tom Farrell 2023-01-03 13:00:00Z 0

2023 Easter Art show entry form

To be held at the Alexandra Shire Hall 55 Grant Street, Alexandra…
See more
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Rotarians helping set up Christmas Tree Festival Tom Farrell 2022-11-30 13:00:00Z 0

Smile and look after each other

Guest Speaker Lee Coller:
Lee is Health Planning and Prevention Manager
of the Goulburn Valley Public Health Unit.
Lee has been working in health promotion; that is promoting health to prevent chronic diseases (think diabetes, heart disease, mental illness) for the last seven years. She has been facilitating the Goulburn Mental Health and Wellbeing project for the last three years, with twenty member organizations coming together to improve mental health and wellbeing for Murrindindi and Mitchell communities.
Goulburn Mental Health and Wellbeing project:
 2019: Catalysed, following a report commissioned into local challenges for Mitchell and Murrindindi Shires
 2020: Forum in with 20+ organisations across sector
Commitment to a 5-year project to increase Visibility, Accessibility and Integration
of Mental Health and Wellbeing for the catchment
 Aligned with Royal Commission into Mental Health in Victoria recommendations
 Regular forums, communications and projects
“1 in 5 people experience mental ill health in their lifetime:
Mood disorders - anxiety, depression
Psychotic disorders – eating disorders, bipolar, schizophrenia
Affects: sleep, mood, motivation and energy > a few weeks or more and impacting bigger things like relationships/work etc. > seek help
Youth: affected by – connectedness, loneliness, societal pressures, jobs / money pressures
Suicide: more men; but more women with depression / anxiety or self-harming
Research – there are regional challenges. Improvements can't happen with one organisation. Strong relationships are needed to improve services and wellbeing, organisations such as:
vic police, education, tafe, local government – all have a role to play
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Wonderful effort at the Alexandra Show. Tom Farrell 2022-11-15 13:00:00Z 0

Trees helping our environment

The ‘Planting Trees for the Queens Jubilee’ poroject was offically launched on Tuesday. The Open Gardens' Committee successfully applied for a Federal Government grant of $8K to plant an avenue of trees along the Maroondah Hwy entrance to Alexandra. With additional contributions from Open Gardens' committee and Rotary Alexandra, this planting is expected to be done in late winter/early spring 2023.
Murrindindi CEO unveiled the plaque recogizing the work of the council workers and support of Goulburn Valley Water. The Council will plant the trees and provide mulch around them with Goulburn Valley Water providing water until the trees are established.
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Alexandra and District Open Gardens

Guest Speaker (and RC Alexandra member) Noel McIlwraith spoke about Alexandra and District Open Gardens.
This special weekend was unfortunately cancelled this year, on the advice of emergency services, due to the flood situation, after 2 years of Covid cancellations.
One of the gardens, at Molesworth, was inundated from the Goulburn River, while the lawn at an Acheron garden had morphed into a marsh, and parking in the adjacent paddock was deemed unsafe.
The last few days have been very busy, contacting garden owners, sponsors and media. Local signwriter Julie has been very helpful in providing ‘CANCELLED’ stickers for our signage at short notice.
Good news is that all our garden owners have again offered to open their gardens in 2023. Fourth time lucky, let’s hope.
A virtual tour of the 8 gardens which were scheduled to open in 2022 is available on the Open Gardens Facebook page, and worth a look.
Alexandra and District Open Gardens started in 1991, the brainchild of Alma Hexter and Gwenda Martin, to raise money for Community Care. 16 gardens opened that first year.
Over 100 local gardens have opened their gates to visitors since the program began, between 8 and 23 each year.
In 2013 Open Gardens Weekend was the Community Event of the Year.
$180K-$200K has been returned to the community in diverse beautification projects at Kellock Lodge, Darlingford UGNH, the RSL, Football Clubrooms, CFA and local schools.
A circle of Jeffers Red maples was planted in Leckie Park, around a 3 tonne rock with a plaque commemorating 30 years of Open Gardens.
Rotary has been involved since day one, providing gate sitters, and several members opening their gardens to the community.
Our latest project is the ‘Planting Trees for the Queens Jubilee’ commemoration. OG Committee successfully applied for a Federal Government grant of $8K to plant an avenue of trees along the Maroondah Hwy entrance to Alexandra. With additional contributions from OG committee and RC Alexandra, this planting is expected to be done in late winter/early spring 2023.
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Exploring waste and recycling in the Murrindindi Shire

Grace works as regional waste educator across Murrindindi, Strathbogie and Mitchell Shires, spending one day per week in Murrindindi. This current project is for implementation of a state-mandated 4 bin system for waste, to come into effect in 2025.
Stage one is a survey of residents on their preference for bin size and collection frequency. Grace has copies of the survey available for members to complete, or it can be done online.
  • Glass will be collected in a bin with purple lid, most likely a 120 litre bin, collected monthly, at a cost $2-$3 per month. Drop-off service would also available at Resource Recovery Centres (RRC) - free for Shire residents. This will produce a cleaner waste stream than at present. Accessibility- most residents find monthly collection more accessible. State Government is also introducing container deposit scheme in March 2023 - for beverage containers only - no wine or pasta sauce bottles.
Organics (FOGO) green lid, collection will be harder to deliver in Murrindindi Shire due to the smaller number of households and greater distances to commercial composting facilities. There is mandated kerbside collection of garden waste, lawn clippings, pet droppings and all food scraps including dairy and meat. Options include weekly or fortnightly collection, 120L or 240L bin with optional kitchen caddy with liners. Fortnightly collection will be less expensive to run, but bin contents liable to be more smelly in warmer weather. Diverting green waste to composting rather than landfill could potentially halve greenhouse gas emissions.
• All residents are encouraged to have their say by completing the survey.
• Larger households or people with medical needs can obtain a free upgrade to a larger bin if needed.
• 80% of ratepayers pay a waste charge, which also covers waste education, Resource Recovery Centre running costs, e-waste, event bins, street litter and dumped rubbish.
• Cost of recycling glass may decrease under the new system with cleaner waste stream.
• Recycle (yellow bin) and general waste (red bin) will still be used.
Contact Grace Davis-Williams:
You can use this link to get to the survey and more information
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Lift the lid

Support Rotary Alexandra’s effort to highlight this issue and raise research funds by wearing your most eye-catching hat during October.
You can financially support this wonderful initiative by making a donation in any of the collection containers in our wonderful local stores. Elvis has not left the building!
Lift the lid Tom Farrell 2022-10-06 13:00:00Z 0
Great night footy night with Seymour Rotary. Go Bombers. Tom Farrell 2022-09-20 14:00:00Z 0


Outstanding presentation by new member Bruce. Bruce has "Jack of all Trades" as his occupation on his badge and he explained why! Bruce has tried and succeeded in many different areas including paperboy, lawn mowing, road construction, rock band vocalist, bar work, writing and editing, claims officer, cabinet maker and gardener. He is now involved in various voluntary activities. His resilience and flexibility have been his main strengths and he is a very welcome Rotarian.
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This is an update on the Rotary Alexandra project to help a group of Ukrainian refugees staying in Carlton. The idea was initiated by Rotarian Geoff Proctor. On Thursday 18th August Sharon Fox and Ian and Helen Gibb drove to Melbourne with two carloads of groceries,potatoes and food vouchers. The group is being mentored by Ukrainian speaker Lesia Bugryn who assisted us. They were very pleased that our small community had sourced so much produce especially from Foodworks and Dobsons. Rotary has financed vouchers for local supermarkets.
The group changes as time goes on, but there are always about 150 mostly women and children.
Thanks to all those who donated goods and their time.
refugees Tom Farrell 2022-09-20 14:00:00Z 0

Sam Hicks

This week’s Guest Speaker was Sam Hicks who gave us an interesting and wide-talk in her usual inimitable style!
She is a woman of many passions and great perseverance. Her many jobs/businesses involve small business consulting, cameras, ceramics, completing an MBA, country halls, Marysville and Fawcett. Her endeavours won her the Murrindindi Citizen of the Year award in January.
With the help of Ian Newman and the Fawcett community she has helped save / renew Fawcett Hall and is an expert in Grant Applications (after many failures and frustrations). Sam’s community development focus has recently assisted Alexandra with the construction of a small heated pool for children, learn to swim students and rehab patients. Together with Marg and Alan Rouse and others she persisted through covid and eventually saw the opening of the facility.
Sam has contributed to the Rotary Easter Art Show and has initiated food and wine festivals. Her main message is don’t give up! Keep asking, applying and ringing! Make a fuss about what is important in your community!
John Cannon thanked Sam sincerely for her presentation and awarded her a wooden angel (symbolic of our donation to Angel Flight).
Bob Flowers conducted an amusing fine session and the raffle was drawn.
From Sam’s Facebook page!
This week I was chuffed to speak at Rotary Club of Alexandra.
I spoke about being involved in community and my two passion projects Fawcett Hall and Alexandra Indoor Heated Pool Inc and the journeys of those projects and the amazing people who have contributed.
My connection started with Rotary back in the day of exhibiting at the Rotary Art Show at Easter time in Alexandra and it was great to reconnect with members who I had not caught up with for some time.
I also was humbled seeing two new members inducted. Congrats to them both they will be great additions to the team.
A great evening and what an inspirational bunch of people, not only locally, nationally but globally! I look forward to seeing what Rotary achieve this year with the 'A' team of girls leading the charge.
Did you know that globally Rotary contribute approximately 47 million volunteer hours each year...phew...
btw - my angel, handcrafted here in Alexandra by Rotarian Bruce, went with the cert straight to the pool room...well mantlepiece..
Thanks for the opportunity to be a guest speaker!
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Welcome to Rotary Alexandra, Pamela Talia and Howard Paix. Tom Farrell 2022-09-20 14:00:00Z 0

wood raffle

Congratulations to Steve Nancarrow of Alexandra on winning the latest wood raffle. Wonderful effort by the dedicated Rotarians who braved the cold to sell the tickets and cut the wood. These raffles enabled Rotary to carry out our projects as listed in the community service report.
wood raffle Tom Farrell 2022-09-20 14:00:00Z 0

DG David McPherson.

Our guest speaker this week was DG David McPherson.
David is a member of the Rotary Club of Deniliquin and has been a member of many service clubs. He is also a keen sportsman and has represented Australia at the Paralympics and the Commonwealth Games. He is a medical scientist by profession but has now retired to put more time into Rotary.
David told us about the new Rotary logo and its colours.
It was designed by Australian indigenous artist, Riki Salam. 
The circle represents the meeting circle, our connection to others; the seven dots are the people and the seven Rotary areas of service. The solid line is the digging stick which does the hard work. The colours have various interpretations.
The new International President is Jennifer Jones, the first woman to attain this position. Jennifer emphasizes respect, caring, empowering women and girls, raising the profile of Rotary, encouraging new Club models eg. Satellite, Passport, Corporate or Cause - based. Jennifer’s video encouraged us to consider all the above in our everyday activities.
Diversity is an aim of Rotary. We try to recruit people of many cultural backgrounds, ages, genders, interests and abilities.
David’s experience as a paraplegic since childhood has made him very aware of the benefits of inclusion. David’s message was that we should celebrate the past but look to the future.
His family project, along with his children Lily and Liam, is to help provide wheelchairs for children in disadvantaged countries, world-wide.   See: 
They are made in a factory in Perth where volunteers construct simple adjustable wheelchairs which are perfect.
DG David McPherson.  Tom Farrell 2022-08-05 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary helping our Community

Director 2021 – 2022 Helen Gibb
The Committee had our usual busy year and wonderful participation from the whole Club when required.
JULY / AUGUST – our regular winter activities are firewood raffles, supply of wood to referred community members and helping with the Beanie Festival. Thanks Sharon Fox for the lovely red gum! Also our regular suppliers on local properties. Ian Gibb and his band of wood cutters did a great job.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER – Our biggest effort for the Spring was assisting the Alexandra Medical Centre with covid vaccine clinics. Nearly every weekend we erected marquees, supervised patients and manned the door. Hundreds of people were vaccinated by the excellent medical staff and we were spoiled with excellent afternoon teas. Thank you to all who contributed to this mammoth effort (especially Debbie Skinner and Meg Dunn).
DECEMBER – JANUARY – We all thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas Tree Festival and the Christmas Carols run in conjunction with other community groups. After Christmas saw the usual Alexandra Rodeo and Australia Day Celebration. We assisted on the gates at the Rodeo and played a big part in organising the Australia Day festivities (thanks to Bob Flowers and Bruce Hyatt).
MARCH – APRIL – this is our busiest time with Music in the Park and the Easter Art Show taking many hours to prepare and present. Noel McIlwraith does an amazing job with Music in the Park and Melinda Jackson is exemplary in her Art Show organization.
MAY we take a break and in JUNE some members assist with the Truck and Ute Show.
Community activities are our main source of publicity in the Community. It is important that we are visible and attract new members. Publicity by Tom Farrell and Bulletin by John Cannon are also essential to the Club.
Helen Gibb
Community Service Director
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Rotary helping our Community Tom Farrell 2022-08-02 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary Changeover

Rotary Changeover
This year the COVID regulations were relaxed enabling the club to undertake an almost full program of events. The increased face to face communication at meetings and informal gatherings was welcome after the long haul of lockdowns.
My year as President of Rotary Alexandra has been busy and enjoyable. The club and I in particular have been so very fortunate to have such a capable, efficient and energetic board. Tom Farrell and Ian Gibb have been exemplary in their roles as secretary and treasurer respectively. To the other board members Helen Gibb, Ross Thompson, Chris Jackson, Debbie Skinner, Sharon Fox and John Cannon my grateful thanks for all your work throughout the year. John, you have kept us all well informed and up to date with the fortnightly bulletin.
Rotary Alexandra has been very fortunate to also have a band of willing volunteers who have given freely of their time to assist with a number of events. Thank you.
As a club we have been responsible for events throughout the year - Christmas Carols, Australia Day celebrations in Alexandra, the annual Art Show, Bowel Scan, Lift the Lid (funds for mental health) and Music in the Park. We also organise Cycle Dindi with the Rotary Club of Yea and provided assistance with the vaccination clinics and the rodeo.
This list clearly shows that our club ‘punches above its weight’ in this community and is well respected as a result.
These events, together with the sale of berry jam (thanks to Vera and John Bassett and Pam Thompson) and the wood raffles (Ian Gibb and company) have enabled the sponsorship of and donations to programs outlined in the treasurer’s report.
Membership is a concern to all organisations in this day and age. Three of our members resigned during the year and extended leave was granted to another. However, we have had four new members inducted into the club.
Welcome John Wainwright, John Allcock, Bruce Macdonald and Geoff Proctor. Other good news is that there are three more prospective members in the wings.
The program of events during the year has been coordinated by John Sharwood. Well done John on the wide variety of speakers and social events. The Changeover Dinner, Christmas breakup and social night in January were highlights.
The District Conference held in Marysville in March was well attended with an entertaining and informative program. Congratulations DG Anne and committee for pulling off a successful and difficult task.
In conclusion I thank all Rotarians, volunteers and family for their friendship, guidance and assistance throughout the year.
Best wishes to Sharon Fox, President 2022 - 2023, and the Board for a successful and enjoyable year.
Bob Flowers
Ian Gibb, Sharon Fox, Bob Flowers, Helen Gibb and Chris Jackson
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Beanie Festival 2022

A BIG Thank you to Alexandra Rotary Club for their support of the festival with supply of tables, packing & unpacking of chairs and helping during the festival. Events like these need volunteers and the support given by the Rotarians was very much appreciated 👏👏👏👏
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Beanie Festival 2022 2022-07-26 14:00:00Z 0

Damien Gallagher 

Guest Speaker Damien Galagher
Damien Gallagher, Deputy Mayor Murrindindi Shire, councillor representing Redgate riding. Damien was born in 1977 to a nurse and a soldier. As a member of a Defence family, there were lots of moves, Brisbane-> Sydney-> Melb> Brisbane-> Sydney-> Melb etc.
By year 9,Damien as enrolled at his 7th school.
His first University experience, studying Computer Science & Electrical engineering at Melbourne Uni was not a good fit.
Damien spent weekends on the MCG cleaning crew, and enjoyed orchard work at Ardmona before further studies in computer science and software engineering, which led to working with VICPOL during Covid, managing issue and return of firearms and PPE.
He has been promoted to chief technology officer of that company now.
Since finding his own piece of paradise in Alexandra in 2010, Damien has been involved with the Truck and Ute Show, setting up Alexandra Events, and the running of pro Rodeo and ‘Eildon Big Fish’ events.
Covid provided a unique opportunity to work from home, and home school children by relocating the family to their Alexandra weekender.
A decision was made to run for Council, where his portfolio covers community engagement and wellbeing. Working with passionate people has been a joy. Access and inclusive opportunities are a focus.
Damien Gallagher Tom Farrell 2022-07-02 14:00:00Z 0

Youth our future

National Youth Science Forum Presentation: Toby Prothero and Joss Lopez presenters.
[Lily Wilson was unable to present as she is in isolation]
The Forum format this year reflected Covid imposed restrictions, running over 12 days, mainly online Zoom presentations instead of the planned 1 week in person / 1 week Zoom.
The inability to network in person was compensated for by high quality of presenters, including internationals. Highlights included a live cross to the CERN facility in Switzerland.
Presentation by John Whittle of CSIRO, a data scientist who has worked on bushfire modelling programs, and mapping crown of thorns starfish presence in Great Barrier Reef.
Lily enjoyed the at-home biochemistry session, extracting DNA from plant material; also interactive sessions.
A house party with Dr Karl inspired students to aim for net-zero climate change in fifteen years using existing technology.
Career sessions including presenters from Lockheed Martin, Resmed, Quantum, CSL and universities opened up many career and study opportunities.
Nobel laureate Peter Doherty also inspired, as did Brian Schmidt.
A study of mangrove corals may provide useful information on corals which are less vulnerable to effects of sea temperature rise.
Take-home message is that NYSF is not a one-off event; rather the beginning of a community of young scientists, collaborating. Past participants are invited to run events in subsequent years as a ‘staffie’. Joss keen to be involved.
Participation in NYSF has been inspiring, opened up many possibilities and increased awareness of multiple pathways forward for our delegates, who are all very grateful for the experience.
Youth our future Tom Farrell 2022-06-13 14:00:00Z 0

Welcome Geoff and Bruce 

Alexandra Rotary had an excellent meeting last night with a fascinating look at the police station and dinner at the Football Club.
Bob inducted Bruce Macdonald and Geoff Proctor (accompanied by Sue Sedelies). Really good night!
Welcome Geoff and Bruce Tom Farrell 2022-05-21 14:00:00Z 0
Support our Easter Art Show Tom Farrell 2022-03-21 13:00:00Z 0

buy a ticket

Our Easter raffle raises funds to support our community projects and overseas’ initiatives.
No photo description available.
May be an image of text that says 'ROTARY Rotary Club of Alexandra EASTER ART SHOW RAFFLE 1st Prize: "Telopea ||" by Vida Pearson 2nd Prize: Woodwork by Peppin Point Woodworkers 3rd Prize: Hamper Donated by Dr Helen Haines (Member for Indi) Ticket $2.00 each Proceeds to Community Projects Raffle Drawn 1.00pm on Monday, April 18th2022 18th 2022 Results published in "The Alexandra and Eildon Standard" Winners notified.'
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Alex – Seymour Challenge

Alex – Seymour Challenge!
A great fun and fellowship night, enjoyed by all! President Bob welcomed Rotarians from Seymour and ‘Ride to Conference’ Rotarians across District 9790. After the meal the competition began in earnest! Teams from Alex and Seymour were bolstered by some of our visiting ‘Ride to Conference’ Rotarians! Quality of putting varied considerably, however this year Seymour were the winners! Better luck at the footy comp Alex!
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Alex – Seymour Challenge Tom Farrell 2022-03-21 13:00:00Z 0

Scouts going strong

Scouting going strong
This week’s Guest Speaker at Rotary Alexandra was Sarah Weeks. She  spoke about Scouts in Alexandra. Groups include Joeys (early primary) through Cubs and Scouts to Venturers.
It provides a great grounding for young people. Sarah thinks it has been the best thing for her 3 boys, providing opportunities to learn real world practical skills and resilience.
Memories are created- being stuck in the mud while retrieving golf balls (before our meeting), learning skills like knot tying, pitching tents, making shelters, carving, fishing, archery, performance, packing one’s own bag.
Scubs Eric and Kate, enjoy Cubs but can’t wait for Scouts. They attended the  Jamboree  at  Elmore, where the water slide as ‘so cool.’ At Cuboree, a 7 day camp, the Mud Run was ‘really fun’. As Scubs, they can go to either Cubs or Scouts.
Scout Josh started in Scouts mid 2021. Realised at camp that it is OK to be homesick sometimes, and enjoyed fun activities with the group. Riley attended VICJam 28/12 to 7/1 last. Had heat-induced blood noses, but enjoyed axe throwing and water slides, despite occasionally feeling homesick; he learned to push through.
Arien also enjoyed VICJam, especially the Funfields trip, archery, zip lines and 3D printing.
For Alex, the strongest memory of the Funfields trip was the heat in the bus ; air conditioner failed and the group had to wait in the heat for replacement bus.
The new hall is a great improvement on the old one, with much more space, and improved canoe storage. ASC auto practice students built a new trailer for the canoes, which are not used on the Goulburn as leaders don’t have the necessary qualifications for that river.
Skills learned at jamboree are practiced at home, with more participation in family meal preparation.
Some things haven’t changed- Cubs still earn badges and knot tying.

Scouts going strong Tom Farrell 2022-03-06 13:00:00Z 0

Bruce Colville Reflects

Guest Speaker Bruce Colville then entertained us with recollections of his 43 years in Victoria Police.
As a 17 year old from rural Beechworth, Bruce originally planned to join the armed forces, but was advised by ‘a grumpy old sergeant’ at the recruiting office that he was not suited to the army.
A visit to Career Advice office put him on the path to VICPOL.
Initially told he was too young, Bruce (with broken collarbone from minor vehicle accident), 2 weeks before start of year 12, was called in for interview.  First question- have you recovered? Second question-are you still willing to join? The group of candidates was whittled down, with Bruce in the final group. 
His Cadetship began in the D24 Communications Centre at Russell St HQ, then William St, and was followed by 20 weeks of training at the Academy in Glen Waverley. Still only 17, Bruce was finally sworn in only 4 days before graduating as a member of the 5th squad of 28 from the Academy.
Advised to ‘go somewhere busy’, he was posted to Prahran,a new station completed only a month and a half earlier. This multicultural community was an eye opener for a country boy. Important advice was ‘don’t park under the high rise commission flats’ and ‘watch for things being dropped’
His first 10 years in the Prahran/St Kilda /Richmond area coincided with a rise in cocaine and heroin use. He also learned a lot about dealing with multicultural communities in this time, taking time to get to know people, allowing them to express themselves.
Next move was to Doncaster, a developing outer suburban area transitioning from orchards to residential. It was not uncommon for people to find themselves unable to afford construction of their dream homes, working very long hours to keep the dream alive. 
By this time Bruce and Pam had 2 children of their own, and drug use was moving into the suburbs so the decision was made to move to country policing. Alexandra was conveniently located between Bruce’s family in Beechworth, and Pam’s in Mooroolbark.
The first week was spent in a car with another member, then it was time to work solo. Distances travelled were very different, so more time spent in the car. Dealing with the families one lives with brought a change of emphasis. Bruce went on many cub camps with Tom F, when he carried the cashbox, and sometimes even managed a little sleep.
At the end of his career, Bruce noted that it was humbling to be thanked for being approachable, and thanked the community for the Certificate of Appreciation presented on his retirement.
Bruce Colville Reflects Tom Farrell 2022-02-21 13:00:00Z 0

2022 Music in Rotary Park March 12 4-8pm

Rotary Alexandra presents 2022 Music in Rotary Park on March 12th 4-8pm.
Humbuckin’ Pickups
Tayla Arnett
Jackson Harris
Hot Blue Day.
BYO picnic – sausage sizzle and drinks available.
Little River Wines and Grant Street Grocer Coffee.
May be an image of tree and text that says 'MUSIC in'th PARK Club of Alexandra Rotary YOUTh ALEXANDRA NEWSPAPERS'
2022 Music in Rotary Park March 12 4-8pm Tom Farrell 2022-01-30 13:00:00Z 0
2022 Easter Art Show entry form Tom Farrell 2022-01-07 13:00:00Z 0
Carols 2021 Tom Farrell 2021-12-20 13:00:00Z 0

SES There to Help.

Peter Weeks OAM of Alexandra Unit SES spoke about the role of the Unit in our community.
As an agency answerable to the State govt, SES is responsible for managing tsunami, earthquakes, landslides and storms and supports Fire, Ambulance and Police in road accidents, search and rescue operations.
SES works closely with BOM to anticipate climate/weather related impact on the seasonal bushfire outlook. The current La Nina pattern is associated with increased potential for grass fires, but a decreased risk of forest fires this season.
It is important to stay informed of risks via multiple channels
-Vic Emergency app and hotline
-social media
-emergency broadcasters- ABC and UGFM, TV
-sirens sounding for longer than 5 minutes.
-keep watch on days of catastrophic weather.
-have access to a battery or car radio, in case of power outages such as occurred recently at Kinglake.
-be aware of the different warnings, and what needs to be done in each instance.
-know where Neighbourhood Safer Places are- Leckie Park and Briggs Oval in Alexandra.
The Alexandra Unit has 25 members who are trained in water rescue, steep angle rescue, road rescue, and search & rescue operations. Training of members is an ongoing obligation.
Peter’s presentation was followed by a slide show of recent operations the Unit as been involved in.
In accepting his Angel, Peter reflected on his experience as member of Group Study Exchange which visited New Zealand shortly after the Christchurch earthquake. That experience still resonates.
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SES There to Help. Tom Farrell 2021-12-03 13:00:00Z 0

Rotary Encouragement Award 2021- Lachlan Tatham (Eildon Primary School)

Rotary Encouragement Award 2021- Lachlan Tatham (Eildon Primary School)
Eildon Primary School is proud to announce this year’s recipient of the Rotary Club of Alexandra’s Encouragement Award is Lachlan Tatham.
Lachlan is an amazing member of our school community. He greets everyone with a smile, looks out for younger students and always offers words of encouragement to other students. He is a good friend to many students at school. This year, Lachlan was Goulburn House Captain, supporting and inspiring his other team mates by setting a wonderful, positive example.
Lachlan is hardworking and resilient in his learning, constantly working to achieve his personal best and improve his results. He listens to advice and takes action to do better. Lachlan is also one of the first to offer help to any classmate who needs it.
He is a very worthy recipient of this award and we wish Lachlan all the best in his future. Congratulations, Lachlan!
L-R John Cannon, Lachlan Tatham & Hayley Crowle
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Rotary Encouragement Award 2021- Lachlan Tatham (Eildon Primary School) Tom Farrell 2021-12-03 13:00:00Z 0

Rotary VCE Citizenship Awards

Rotary Citizenship
James has been a wonderful citizen throughout his entire time at Alexandra Secondary College. In his younger years he was a “Hall Crew member”, helping set up for significant College events. He was a Peer Support leader in Year 10, helping year 7s fit comfortably into college life. In Year 11 he helped run the Café on Fridays, our busiest day as we also cater for primary school lunch orders.
James has always looked to involve himself in school life, an active participant in events like Round Robins, Swimming and Athletic carnivals and “Young Men Old Mountains”.
Outside of school James is an active member of the Alexandra Cricket Club, where helps junior cricket teams where he can. James has volunteered to help lead a junior ESA camp for primary students in the Swan Hill area. He has been a member of the Alexandra Football Club and the Alexandra Redfins Swimming Squad. He will be helping keep us all safe this summer as a Life Guard at the Alexandra swimming pool.
James was a talented member and senior leader in the College Music Program, playing in many school rock bands including ‘Satis Intent’ which came 2nd in regional “Battle of the Bands” in 2019.
James was Long Junior House captain in Year 8 and was presented with the Junior Long Tan Award, the top citizenship award for a Year 10 student at the College.
James has been a great role model at ASC since day one; always 100% honest and incredibly well-respected by all, which culminated in his deserving appointment as College Vice Captain this year.
Sophie Coward
Rotary Citizenship
Sophie is a great young citizen of our school and wider community. Sophie’s volunteer work is extensive; directing traffic, cooking sausages and performing admin tasks for Alex Truck Shows and Alexandra Rodeos and helping at the CFA with the Good Friday appeals. She assists every year with the Elison fishing competition, she supports the instructing of lessons at the Alexandra pony club and takes kids out on trail rides.
Sophie helps her younger brother with “Blake’s kindling” , the use the money they earn from this to buy and package lollies and biscuits for Kellock Lodge and the local hospital.
Sophie has always had high involvement level ats school, never missing an athletics, swimming or cross country event and taking on leadership opportunities like Mittagundi, Alice Sloan and Ylead.
One of our greatest elements of respect for Sophie is that she has dyslexia, and yet she took on the most difficult subjects at school, never letting this challenge stop her, being prepared to work hard to succeed. Sophie’s approach to life and learning makes her an outstanding role model both in the school and wider community.
L-R Nigel Lyttle, Sophie Coward, James Geldart & Bob Flowers
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Congratulations Fletcher

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School proudly nominated Fletcher van Lierop
for this year’s award:
2021 has been an even more challenging year than 2020, despite us all believing that things would get better. Regardless of the challenges, and there have been many, our nominee for this award has continued to work diligently and be the kind and respectful friend he has always been to everyone in our school community.
Fletcher’s many outstanding qualities were recognised by the students late last year when they elected him to be the House Captain for Tenison in 2021 – a role he has performed with enthusiasm and commitment. His willingness to support others, to go out of his way to make sure that everyone is included and respected, made him an excellent choice for this role. It seemed only fitting that Tenison won our Athletics Sports this year to repay Fletcher for this passion and energy.
In our Year 6 classroom Fletcher can be relied upon to give us his best efforts across all subject areas, regardless of how much he might struggle in some of these areas. As a result, his academic progress has grown more than expected throughout the year. His positive attitude, and willingness to persevere, has paid dividends for him. Even when we spent time in remote learning and things were even more challenging than usual, Fletcher soldiered on and did his best, completing all tasks as well as he could.
But even more importantly than this, Fletcher can always be relied on to ensure that he treats all members of our school community with respect, tolerance and compassion. His strong sense of justice has been a real asset in our class and in our school. He will always speak up for those who can’t or don’t use their own voice. He is never the quiet bystander if someone is being treated unfairly or hurtfully. His commitment to being the voice of reason and justice is commendable. For this reason, more than any other, we believe there is no worthier student in our Year 6 class who deserves this honour. This quality above all others, deserves to be encouraged and rewarded.
Fletcher Van Lierop leaves St Mary’s Catholic primary school embodying all the qualities we hope that our students will take with them into life – compassion, tolerance, respect and courage. We are grateful that the Rotary Club of Alexandra has provided us with the opportunity to recognise and celebrate what Fletcher has given to our school community.
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L-R Penny van Leirop, Ben van Leirop, Jo Brewer, Fletcher van Leirop & John Cannon
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Maryville recipent of Encouragement Award

Ashley has been selected as a most worthy recipient of this year’s Rotary Encouragement Award.
Ashley has been a charismatic member of the Marysville school community for his entire primary years. He has maintained good grades in all curriculum areas despite a challenging journey through the Covid-19 remote learning. He transitioned from onsite to offsite learning with extreme competency. His loyalty and empathy towards others have earned the respect of those around him.
Marysville Primary School values, Responsibility, Respect and Community and we ensure that we demonstrate pride in all that we do and nurture each other. Ashley lives these values and role models them to all members of the school and broader community. We have watched Ashley care for all students from the youngest in their first year of school to his peers in year 6. Ashley has a knack of relating to everyone and making them feel comfortable and cared for. Ashley takes initiative and responsibility for getting things done and to the best of his ability. He does not fuss; he just focuses and sets his mind to doing what needs doing.
Academically, Ashley always tries his best. He is not afraid to ask questions or to put forth his opinion. Ashley enjoys hands on tasks and learning new things. We are all fortunate to know Ashley and to have him around sharing his positivity and his great sense of humor. People like Ashley motivate others to be the best they can be.
Ashley is an honest, fair sportsman and a valued member of the team, both in the school and wider community. When it comes to the wellbeing of others, Ashley goes above and beyond to make sure they are safe, happy and feeling as though they belong. These skills and abilities will take Ashley a long way in life.
We are so very proud of him, and we are confident that this award will go a long way towards encouraging Ashely’s self confidence in his abilities to inspire and believe in himself. He does this for others, it is his turn now to have his efforts and abilities recognised and celebrated as he faces the next chapter in his life – Secondary School.
We commend Ashley on being the person he is, dependable, reliable and an excellent ambassador for Marysville Primary School.
Mrs. Sandra Bishop
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L-R Sandra Bishop, Glen Johnston, Katie Richardson, Ashley Johnston & John Cannon.
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Congratulations Emily

This year’s Alexandra Primary School of the Rotary Encouragement Award is awarded to Emily Rowntree.  
Emily's maturity has developed remarkably.   She consistently demonstrates a competent, caring and thoughtful attitude.  Emily happily asks for help and will go out of her way to help others.  She is very empathetic towards many of the junior students.  She attempts all tasks and will have a go, even though some activities seem beyond her at the time.
We know that she is going to reach the stars. Congratulations, we are so proud to have her in our learning community and we look forward to seeing her shine as her move through Secondary College.
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Help Save a Life

Britney Thomas and Peter Scott were guest speakers at Rotary Alexandra. Peter is the Paramedic Community Support Coordinator for the Murrindindi Shire. Peter was the Team Manager at Alexandra during the time of the 2009 fires. He has since spent 9 years at Air Ambulance Victoria on the helicopter. Britney, is the Eildon Ambulance Community Officer (ACO) Team Leader. She lives in Marysville and has been an ACO for four years. She has enjoyed the work so much that she has completed her paramedicine studies, and is hoping to return to the local area as a paramedic. 
Together, they enlightened us about the three simple steps, ‘Call Push Shock’ to help save a life, when someone is experiencing a cardiac arrest. In cardiac arrest, the patient’s heart stops beating. There are around 18 cardiac arrests daily in Victoria, of whom, 1 in 10 survive. Most occur outside of a hospital setting. Every minute without CPR decreases the patient’s chance of survival by 10%, but that chance of survival can increase by up to 72% when the situation is recognised and acted upon.
Step 1 - CALL 
If a person is found unconscious and not breathing or not breathing normally, call 000 and request an ambulance. The call taker will stay on the line until the ambulance arrives, and talk you through the resuscitation procedure. It is vital that you call early.
Step 2 - PUSH (CPR)
Provide hands-only compressions. For members of the public, no breathes are required. It is important that high-quality compressions are provided with minimal interruption. 
Place the patient on a firm surface, ideally the floor. Kneel beside patient, knees a shoulder width apart. Centre your hands on the chest between the nipples. Place one hand on top of the other and lock your elbows. Using your body weight, bending from hips, push down a third of chest depth, and allow for full recoil. Desired rhythm is 100-120 compressions per minute, think Bee Gees ‘Staying Alive’. Some patient's ribs will break during CPR.​ If possible, swap operator every two minutes, as CPR is exhausting. Give it a go, something is better than nothing!
Step 3 - SHOCK
If possible, locate an AED/defibrillator, but do not stop compressions in doing so. Clothes need to be cut off and the patient's chest exposed. Shears should be located in the defibrillator pack. If the patient is very hairy, you may need to clip hair before applying pads. Defibrillator pads need to be applied to dry skin as per the diagram on pads. Remove any patches attached to the patient's skin (for example, nicotine or pain relief) before applying defibrillator pads. Do not bring pads into contact with metal or water. Focus on compressions while defibrillator being prepared. Turn on the AED machine and follow the verbal instructions. Most importantly, stand clear when a shock is delivered, then keep going with CPR. The AED is capable of correcting some (but not all) abnormal rhythms. Keep note of the number of shocks applied, most AEDs will do this for you. Some AEDs will require modifications to be used on a paediatric patient, such as inserting a "key" or utilising different pads. 
The GoodSAM app links community based responders to a patient in cardiac arrest and aims to provide rapid assistance to patients in those first critical minutes, while paramedics and emergency services are on the way. GoodSAM responders are also notified at the time of ambulance dispatch, if close-by to someone in cardiac arrest. Consider downloading the app on your phone and registering.
AEDs should preferably be located on the outside of buildings, for ready access when required, and registered with Ambulance Victoria. The device will require service after emergency use. If the AED is registered and used by a GoodSAM responder, Ambulance Victoria will replace the pads. 
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Farewell and Welcome

This week at Rotary.
This week at Rotary Alexandra, we farewelled Aju Thomas who is moving away. During his three years as a member of our club his fellowship and support has been greatly appreciated.
He has helped with Cycle Dindi, music in the park, Australia Day, the Rodeo and the Art Show. We wish him well in the future.
We then inducted a new member John Wainwright. He has been admitted not only to the Rotary Club of Alexandra but to a worldwide association will be welcomed into the fellowship of any Rotary club in the world. As everyone would realise without new members the clubs cannot continue carrying out its community projects.
Our meeting was conducted on the verandah at the Alexandra Golf Club community facility. A lovely night with an entertaining and informative presentation about the NBN by Damien Cocks from accompanied by Paul John.
It was great to see fellow members in person even behind masks. I’m sure they were smiling.
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lift the Lid

Lift the lid.Lift the Lid on Mental Illness is Australian Rotary Health's national fundraising and awareness campaign for mental health research. The aim is to create awareness and raise funds for mental health research. You can financially support this wonderful initiative by making a donation in any of the collection containers in our wonderful local stores. Hopefully the day put a smile on faces during these challenging times.
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Ceo celebates Hat Day with us

CEO celebrated Hat Day with Rotary
Rotary Alexandra’s guest speaker this week was Murrindindi Shire CEO Livia Bonazzi.
Over a career spanning 20 years of executive experience, Livia has worked in senior roles in public and private enterprises in planning, governance and strategy roles. She as an architect actually completed her BA concurrently with Architecture, MBA and Australian Industry Group Directors course, so is well qualified for her current position.
From a start in architecture and urban planning, her career has moved through to management and operational logistics, with a common thread of working with community and environment.
When approached by a recruiter to apply for the CEO position, Livia already had friends in Marysville, Flowerdale and Yea, but hadn’t been to Alexandra.
Arriving in June 2021, the first challenge was to find accommodation in a historically tight housing market.
Several important initiatives were about to be implemented.
A. August brought the Community Vision for our Shire, with focus on inclusivity,
embracing diversity,
recognising the cultural heritage of our First Nations people,
waste management,
maintaining biodiversity, and
Supporting growth and educational opportunities.
B. The five pillars supporting the vision are
1 Resilient communities
2 Beautiful townships
3 Growth and opportunity
4 Protection of the environment, with a focus on sustainability and target net zero emissions by 2035 Shirewide.
5 Transparency, inclusivity and accountability.
C. 10 year financial plan. Livia has inherited a strong operational budget of $36-45 Million over the next 10 years, but the capital works program is constrained as Council is heavily dependent on grants, with little money for new assets. We have a lot of decaying infrastructure, roads, buildings and parks. Murrindindi has 12 times more kilometres of road per head of population to maintain compared to state average(Check please).
The majority of spending is on traditional areas of roads and rubbish.
For a comparison of how Murrindindi is tracking Livia encouraged us visit the ‘Know Your Council’ website-( currently mid range on many scores).
Challenges facing Murrindindi-
I. Employment. Despite a steady population growth of 1% per annum, over 600 jobs ave been lost over the last 6 years. Some of this can be attributed to completion of rebuilding after 2009 fires and N/S pipeline construction.
  1. Property prices are going through the roof, having tripled in 10 years. This affects housing affordability throughout the Shire.
  2. Weather- fire, flood, drought etc.
However the Shire has previously demonstrated great strength and resilience in the face of adversity. Livia would like to introduce a ‘Happiness Index’ as a potential new metric to measure effectiveness of the management of our Shire.
In conclusion Livia feels blessed to now call Murrindindi home, thanks all for the warm welcome received, and looks forward to living here long enough to be regarded as a ‘local’.
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Lift the Lid

Lift the Lid on Mental Illness is Australian Rotary Health’s National annual fundraising day for mental health research.
Each year approximately 1-in-5 Australians will experience a mental illness and in order to help future generations of young Australians, we need to look ahead through research and find out how we can prevent this type of illness occurring.
Support Rotary Alexandra’s effort to highlight this issue and raise research funds by wearing your most eye-catching hat on Wednesday October 6th. You can financially support this wonderful initiative by making a donation in any of the collection containers in our wonderful local stores.
For further information, please contact Helen Gibb 0419893370
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Protecting our community

The Alexandra Medical Centre ran an efficient Pfizer Clinic on Saturday afternoon, September 11th. Approximately 150 people were vaccinated . The Rotary Club of Alexandra supervised 2 marquees where they helped people register for a vaccine or observed people afterwards. The booked patients generally arrived on time and waited happily for their turn . We thank the attendees for their patience and cooperation .
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Marcos Madeira spoke at the Rotary Club of Alexandra this week. He is an outdoor educator, born in Brazil, who spoke eloquently about the country of his birth.

Why is he in Australia?- Because Australia chose him! He spent 2 years looking for work abroad, and OEG answered first, so he now spends his working days introducing young Aussies to the great outdoors. Brazil is an amazingly beautiful place, and he is both proud and ashamed to be Brazilian.

A few facts- geographically, Brazil is bigger than Australia with a population of 215 million people (Australia almost 26 Million). It is a constitutional republic with Executive, Legislative and Judicial arms, but functionally a mess as the various arms jostle for control of the country. GDP in 2019 was 1.84 trillion. The country has abundant forests, agriculture, water, soil and people.

The main language if Portuguese, plus over 300 different first nations (native Indian) languages.

Religion- predominantly Catholic, but many African influences also.

In 1494 the Treaty of Tordesillas divided the New World of the Americas between Spain and Portugal. The Tupi federation comprised 9-10million Indians under their leader Cunhambebe (Quonambec), who resisted Portuguese occupation. They killed the invaders, and literally had them for dinner (cannibals). The Portuguese established a fortress in Rio. To this day, there are still some tribes which have had little or no contact with European settlers.

Economic activity followed several cycles-

Sugar Cane  1550 to mid 17th century

Gold cycle 1640-1760. Paved roads were built to transport gold to the coast, then offshore. It has been said that ‘Gold left holes in Brazil, temples in Portugal, and industries in England.

Coffee cycle 1800-1930 was followed by the

Rubber cycle 1879-1912, with a brief revival 1942-45

Remaining gold reserves exist in the Amazon Forest, so there is conflict between environmental and mining interests.

Slavery was common until relatively recent times. Marcos remembers the same housemaid working in his grandmother’s house for 50 years. African slaves worked on plantations during the sugar cycle, until 13th May 1888. Italians and Germans fleeing post war Europe worked as tied labourers. Racism was prevalent.

Environment 5 main climatic zones; Equatorial, tropical, High altitude tropical, sub-tropical and semi-arid, are linked to 6 biomes or ecosystems; Amazon, Atlantic Forest, Cerrado, Caatinga, Pampa and Pantanal.

Culture – very multicultural, with distinctive music, dance and martial arts, Samba, Bossa Nova Capoeira (Martial art disguised as dance)

The population is friendly and resilient, having endured many crises. There is no financial security. Marcos earns less in Australia, but lives better here. Education in Brazil is underfunded.

Although Marcos misses Brazil and its many shades of green, he is happy that his kids are growing up in Australia, which is where he wants to be.

Our Rotarians found his informative and entertaining.

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Mining in South Africa

Mining in South Africa.
Roger Gibson gave a presentation to Rotary Alexandra members on Mining in South Africa. South Africa is home to over fifty gold mines, some of the deepest in the world, mining deep level hard rock. Gold seams are embedded in quartz, covered with multiple layers of sedimentary rock. The Western Deep Level mine, part of Witwatersrand complex goes down to a depth of 8,000 feet, and employed 30,000 people. It took one and a half hours to travel from the surface to the work site, then six and a half hours work before returning to surface. Gold was removed from the seam by blasting, so all workers had to clear the blast sites before detonation of explosives.
Underground, the temperature rises by 1C for every 1,000 feet deep. Rock temperature at bottom level of the mine was 55C. There are risks to miners from adiabatic compression, so shafts and leads were reinforced with eucalypt timber. Ventilation was vitally important for those working underground. An underground massive refrigeration plant pumped cold water through lagged pipes to cool the air into the working areas of the mine - it produced 8,000 tons of ice each day. Drilling and blasting into the hard rock produced 300,000 tons of ore per month which was chemically processed using cyanide to extract the gold.
To conclude his talk, Roger read one of his poems:
Down the Mine
Descending down, deep, harsh and bleak
Beneath the bare and hard-rock hanging,
The twisted timbers brace and creak.
Bright light beams strobe the solid dark
As watchful eyes, of those who work
Search for wealth in winding mazes.
With dripping sweat on red-hot skin,
In narrow stopes and long hot raises
The strident screech of drills unfolds
The rich reefs guarding hidden gold.
With heaving chests, in stifling heat,
Deft hands set lethal nitro charges.
Ignite the fuses! Quick! Retreat!
Explosive blasts  shake acrid air
With pulsing surges. Beware! Take care!
Climbing upwards to dazzling light
as fresh air fills, now, gasping lungs;
out of the mine, blue sky in sight,
refreshing showers, then homeward bound
to loving families, happy sounds…
Prepare for next shift, underground

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Geoff Leslie

Geoff Leslie is almost a local, currently resident in Yea, who served as Baptist pastor in the Barham - Koondrook parish for nineteen years from 1993.
Geoff spoke of his experiences supporting his rural community through the challenges of the millennial drought, collapse of the dairy industry, creating sustainable farming systems and providing social support for local communities. Farming systems in the Barham - Koondrook- Wakool areas had to adapt to zero water allocation and lack of fodder. In the red gum forests near Barham, the trees are drought-deciduous, losing leaf in dry times, leafing up again when it rains sufficiently. But the drought cycles are shortening - no longer thirty years apart. Half the red gums in the forest died.
Geoff was instrumental in establishing ‘Your Community Cares’ organisation which facilitated community events to bring people together (and off the farm) to build community cohesion, to gather the isolated, to inform and educate the community about drought support, and improved farming systems, etc .
‘Your Community Cares’ applied for and received a $300,000 Federal Government grant which has been used to support the football club, Scouts, local schools, men’s and women’s mental health nights and a community theatre group. The latter staged seven performances of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ at $5 per head to an audience of 1400, in a township with a population of 1200!
Geoff’s presentation included recitation of Banjo’s Clancy of the Overflow, followed by his own re-imagining of the city-country comparison in present day, and musical items.
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2021 2022 Changeover

President 2020 – 2021 Helen Gibb
Following the disappointments and restrictions imposed by Covid 19 during the early part of 2020, my year as President began more hopefully in July 2020. The cancellation of the previous Easter Art Show and Cycle Dindi left our bank balance depleted and threw us into disarray. Gradually over 2020/21 we learned to enjoy zoom meetings, thanks to Sharon Fox,
John Cannon and Tom Farrell; and devised other ways of keeping in touch. The Bulletin continued thanks to John Cannon.
Post bushfire fencing also continued when permitted in North East Victoria. Our hardy team of Ian Gibb, Ross Thompson, Bruce Hyatt, John Cannon and Bruce Walker (Rotary Club of Benalla) travelled to Dandongadale to stay on a property and assist with fencing there and visit other farms in the area.
The first face to face meeting we held was an outdoors Christmas Picnic at Rotary Park on Dec 16th2020. Joe and Pamela Talia accepted Paul Harris Awards for their help with musical events over the years and their support of Rotary. It was very exciting to be back as a group.
Our first public event was Christmas Carols on December 18th. This was carried out behind security fencing, with extensive covid restrictions. Noel McIlwraith and team worked with the indefatigable Andrew Embling to allow this lovely evening to occur. It was so appreciated by the community that they were reluctant to go home and had to be encouraged to leave!
This was followed by a successful Australia Day Celebration. Bob Flowers and Bruce Hyatt combined with the Murrindindi Shire Council and Andrew Embling to stage an excellent event despite the rain.
Life slowly started to return to normal as we presented Music in the Park on March 13th 2021. When rain was predicted it was decided to move to the Shire Hall. The community turned out with a spirit of determination to enjoy talented local musicians including Soloman and Lacey, Tayla Arnett, Mark Robinson and Pans on Fire. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this free community event.
Our biggest achievement for the year was the Easter Art Show, which provides us with funds for all our other projects. Artists, visitors and buyers alike were thrilled to participate in a cultural event during the Easter long weekend. Melinda Jackson and her team of Chris Jackson, Chris Barry, John Cannon, Tom Farrell, Steve Costley, Helen Gibb, Melissa Lowe, Ian Gibb and curator Cindy Ferguson deserve special thanks, and also the generous Friends of Rotary, members and their partners who helped with the many tasks.
Cycle Dindi has become a much-anticipated event on the cycling calendar.  Melinda Jackson, Ian Gibb, John Cannon and team once again liaised with the Rotary Club of Yea to produce an event with a friendly atmosphere in glorious autumn weather on April 17th. Thanks to everyone who helped. This is also a good enjoyable fundraiser.
Berry jam was again profitable for Rotary and our thanks go to John and Vera Bassett and Pam Thompson who organised the harvesting of the berries and the cooking of the jam. This precious little luxury is sold in local cafes, and over the years at least $8,000 has been made. Unfortunately this will not continue as the berries are too hard to prune and care for.
The Rodeo went ahead this year on 6th March and Rotary assisted on the gates.  We also participated in the Christmas Tree Festival and will be present at the Truck, Ute and Rod Show in September.
Our Annual Golf Challenge against the Rotary Club of Seymour was held on 3rd March. It is always fun to get together with this friendly bunch of Rotarians to share an activity and a meal.
Thank you to my wonderful Board and the Directors of 2020/2021. Without Tom Farrell as Secretary and Ian Gibb as Treasurer my job would have been impossible.  Directors have had a difficult year and have been unable to carry out all their projects, but I thank Bob Flowers, Lynda Robinson, David Dimech, Ross Thompson, John Cannon and Debbie Skinner for their efforts.
Congratulations to Bob Flowers, President 2021/2022. Also congratulations Anne Reid on her position as District Governor.
Helen Gibb President 2020/21
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Jo Cavill

Jo Cavill guest speaker at Rotary Alexandra 
Jo Cavill drew heavily from History of Kellock Lodge, compiled by Rotarian Maurie Pawsey in researching her talk to Alexandra Rotarians. This is available in hard copy, or eBook for revised edition.
Kellock opened in 1984 with 29 beds, on land gifted by the Kellock family, under the guidance of a board which over the years has included Rotarians Ian Davis, Maurie Pawsey, John Sharwood, Bill Rollason (who was the first Board Chair of Kellock Lodge, from 1986-1996) and Ian Gibb. It was one of the most ambitious projects undertaken in the town, which over the years has grown to 50 beds, plus independent living units.
Ageing in place policies have changed the resident demographic. It is no longer viable for a facility to have only low care residents, so Kellock transitioned from providing hostel accommodation to nursing home type care.
In 2018 the community rallied for local ownership of the facility in the face of proposed merger with St John’s Village Wangaratta, initiated by the Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta.
Jo was appointed CEO under the new board in Jan 2019, and by July 2019 Kellock Lodge achieved Approved Provider status and was able to become independent; Jo feels honoured to have played a part in the transition.
Residential Aged Care is complex as it involves providing a home together with the medical management of 50 people with differing needs, and navigating funding arrangements with the Commonwealth.
Since Independence Day, Kellock has achieved accreditation, and is due for an unannounced 3-day site visit any time now. Accreditors will talk to staff, residents and family members during their visit.
Occupancy currently sits at 98%, after a lull due to Covid last year. Rooftop solar has been installed, beneficially affecting power bills. Kellock is in receipt of a $375,000 grant for systems improvements which will be used for IT upgrades, and overhead tracking for all rooms to facilitate safer manual handling.
Staff management is also important - need the right number of skilled staff. Students from VET and VCAL do placement at Kellock, and we also participate in Murrindindi Age and Disability Workforce Development Program, that involves training of Personal Care workers (PCAs) and hosting of PCA apprentices.
The Royal Commission into Aged Care has exposed failings at many facilities, problems which are not present at Kellock. Complying with the Commission recommendations will see changes to the workforce structure, as more Registered Nurses (RNs) are employed. Providing 200 minutes of care/resident/day, including 40 minutes of RN time to comply with Royal Commission recommendations will create some headaches in terms of employing the right mix of staff. At Kellock Lodge we have employed some overseas born/ trained RNs and PCWs who meet this need.
During COVID-19 the safety of residents and staff has been of utmost importance. A by-product of the isolation has been a decrease in the number of cases of flu. All residents have been vaccinated against Covid, and staff immunisation is proceeding.
On the maintenance front, IT system upgrades are on the horizon, as well as providing residents with a greater range of TV options including Netflix.
The Future: Financial Benchmarking exercise shows that more than 58% of aged care facilities face financial stress. Hopefully recognition of this may lead to more govt funding. Kellock employs over 70 staff, supports local education, purchases food and supplies locally where possible. Pre-Covid, volunteer services were used, and it is hoped this can be resumed.
A very informative talk, appreciated by all.

Jo Cavill Tom Farrell 2021-06-21 14:00:00Z 0

Rotarians against Malaria 

This week Rotarian Debbie Skinner presentation was on Rotarians against Malaria.  Rotary This week Rotarian Debbie Skinner presentation was on Rotarians against Malaria.  Rotary Alexandra has always supported overseas causes through our contribution to the  Rotary Foundation. Since the foundation was founded more than 100 years ago, the Foundation has spent more than $4 billion on life-changing, sustainable projects. These include Peace and conflict prevention/resolution, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy and economic and community development.
Debbie’s talk concentrated on how Rotary was combating malaria in Papua New Guinea , Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. 
Malaria is not only a significant cause of death in the poorer nations of the world but it is also a significant direct cause of poverty. Chronic malaria leaves sufferers listless, house bound and unable to contribute to productive work to sustain their families and contribute to their communities. In the case of children it interrupts their education and leads to poor concentration even when they are able to attend school. Working to control and eliminate malaria is a good fit with Rotary’s ideals and areas of focus.
In Papua New Guinea, RAM funded and distributed 250,000 nets prior to the arrival of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and since then has been involved in the distribution of a further 7 million nets as a designated agent for the Global Fund in PNG since 2009. There has been an overall 45% reduction in the incidence of malaria since 2009 and >70% reduction in some provinces.
In the Solomon Islands, RAM provided 180,000 nets before the Global Fund, Australian Government and Solomon Islands Ministry of Health took over operations. In 2002, RAM constructed (or rebuilt) 18 houses and 11 storage sheds for the malaria program in the seven provinces of the Solomon Islands with the assistance of RAWCS volunteers; five of these houses were fully-funded by Rotarians with AusAID providing material costs for the remaining buildings. RAM has since developed the Healthy Villages program to complement net distribution. The Healthy Villages program involves the supply of tools to villages with Ministry of Health-approved programs to conduct activities to limit areas for mosquito breeding. There has been a 75% overall reduction in malaria incidence since RAM’s involvement with the Solomon Islands and two provinces are at the pre-elimination stage.
RAM became involved with Timor Leste in 2006 when the incidence was 220 cases per 1000 people. RAM has provided 75,000 nets to assist the National Malaria Control Program and compliment the work of the Global Fund and the World Health Organisation. The incidence of malaria has been reduced to less than 1 in 1000 since RAMs involvement with Timor Leste and 5 of the 13 health districts are at the pre-elimination stage.
An extremely interesting thought provoking talk by Debbie revealing that something can be done to eradicate malaria. has always supported overseas causes through our contribution to the  Rotary Foundation. Since the foundation was founded more than 100 years ago, the Foundation has spent more than $4 billion on life-changing, sustainable projects. These include Peace and conflict prevention/resolution, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy and economic and community development.
Debbie’s talk concentrated on how Rotary was combating malaria in Papua New Guinea , Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. 
Malaria is not only a significant cause of death in the poorer nations of the world but it is also a significant direct cause of poverty. Chronic malaria leaves sufferers listless, house bound and unable to contribute to productive work to sustain their families and contribute to their communities. In the case of children it interrupts their education and leads to poor concentration even when they are able to attend school. Working to control and eliminate malaria is a good fit with Rotary’s ideals and areas of focus.
In Papua New Guinea, RAM funded and distributed 250,000 nets prior to the arrival of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and since then has been involved in the distribution of a further 7 million nets as a designated agent for the Global Fund in PNG since 2009. There has been an overall 45% reduction in the incidence of malaria since 2009 and >70% reduction in some provinces.
In the Solomon Islands, RAM provided 180,000 nets before the Global Fund, Australian Government and Solomon Islands Ministry of Health took over operations. In 2002, RAM constructed (or rebuilt) 18 houses and 11 storage sheds for the malaria program in the seven provinces of the Solomon Islands with the assistance of RAWCS volunteers; five of these houses were fully-funded by Rotarians with AusAID providing material costs for the remaining buildings. RAM has since developed the Healthy Villages program to complement net distribution. The Healthy Villages program involves the supply of tools to villages with Ministry of Health-approved programs to conduct activities to limit areas for mosquito breeding. There has been a 75% overall reduction in malaria incidence since RAM’s involvement with the Solomon Islands and two provinces are at the pre-elimination stage.
RAM became involved with Timor Leste in 2006 when the incidence was 220 cases per 1000 people. RAM has provided 75,000 nets to assist the National Malaria Control Program and compliment the work of the Global Fund and the World Health Organisation. The incidence of malaria has been reduced to less than 1 in 1000 since RAMs involvement with Timor Leste and 5 of the 13 health districts are at the pre-elimination stage.
An extremely interesting thought provoking talk by Debbie revealing that something can be done to eradicate malaria.
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Murrindindi Beanie & Fibre Festival

Please support the Murrindindi Beanie & Fibre Festival. Create a beanie or consider buying one. 
 Rotary Alexandra thanks the Murrindindi Beanie & Fibre Festival committee for their financial support to help defray the costs of wood deliveries to elderly and infirm. Rotary Alexandra Wood supplies to Legacy widows and those in need (as referred by Alexandra District Health). Over fifty trailer-loads or eighty cubic metres were delivered to fifteen households over the last year. 
Murrindindi Beanie & Fibre Festival July 24th -25th, Alexandra Shire Hall, Alexandra. Open to anyone to enter. Download your Brochure and Entry Form by going to or by clicking this direct link
Murrindindi Beanie &amp; Fibre Festival Tom Farrell 2021-06-19 14:00:00Z 0

Kinglake Ranges

Congratulations Kinglake Rangers Rotary on their 10 year anniversary. A wonderful night at Bridges in Hurstbridge. 
Amazing what their members have achieved helping local and international causes.
Kinglake Ranges Tom Farrell 2021-06-19 14:00:00Z 0

Mock Interviews 

Outstanding Students.
A rewarding day conducting year 10 mock interviews at Alexandra Secondary College.
Mock Interviews Tom Farrell 2021-06-19 14:00:00Z 0

Deanna Lomas

Our guest speaker Deanna Lomas emphasised talking to a mate on May 8th. 
Isolation has affected men’s health. 
Also support movember. 
Deanna Lomas  Tom Farrell 2021-06-19 14:00:00Z 0

Murrindindi Kinesiology

Cynthia Leitinger from Murrindindi Kinesiology gave an informative talk at Rotary this week. For details simply put Murrindindi Kinesiology on goggle.
Murrindindi Kinesiology Tom Farrell 2021-06-19 14:00:00Z 0

Cycle Dindi 2022

Good news- Cycle Dindi is set to return for the 6th time in 2022! 
Saturday April 2nd. Save the date!
Cycle Dindi 2022 Tom Farrell 2021-06-19 14:00:00Z 0

Golf night with Seymour

Golf with Rotary Seymour.
Outstanding fellowship with Rotarians from Seymour. Lots of fun and conversation.
Golf night with Seymour Tom Farrell 2021-04-22 14:00:00Z 0


Rotary in Action
Manning the gates at the Alexandra Rodeo.
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2021Rodeo Tom Farrell 2021-04-22 14:00:00Z 0

2021 Music in the Park

Noel and John McIlwraith planned and staged a wonderful event on Sat 13th March regardless of incoming rain. Plan B was decided early so that musicians could set up equipment with confidence.
A small but enthusiastic crowd enjoyed an afternoon of music provided by Mark Robinson, Pans on Fire, Tayla Arnett and Soloman and Lacey. All were amazing and gave us a wide variety of talent to appreciate.
Special thanks to everyone who set up the hall, cooked the BBQ (Ian Gibb), MC (Ian Davis), covid marshalls (Kerry, Bob Flowers, Aju, Tom, Sharon Fox and Helen). Many others were involved – Jacksons, John Sharwood and Maurie who supervised the BBQ. Lynda and Sharen Robinson assisted Mark.
We also thank the businesses who participated – coffee from Grant Street Grocer (Lisa and Bec) and wine from Little River Winery (Phillip and Christine Challen).
Huge thanks to Noel and John McIlwraith! It was a wonderful contribution to the community in both encouraging local musicians and providing live music for an audience.
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2021 Music in the Park Tom Farrell 2021-04-22 14:00:00Z 0

2021 Easter Art Show

Bumper crowds turned out over the Easter weekend to enjoy a wonderful display of works at the Rotary Club of Alexandra’s 51st Annual Easter Art Show. Entries, sales and average sale price were all up on previous years.
The Alexandra Art Excellence award was won by Lorraine Lewitzka, with ‘Lunch Date’,
Section One, Oil or Acrylic, won by Craig Davy for ‘Autumn Light’
Section 2, Work on Paper, won by Max Wilkes for ‘Summer Landscape’
Section 3, Any medium priced up to $750, won by Vida Pearson for ‘Mallee II’
Section 4, Woodwork, large platter, Ernie Hunt
Section 5, Photography, Christine Siciliano, ‘Poppy’
Section 6, Emerging Artist, Jill Keen, ‘Hot Afternoon’.
Most popular artwork, as judged by Art Show attendees, Ann Capling, with her very topical work and engaging work, ‘The Covidian Era.’
The Rotary Club of Alexandra would like to thank our community and Shire Council for supporting this event in so many ways; through sponsorships, catalogue advertising, with manpower to set up and dismantle the show, donation of goods and services- entertainment, publicity, refreshments, raffle prizes and in many other ways too numerous to mention.
Thanks also to the organising committee who have put in many hours over preceding months to put the Show together. It really has been a team effort by Rotary members and friends.
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Alice Sloan

Alice Sloan Expedition
We stated with a brief history of Alice Sloan Foundation. The girls thanked Rotary for the opportunity that they had received which had led to growth and positive changes in them throughout the program.
The girls then took it in turns giving reasons why they joined the expedition. Their reasons varied, but most agreed it was to get closer to the other girls, develop leadership qualities and take on challenges.
Highlights of their program were told by each of the girls.
• The night at OEG sharing personal stories
• The ability to bounce back from adversity
• Meeting the Sloans
• Conquering the challenging bike track
• Gathering together under the tarp on the last night
• First taste of ‘real food’
• One big group at the start but one big family at the end
• Hike up Mt Torbrek which was tough!
• Rafting where we bonded the most
• A very challenging 8km hike finished with relief and satisfaction
• Water activities that brought everyone together
• High ropes day that you cannot do alone, so everyone helps each other
All learnt a lot about themselves; what they can do and achieve, and to feel comfortable around the other girls. They learnt from their mistakes, how resilient they can be, and how humour and happiness is needed in hard times.
The girls have more activities planned for this year including ‘Walk for Life’ and a visit to Toorak College.
They thanked the Club for wanting to hear of their expedition. Thanks to Bronwyn Howell for all her organisation and support, Outdoor Education Group and the Alexandra Secondary College.
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Alice Sloan Tom Farrell 2021-04-22 14:00:00Z 0

Cycle Dindi 2021

Six years ago, a subcommittee of Yea and Alexandra Rotary Club members first met to plan an inaugural ride on the Great Victorian Rail Trail. The three objectives were to get more people riding the trail, more visitors into Murrindindi Shire, and to raise funds for the YMOM program, and other youth projects.
A very successful event on Saturday 17th April met all those objectives.
Close to 150 riders turned out in perfect weather to experience country hospitality at its best, and judging from the favourable feedback, they are likely to return with friends in future.
Thanks to our small committee-Ian Gibb, John Cannon, Steve Costley and Melinda for their organisation, to our members who filled the roster for registration and marshalling duties, to Ian for mechanical support and pest control (many European was nests were treated) Friend of Rotary Graeme Robb, was on hand to provide First Aid; RC Yea looked after the barbecue lunch, and Nutfield experience.
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Cycle Dindi 2021 Tom Farrell 2021-04-22 14:00:00Z 0

Rotarians against Malaria

This week Rotarian Debbie Skinner presentation was on Rotarians against Malaria. Rotary Alexandra has always supported overseas causes through our contribution to the Rotary Foundation. Since the foundation was founded more than 100 years ago, the Foundation has spent more than $4 billion on life-changing, sustainable projects. These include Peace and conflict prevention/resolution, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy and economic and community development.
Debbie’s talk concentrated on how Rotary was combating malaria in Papua New Guinea , Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands.
Malaria is not only a significant cause of death in the poorer nations of the world but it is also a significant direct cause of poverty. Chronic malaria leaves sufferers listless, house bound and unable to contribute to productive work to sustain their families and contribute to their communities. In the case of children it interrupts their education and leads to poor concentration even when they are able to attend school. Working to control and eliminate malaria is a good fit with Rotary’s ideals and areas of focus.
In Papua New Guinea, RAM funded and distributed 250,000 nets prior to the arrival of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and since then has been involved in the distribution of a further 7 million nets as a designated agent for the Global Fund in PNG since 2009. There has been an overall 45% reduction in the incidence of malaria since 2009 and >70% reduction in some provinces.
In the Solomon Islands, RAM provided 180,000 nets before the Global Fund, Australian Government and Solomon Islands Ministry of Health took over operations. In 2002, RAM constructed (or rebuilt) 18 houses and 11 storage sheds for the malaria program in the seven provinces of the Solomon Islands with the assistance of RAWCS volunteers; five of these houses were fully-funded by Rotarians with AusAID providing material costs for the remaining buildings. RAM has since developed the Healthy Villages program to complement net distribution. The Healthy Villages program involves the supply of tools to villages with Ministry of Health-approved programs to conduct activities to limit areas for mosquito breeding. There has been a 75% overall reduction in malaria incidence since RAM’s involvement with the Solomon Islands and two provinces are at the pre-elimination stage.
RAM became involved with Timor Leste in 2006 when the incidence was 220 cases per 1000 people. RAM has provided 75,000 nets to assist the National Malaria Control Program and compliment the work of the Global Fund and the World Health Organisation. The incidence of malaria has been reduced to less than 1 in 1000 since RAMs involvement with Timor Leste and 5 of the 13 health districts are at the pre-elimination stage.
An extremely interesting thought provoking talk by Debbie revealing that something can be done to eradicate malaria.
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Rotarians against Malaria Tom Farrell 2021-04-22 14:00:00Z 0

Matt Thomas

Last week our guest speaker Matt Thomas provided us his background on his position with the Shire. His job is to promote sustainable tourism events within the Shire through grants, and assist with social media presence of local businesses and events through initiatives such as Discover Dindi, Dindi Directory and the Dindi Store.
While the Shire does not RUN events, they DO support event organisers, and work to secure larger events for the region, while also supporting community and business-led events.
A very informative talk with lively discussion and multiple questions.
Matt Thomas Tom Farrell 2021-03-04 13:00:00Z 0

Toast to RC Dili

Our Club has an established custom of toasting a Rotary Club from another country at our weekly meetings. This broadens our knowledge of clubs around the world. Our Club has had a fairly close relationship with R. C. Dili, mainly through the efforts of Rotarian John Turner. John has been instrumental in the Formation of East Timor Roofing Co. Which has been supported by Rotary.
Timor Leste has four Rotoract clubs which play a valuable development Role for young people.
Health, hygiene and educational projects play a major role in Club activities providing valuable support to local communities.
One of their major projects has been the sponsoring of a second Rotary Club in Timor Leste, the Rotary Club of Dili Lafaek.
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Toast to RC Dili Tom Farrell 2021-03-03 13:00:00Z 0

Community catering needed

The Rotary Club of Alexandra is interested in hearing from any community group willing to cater for our club meetings on the first and third Wednesday of each month.  For further information contact Lynda Robinson after hour on 0423366015.
Community catering needed Tom Farrell 2021-02-04 13:00:00Z 0

Australia Day 2021

Australia Day
A little wet but wonderful.
Lions provided a cooked breakfast, the Alexandra Brass Band the music and Rotary the cereal, juice and coffee. The kids got freddo frogs with a few running in the rain. A special thanks to Andrew Embling without whom many of these events would not continue smoothly. 
Congratulations to Elise Anderson of Alexandra who are was awarded Murrindindi Citizen. Elise has demonstrated an extraordinary passion and commitment to helping the Alexandra community and I’m in total admiration of all that she has achieved since moving to our Shire a few years ago. With a passion for the environment, permaculture and advocating for action on climate change, Elise is involved in many community groups, committees and organisations and regularly volunteers her time to educate the community and host events. Elise’s energy and dedication is inspiring.
The Rotary Club of Alexandra had lunch at the RSLtaking part in the national celebration of the 100 Years of Rotary in Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to Nonna Gina’s for catering this event and Ron Pearson for being the RSL barman.
People Reached
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Paul Harris recognition for Pamela and Jo Talia

Paul Harris Recognition awarded to Joe and Pamela Talia
Rotarian Noel first approached Joe and Pamela in the second half of 2017 with the idea of holding a free concert in Rotary Park, with the understanding that this would only happen with the backing of our Rotary Club.  They were both immediately interested and very supportive of the idea and how could they help.  Both were very keen to support local musicians and give them a chance of performing to a crowd for experience.  Their enthusiasm, knowledge and help is what made Music in the Park possible.  They took on the job of sourcing the musicians and liaising with them, creating our poster and keeping the musicians on time on the night of the concert.  Joe also made available his own sound equipment and put it all together for the first concert, a huge effort.  
The concert this year, although down in numbers due to timing with covid interruptions, still succeeded due to Joe and Pamela giving us so much of their time.  As we all know they were unable to be at this year’s concert due to Joe’s ill health, but they still had everything well organised and even arranged for their daughter Mel to be there on the night to manage the musicians.  
They are both so keen to inspire budding musicians and we also thank them for setting us on the right path to be able to manage future concerts.

Paul Harris recognition for Pamela and Jo Talia Tom Farrell 2020-12-16 13:00:00Z 0

Thanks Kerry

Thanks Kerry for decorating the Rotary Christmas tree.
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Thanks Kerry Tom Farrell 2020-12-09 13:00:00Z 0

VCE Citizenship awards

VCE Citizenship Awards
We had a difficult job selecting our Rotary Citizenship Awardees this year due to the quality of young people that are graduating Alexandra Secondary College. Our two recipients, Yolanda Vinycomb and Jackson Harris, exemplify how to get the best out of a secondary school education and experience.
Yolanda has held numerous leadership positions in the College, most notably Senior House Captain for Cumming. She gave five years of service to Electroheads and was Head Electrohead in her last 2 years, running the sound and light expertly for school and community events and mentoring junior students to do the same. Yolanda is a great all-rounder, a talented drummer in the College Music Programme, taking out age championships in Athletics and Swimming on three occasions and was College Cross Country Age Champion each year.
Jackson was College Captain this year and lead by great example. He gave three years of service to the Student Representative Council. While we were learning from home, he helped set up and organise a Walk/Run/Bikeathon House competition to keep students active and connected. He made a promotional video for this, one of his many talents. Jackson is a gifted singer/performer and we will miss his starring presence in College Productions and Music Programme concerts. Jackson also excelled in Athletics, winning age Champion six years in a row.
Both Jackson and Yolanda are outstanding young people who are spoken of fondly by staff, junior students and their peers. Many thanks to the Rotary Club of Alexandra for their acknowledgment of our wonderful youth with this award and their global ongoing generous support of Alexandra Secondary College.
Mr Nigel E Lyttle BSc, Dip.Ed
Alexandra Secondary College
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VCE Citizenship awards Tom Farrell 2020-12-09 13:00:00Z 0

Mansfield Christmas Breakup

A wonderful night at the High Country Maze. Thanks to Nicky and Tony. The catering by High Country Food Co was outstanding.
Special thanks to the Rotary Club of Mansfield for organising the Christmas breakup.
Mansfield Christmas Breakup Tom Farrell 2020-12-09 13:00:00Z 0

Alexandra Primary Encouragement Award

Alexandra Primary Encouragement Award Recipient 
Billie’s citation from classroom teacher Meg Holohan:
“It is an honour to nominate Billie Bermingham as Alexandra Primary School’s recipient of the Rotary Primary School Encouragement Award. We thank the Rotary club of Alexandra for their continued support of our learning community.  The award encourages our students to pursue lifelong learning and reach their potential.
Billie is a natural leader, who has the respect and confidence of her peers. She is always willing to help her fellow students both in the classroom and in the school yard. Billie strives to achieve her best in all tasks she undertakes and never shies away from a challenge. Her ability to recognise and act on the needs of others is to be commended. Billie is an excellent role model for the students of Alexandra Primary, regularly leading the school assemblies (when permitted), showing guests around our new facilities and setting the standard of behaviour on a daily basis. Her kind and caring nature, along with her dedication to her schoolwork, make her a worthy candidate of this award.
Congratulations, Billie!”
Alexandra Primary Encouragement Award Tom Farrell 2020-12-02 13:00:00Z 0

Christmas Tree Festival 

The chairs are away with the help of Rotarians ready for the Christmas trees.
Aim is to open at 10am on December 12.
Volunteers needed to move trees in, fluff them and decorate the trees and hall.
If you can help 9am onwards Thursday 3rd . shire hall.
Christmas Tree Festival Tom Farrell 2020-12-02 13:00:00Z 0

Eildon Primary Awardee

Rotary Primary School Encouragement Awards for 2020 (Eildon)
The Rotary Club of Alexandra is delighted award our annual Primary School Encouragement Awards. Local primary schools have nominated the most deserving Grade 6 student to receive this year’s award.
Financial assistance of $300 is awarded to the student to provide encouragement and assistance in the move from primary to secondary schooling.
Due to covid we are unable to have a presentation night and the Alexandra standard has kindly agreed to publish a photo of one recipent each week with a copy of their citation. This will give public recognition and every students should be commended on being chosen for this award.
Chelsea Webster’s citation from classroom teacher Hayley Crowle.
Eildon Primary School is proud to announce our recipient of this year’s Rotary Primary School Encouragement Awards is Chelsea Webster.
 Chelsea is an amazing student who constantly strives to achieve her personal best in all areas of her learning. Chelsea is always smiling, approaches each challenge with enthusiasm and optimism.  
She is highly supportive of her peers, actively offering assistance however they need it. She is caring and kind, quick to rush to those that are hurt or upset, comforting them. In class, Chelsea works hard to do her best, listens to feedback and advice, acting on it to improve her learning. She is very creative, with amazing artistic talent which she infuses into all areas of her schooling. It has been a delight to have taught Chelsea and see her grow into a wonderful young person with a huge heart.
We wish her all the best in her future endeavours.
Picture from left: Helen Gibb (President), Chelsea Webster & John Cannon (Youth Director).
Eildon Primary Awardee Tom Farrell 2020-11-16 13:00:00Z 0

Marysille Primary School Awardee

Rotary Primary School Encouragement Awards for 2020
The Rotary Club of Alexandra is delighted award our annual Primary School Encouragement Awards. Local primary schools have nominated the most deserving Grade 6 student to receive this year’s award.
Financial assistance of $300 is awarded to the student to provide encouragement and assistance in the move from primary to secondary schooling.
Due to covid we are unable to have a presentation night and the Alexandra standard has kindly agreed to publish a photo of one recipent each week with a copy of their citation. This will give public recognition and every students should be commended on being chosen for this award.
Aiqha Mosquite citation from her classroom teacher Ms. Alexandra Wilson.
 On behalf of Marysville Primary School and our community, I wish to sincerely thank Alexandra Rotary for their continued support toward these educational scholarships in our cluster.
It is our great pleasure to nominate the 2020 Marysville Primary School Year 6 recipient, Aiqha Mosquite.
Our nomination is in acknowledgement of the Rotary’s Award’s purpose; to encourage Aiqha to pursue lifelong learning and rise to her personal potential.
Aiqha has consistently demonstrated a passion for learning, a deep commitment toward achieving her personal best and a genuine care and concern for others.
Aiqha is a purposeful learner who always comes to class well prepared and works hard in all areas to learn new skills. She manages her time and effort well and has developed a keen interest toward team sports, particularly with friends and others at lunch breaks. Aiqha participates in all school activities, including fundraising days, camps, athletics and netball.
Aiqha has been a valued member of our school community since Year Prep and has meticulously upheld our values of Respect, Honesty, Responsibility and Community.
She has consistently demonstrated qualities of a caring member of the school, being a role model and helping others in the yard and in the classroom.
The support of family is an important addition to the life of all children and Aiqha enjoys the love and support of her family. This was particularly evident this year during Remote and Flexible Learning. Aiqha was always present online and collected materials from school, with assistance from her family.
It is this dedication and commitment to our school and community that makes Aiqha a worthy recipient of this award.
Again, I would like to thank the Rotary Club of Alexandra for providing this fantastic award to all the deserving recipients in our Cluster.
On behalf of Marysville Primary School, congratulations Aiqha on a magnificent achievement. We all believe in your potential and hope this award inspires you in life and your educational journey.
Picture from left: John Cannon (Youth Director), Aiqha Mosquite, Tom Farrell (Secretary) Helen Gibb (President) and Alexandra Wilson (teacher)
Marysille Primary School Awardee Tom Farrell 2020-11-16 13:00:00Z 0

Nana Jan

Our guest speaker this week was Janet Baxter who runs Nanna Jan’s ‘Third Drawer Down’.
Janet opened a pop-up shop four years ago - it was expected to run for three months and is still going strong!
The shop is both a source for haberdashery and craft supplies, a retail outlet for locally made craftwork, and also a community hub.
With the move to larger premises in the former Footsteps shopfront, it became possible to run classes where skills could be shared. The shop became home to a knitting group, Yarck CWA craft workshops. ‘Rural Australians for Refugees’ is a beneficiary from a project recycling old table linen ($10,000)
In the early stages of the pandemic many, many masks were sold, or facilitated.
Anne Coward is a dab-hand at mending, and 20% of the income generated from her sewing is donated to Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal.
The shop also supports ‘The Samaritan’s Purse’ project by covering postage of shoebox-sized parcels filled with school supplies and hygiene requisites for recipients in third-world countries (500 x $10 per box so far).
Stock to Nanna Jan’s ‘Third Drawer Down’ comes from haberdashers and small warehouses which have closed, so prices are very reasonable.
ASC students have recently had fun sourcing costumes for muck-up day, and some students have taken up sewing / craft and mending during Covid19 isolation.
President Helen noted the shop has been a hub of activity and a great resource for the community.
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Nana Jan Tom Farrell 2020-11-15 13:00:00Z 0

Well done Max

Rotary Primary School Encouragement Awards for 2020
The Rotary Club of Alexandra is delighted award our annual Primary School Encouragement Awards. Local primary schools have nominated the most deserving Grade 6 student to receive this year’s award.
Financial assistance of $300 is awarded to the student to provide encouragement and assistance in the move from primary to secondary schooling.
Due to covid we are unable to have a presentation night and the Alexandra standard has kindly agreed to publish a photo of one recipent each week with a copy of their citation. This will give public recognition and every students should be commended on being chosen for this award.
President Helen Gibb and John Cannon awarded Max Young with his award outside the grounds on Wednesday. Thanks to his teacher Michael Heyes for making this possible.
Students from Marysville, Eildon and Alexandra will feature in coming weeks. Buxton hasn't a grade six student this year at the school.
Max was nominated for the Rotary Encouragement award due to the mature approach he continually shows towards all aspects of his learning. He has really extended and challenged himself this year, taking responsibility and ownership for his own development. Max is always thinking about how his actions may affect others, developing into a fine role model for our school and community. Well done Max!
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Bruce Colville awarded Certificate of Appreciation.

Rotary Alexandra awarded a Certificate of Appreciation to Bruce Colville. This was in recognition of his contribution to our community as a police officer and community member.
Pictured are Pam Colville, Rotary President Helen Gibb and Bruce Colville
Bruce Colville awarded Certificate of Appreciation. Tom Farrell 2020-11-12 13:00:00Z 0

Rotary helping Bushfire Victims in North East

Rotary Alexandra recently provided two shipping containers to Farmers in the Victoria's North East. These will provide storage for a couple of farmers who have lost homes or sheds.
Rotary helping Bushfire Victims in North East Tom Farrell 2020-11-02 13:00:00Z 0


I write to personally thank you for your support to Skyline – I want you to know that your contribution has empowered resilient VCE students in the north east of Victoria through what has been an incredibly challenging period.
The pandemic has brought many hardships on top of the existing adversity that initially brought our students into Skyline.
In this region we have been particularly dealing with mental health challenges, a deep digital divide and significant barriers to curriculum as students have endured remote learning.
Despite this, it is a credit to all north east students who were selected in 2018 to join us through 2019 and 2020 that 100% of them will be graduating from the Program and we have confidence that they are better placed to transition to either higher education or their career of choice as a consequence of their Skyline Program experience, only possible thanks to your generosity.
Skyline Tom Farrell 2020-11-02 13:00:00Z 0

Melissa Lowe Joins Rotary

Introducing our newest member, MELISSA LOWE
I am married and have 3 adult sons. My husband’s work is the reason we moved from Wonthaggi to Alexandra. Our sons are all working or in tertiary education.
I have mostly worked in medical administration, beginning as a secretary at Peter Mac and progressing to Executive Assistant and Medical Records Clerk. In Wonthaggi I worked at the Post Office and I am now enjoying meeting people at the Alexandra Post Office.
With regard to previous volunteering roles, I was very involved with our local soccer club. I held the position of Secretary for over 5 years. The club began in a small way with no club rooms, no committee and second hand uniforms. I’m very pleased to say the club is now thriving and recently was given a large grant to build its own club rooms.
I have considered joining Rotary for a while, particularly after my move to Alexandra and since I no longer have children living at home. I am impressed that the organisation is worldwide but also very local. I am very passionate about education and was really pleased to see what Rotary does in this field.
I hope that in the future membership of Rotary becomes more appealing to the wider Alexandra community, as the greater the membership the greater the opportunities.
Melissa Lowe Joins Rotary Tom Farrell 2020-11-02 13:00:00Z 0

Let’s stop mental illnesses 

Let’s defeat Mental Illness

Thanks to all the local businesses for supporting the Lift the Lid off Mental Illness Appeal by having collection containers in their stores. Now most people are tapping to pay there in little need for small change. Consider bring it in and dropping in one of these containers.

Each year approximately 1-in-5 Australians will experience a mental illness and in order to help future generations of young Australians, we need to look ahead through research and find out how we can prevent this type of illness occurring.


Lift the Lid is an initiative of Australian Rotary Health, one of the largest funding bodies of mental illness research in Australia. 100% of proceeds from the Lift the lid off Mental illness campaign will go towards research into finding preventions, treatments and cures for mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and Alzheimer's.


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Librarian Libby visits Rotary on Zoom.

Our meeting on 2nd September 2020 Rotary Alexandra was graced with a wonderful presentation by Libby Kotschet the Coordinator of the Murrindindi Library Service.
As is our custom we began by toasting a Rotary Club from another country. This broadens our knowledge of clubs around the world. Meg chose the Rotary Club of Kilkenny as Kilkenny was her ancestral home. This is the largest Rotary Club in Ireland and has face to face meetings wearing protective masks and social distancing. They run a “Bikes for Africa” project which provides bicycles helping rural children in Gambia to reach schools.
Libby then spoke about the Book Butler Program, a contactless delivery service available to all residents in the Shire. Despite Covid, the library service continues behind closed doors, but without access to resources from other libraries. In April, 2013 items were delivered to 400 homes. In August 3451 items were delivered to approx 300 homes. Initially deliveries were made by library staff, but Working for Victoria staff have taken over this task.
How does it work? People phone in to the library (5772 0333), let staff know what their interests are and a bag of relevant items are delivered. Many of the clients are repeat customers. Feedback comments include: ‘so grateful to have this service included in our rates’ and ‘a great big thankyou for taking books to my brother’.
Borrow Box is another option for access to e-books and audio books. Access is via a library membership card. Libby (not our speaker) is an app which allows access to the electronic resources of YPRL and Murrindindi libraries.
President Helen thanked Libby for her presentation and the library service for continuing to support our local community throughout the Covid-19 lockdowns.
Librarian Libby visits Rotary on Zoom. Tom Farrell 2020-09-10 14:00:00Z 0

Helping fire victim rebuild their lives

Rotary Club of Alexandra Fencing Team at Sugarloaf Station
Dandongadale is in North East Victoria’s high country, south of Myrtleford, about as remote as you can get! Sugarloaf Station is just below Mt Sugarloaf on the Buffalo River, in a beautiful setting in the wild country of the Buffalo Valley. Mal and Di Taylor own the property.
The call to help the Taylor’s came through Rotary District 9790. BlazeAid had been contacted but were not able to provide helpers. BlazeAid provided some donated fencing materials, which were transported to the Taylor’s and two neighbouring farms by DELWP. It was a good team effort with Rotary taking a leading role.
Rotarians Ian Gibb from Rotary Club of Alexandra and Bruce Walker from Rotary Club of Benalla visited the station for a ‘reccy’.  Ian and Bruce had been part of fencing teams working around Corryong earlier in the year. Sugarloaf Station’s boundary fencing was destroyed in last summer’s bushfires, but this property had not been able to be assisted by any teams since then. Their cattle had scattered into the high country, fending for themselves. Malcolm and Di had managed to fence some parts of the property by themselves but with only the two of them it was very slow progress.
Ian and Bruce proposed a fencing team to visit Sugarloaf Station over four days to assist with boundary fencing. A small pilot team from Rotary Club of Alexandra was organized. Ross Thompson and John Cannon volunteered to join Ian and it was set up as a Rotary Club of Alexandra project.
The countryside is now green, a far cry from the devastation of the bushfires which raged through the heavily forested property in January! Their fences were damaged and the cattle wandered off into the bush to fend for themselves for the last six months.
Recently they cattle began returning home. About fifty cattle had returned by the time we arrived and Mal and Di were concerned about Indi, their favourite cow, who was due to calve at any moment but was not to be found. It was a real worry as she was a very special cow they had hand-raised – and she was usually boss cow of the herd.
Big Red, a venerable Toyota troop carrier, is amazing! She has done over one and a half million kilometers and still going strong!
We hopped in Big Red with Kya the labrador. Di drove. Mal drove ahead on the tractor. We forded the Buffalo River then loaded the trailer with wire and fencing gear. Mal picked up concrete posts plus a couple of gates on the forklift of his tractor and led the way up into the hills.
We bounced and jerked our way over uneven terrain, through boggy stretches, along fence-lines, up and down steep inclines, through a difficult creek crossing, climbing ever higher till we reached the back of the property, the trailer bouncing along behind.
It was evident that Mal and Di had done a huge amount of fencing themselves over the last six months, but they really needed help to have secure boundary fencing around the entire property to keep their cattle home. Our task was to tackle long stretches of heavily damaged boundary fencing.
There were burnt trees wherever you looked! Mal had moved many of the fallen trees into piles for later burning; ‘pick-up-sticks’, he called it. For the first couple of days we worked high up at the back of the property alongside a road bordering the National Park. On the first day the weather was cold but fine and progress was good. We worked as a team straightening posts, replacing a smashed corner post brace, replacing electric fence wires and some insulators and adding three strands of barbed wire. We also installed posts and braces for two new gates.
New wire needed for Rotary Fence'
 Overnight it snowed on the hills around us. It was difficult to get back to our work site.
The road to the top was slippery. We installed the gates and continued working on the next stretch until lunchtime. As we worked snow drifted down on us. We completed that stretch of fence but the track had become too wet and dangerous to continue at that location, so we moved to a different section of the boundary.
Kangaroo Hill fence was somewhat easier to access, winding in and out the trees, many dead, most struggling to recover with green epicormic fuzz growing along their trunks, to a long stretch of badly damaged boundary.
 It was straight-line fencing through up and down steep country. Much of the wire was re-useable when it was untangled. Ross was brilliant at that.
A couple of large trees had fallen across the fence. Mal manned the chainsaw to cut and remove enough to clear the fence. Some strands of wire were able to be joined with a ‘figure 8 knot’, some were replaced with new wire. Three strands of new barbed wire were run out and attatched. We worked section to section, from strainer post to strainer post.
For most sections the posts were still there.
Many posts needed straightening. A few were broken and needed a new post driven in alongside to support them. Most of the wire was still there, much of it  Lots of wire needed untangling, then rethreading through the insulators, rejoining and straining up.
We continued working on this boundary on our final day.
“The job isn’t complete though.” Ian said. “We have contacted other farmers in the same area who also need help. This area appears to be a pocket that has been missed by the bushfire effort elsewhere.”
A Phase 2 Rotary expedition is being planned for October depending on Covid 19 restrictions.
John Cannon
Rotary Club of Alexandra
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How we help those overseas.

Director 2019 – 2020 Debbie Skinner
Thank you to members: Meg Dunn; Chris Jackson; Sharon Robinson 
Budget: $3,000. It was a small budget, percentage wise, in comparison to other clubs which supported Foundation projects - $100 per person at Alexandra Club, and the Birthing Kits ($1,000) activity which had been planned in the previous financial year and not undertaken.
Our members provided the International toasts from the club and this was divided between members as much as possible and they could pick a club / country of interest to them personally.
Putting together two hundred birthing kits was our major activity this year and was supported by a few members. The finished kits were distributed to India, Dr Congo; Papua New Guinea and Ethiopia missions and distribution centres. This supported the Rotary Foundation area of saving mothers and children.
Director Debbie also attended the conference Aug 2019 for and joined the Rotary RAM (Rotarians Against Malaria) Foundation area of fighting disease as a speaker for future events. This will be ongoing in the next financial year. Debbie & Meg attended the International District Workshop in Oct 2019 led by Kerry Kirk with the aim of increasing group cohesion and possible joint project. 
With COVID -19 affecting us all in the way we function, further meetings were attended via Zoom and other planned activities had to be cancelled.
Debbie Skinner
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How we recognise youth achievement 

Director 2019– 2020 John Cannon
Once again Rotary Club of Alexandra has invested in the youth of our district as a major priority. We have a range of programs which cover both individual and group activities:
National Youth Science Forum
I would like to recognise the outstanding contribution made by science teacher Kathy Zerbe to the NYSF program over many years! Kathy has retired and will be missed! I feel this is one of the most important individual programs we support with far-reaching benefits to the student and science in general.
It was disappointing that no-one applied for the NYSF program this year. I feel it is an opportunity of a life-time, to be able to meet a like-minded group who are interested in a future in the science field; sharing like interests, participating in a variety of life – altering experiences provided by world leaders in their fields- and forming lasting friendships with other students from all across Australia. It is uncertain when the next forum will be held.
Primary School Encouragement Awards:
It is always a highlight of our Rotary year. This year the Primary Schools Encouragement Awards were presented to:
Eildon Primary – Brandon van Grinkel
Marysville Primary – Ashton Cowell
St Mary’s Primary – Emily Van Lierop
Alexandra Primary – Danielle Nadj
Buxton Primary – Chikita Richter
Proud family and friends heard each teacher speak of why their student was chosen; their virtues and their contributions to their schools and to their fellow students. Our congratulations to each of these students! We wish them well in your entrance into secondary education.
Alexandra Secondary College Citizenship Award
College Principal, Nigel Lyttle, thanked Rotary for supporting young people in the area so generously such as the Alice Sloan Program, Young Men Old Mountains, NYSF, the mock interviews, and especially these awards.
Sophie Bowe and Tom Rouget were presented with their awards and a FitBit watch each.
Alice Sloan and Young Men, Old Mountains
We give financial support to the Alice Sloan Trust which gives young women in Year 11 from the Alexandra Secondary College. We also give financial support to youth with the Young Men, Old Mountains program for students also from Alexandra Secondary College. Both these programs are run by OEG staff.
The opportunity to participate in an expedition which promotes personal growth and skill development and is the platform for participation in the Youth Leadership Award. Their visit to the Club allows them to practice their public speaking. It is inspirational to see and hear these young adults speak so enthusiastically and confidently about their experiences.
Jam! Thanks once again to Vera and Pam!
For many years Vera Bassett and Pam Thompson have again been making their special range of jams for sale across our community to raise funds to support our local youth projects – this year the Cathedral Cluster Primary School Awards, the Alexandra Secondary College Year 12 Citizenship Awards, and the Alice Sloan and Young Men Old Mountains expeditions. Thanks to Pam and Vera they have raised thousands of dollars towards our Rotary Youth programs – an amazing effort!.
John Cannon PP PHF
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Wood Auction July 27

Wood Auction – this Saturday, July 27th:
Ian, Sharon, Melinda, Chris, Ross and Bob cut and split 5 cubic metres of wood - 2 cubic metres to be in Saturday’s Wood Auction at 10am Perkins Street.
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Invitation - Rotary Club of Alexandra Zoom Changeover
Wednesday June 17 2020 7pm!
Please click the link below at 7pm on Wednesday June 17.
Meeting ID: 781 8151 7595 
Password: 3rcWrj
Zoom meeting June 3rd DGE Bruce Anderson. 
Our first official Zoom Meeting! Seventeen Alex Rotarians zoomed in to hear our Guest Speaker, DGE Bruce Anderson. There were apologies from Bruce Hyatt, Bob Flowers and John Bassett. DGE Bruce spoke about how the Covid19 pandemic has affected Rotary across the world and also how it will affect us all in this District, how we can expect the virus to affect how we meet and how it may affect our programs in the future. As a scientist in the field of virology he feels that ensuring the basic washing of hands – good hygiene – and maintaining social distancing is essential into the future. Covid19 is a very difficult virus to create a vaccine for. Many people in many countries are working hard to create an effective vaccine or testing to find anything in the medical armory which can help to destroy Covid.
John Cannon thanked Bruce for a most enlightening conversation with a scientist who is speaking from experience and knowledge!
Below a photo from his visit in 2016.
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Bushfire Recovery 2020

District 9790 Bushfire Recovery Newsletter April6, 2020  


Report on the first three months of recovery activity


As I write this newsletter, we are all experiencing the severe restrictions imposed on us during this COVID-19 pandemic as governments attempt to curtail the spread of the virus.  I hope all readers are safe and coping with the self-isolation rules.


It is three months since devastating bushfires tore through more than 300,000 hectares in the Upper Murray region of North-Eastern Victoria.  Located in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, this scenic region is one of rolling hills and deep valleys, farms and wide pastures.  Over 18,000 head of stock were lost in the fires and many more were sent to market as thousands of kilometeres of fencing were destroyed and containment of stock was impossible.  


Frightening fires raged around the Towong Shire towns of Walwa and Corryong - both were saved. Smaller towns including Cudgewa, Berringama, Jingellic, Tooma, Towong and Colac Colac and the valley communities of Nariel, Biggara and Thowgla suffered extensive damage.  


Many communities were isolated for weeks as access was severely limited; hence, help was slow to arrive.  The Salvation Army recently received another 258 registrations for help from families in need, highlighting the time it has taken for some to reach out for assistance while dealing with shock and devastation.  More than fifty primary residences and around 150 other buildings have been destroyed. Many more were damaged by the thick smoke that accompanied the flames and gale force winds.  





Fencing projects were an early priority to help contain stock.Teams at Corryong, organised by the Rotary Club of Belvoir Wodonga, provided 600 volunteers and approximately 1,500 hours of work over a five-week period. 130 farmers were assisted.


The Uniting Church Fencing Team at Cudgewa with the support of 60 volunteers, has completed 2,000 hours of volunteer work, erecting 35 kilometres of fencing while assisting 30 farmers.  More work is to be done.


BlazeAid Corryong teams and 398 volunteers, led by coordinator Bill Gerritsen (Rotary Club of Appin Park) have cleared more than 140 kilometres of burnt fencing and completed 78.5 kilometres of new fencing. 193 farmers have registered for assistance.

BlazeAid also had fencing camps at Tooma and Jingellic and more work is to be done there also.  More than 100 farmers have registered for assistance.


Many Rotarians from clubs throughout the district have worked with the fencing teams and reported that it was an amazing and worthwhile experience.  Currently fencing work has ceased during this period of self-isolation. 




Truckloads of hay, organised by district 9790 rotary clubs,have regularly made their way to needy farmers in the Upper Murray, as previously mentioned in Bushfire Recovery Updates. 


A recent delivery of 22 pallets of dairy pellet feed has been made to Corryong suppliers for distribution to needy farmers. Forty five farmers have each received 15 bags of pellets, with more to follow to others in need.


Geoff Dinning has been co-ordinating the fodder and pellet feed projects.





All students attending the Corryong Catholic and P-12 Government School (340) were provided with a Back to School Pack of books and stationary, while 38 year seven students also received a computer to start the school year. This project, at a cost of $59,150 has been completed, thanks to donations from rotary clubs and individuals.





With the loss of homes and other buildings there has been an urgent need for shipping containers. The Victorian Transport Authority originally promised to make containers available, but unfortunately that offer did not materialise.  An adjoining rotary district 9800 - generously offered to provide 15 containers (at a cost to them - D9800 - of $3,500 - $4,000 per container) for distribution in our district at a cost to our district of only $500 for each container - a wonderful contribution to our Bushfire Recovery.  


To date seven containers have arrived in Corryong for distribution and more will follow.  Those in need of containers have been identified and assistance will be given to position them on properties.





The Rotary Clubs of Myrtleford, Mt Beauty and Bright are working on a project to provide air purifiers in the Myrtleford, Bright and Mt Beauty Hospitals. Details of this project were provided in the last Bushfire Recovery Update.  Mark Lucey, president of the Rotary Club of Mount Beauty, is co-ordinating this program.



Members from the Rotary Club of Corryong assisted by many D9790 clubs, have been working tirelessly over the three months with their communities, assisting in the clean-up process. Their catering team has provided services at many community activities such as the recent All Stars football match at Cudgewa and the Family Day at Khancoban Dam.  They have provided amazing support for their communities and in turn have been supported by Rotarians from many clubs throughout the district.



With the assistance of an Appin Park Rotarian, students at FCJ College Benalla have been matched with students from the P-12 College Corryong to create student partnerships.


A Facebook request from students in Numurkah for books resulted in a wonderful collection of both children and adult books.  They were delivered to Corryong and distributed to the pre-school, schools and nursing home as well as the primary school in Walwa.



The Rotary Club of Belvoir Wodonga organised health and wellbeing evenings with Dennis Hoiberg, at Corryong and Tintaldra.  Seventy five people attended. 



I wish all Rotarians and friends good health during these extremely difficult times as we try different ways to connect and support one another.




PDG Bernie Bott, Chairman

District 9790 Bushfire Recovery Committee


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2020 Art Show Raffle Draw

This beautiful watercolour, painted and donated by Mandy Valsinger, was 1st prize in the Rotary Club of Alexandra Art Raffle 2020. It was drawn on Monday 13th April and won by Janet Strochnetter of Alexandra. 2nd prize of an elegant wooden vase by Ken Wraight went to Judy Dillon. 3rd prize of a hamper donated by Helen Haines MP was won by Tony Pammer.
Rotary wishes to thank these people for their generous donations. Even though the Art Show had to be cancelled due to the corona virus, the raffle is a valuable source of funds for future projects. Many thanks to everyone who bought tickets and helped us raise $1200.
Pictured are Helen Gibb (Art Show Director) and Gaby Cannon (Friends of Rotary) who drew the winning tickets from a safe distance.

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Image may contain: flower and plant
2020 Art Show Raffle Draw Tom Farrell 2020-04-14 14:00:00Z 0

Art Show Raffle 2020

Easter Art Show Raffle 2020
1st Prize "Sacred Lotus" by Mandy Valsinger -priced at $450.00
2nd Prize Woodwork by Peppin Point Wooodworkers.
3rd Prize Hamper donated by Dr Helen Haines (Member for Indi)
Ticket $2 each, drawn 1pm April 13th

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Fun Night at Rotary

David Strongman, being the Fun and Fellowship Director, was the MC for our social evening. Since our night at the Strongman property in January had to be postponed due to smoke from bushfires, David and Gay organised a wonderful evening of Christmas food, frozen since December, and fresh salads and sweets. Dressed in sparkling hat and braces, David was a picture of fun and frivolity. Gay organised all the food and supervised the kitchen borrowed from the Golf Club for the evening.
Melinda Jackson asked for reports from those who had been involved with bushfire relief in the last few weeks.
David Dimech began by telling us about the trips he and Cinamon had made to Corryong, Canberra, Dinner Plains and Bairndale. Both belong to their local CFA and took it in turns to fight fires and look after their home and Jayden. David described some of the devastation but emphasised the progress made. They both committed a huge amount of time and physical effort on the frontline, and assisted locals with the fear and grief they suffer.
John Cannon talked about the trip he and Gaby had made to Corryong to assist the Corryong Secondary College with their first day back. They, along with Ian Gibb, DGN Anne Reid and AG Margaret Crisp, met with the principal Fran Heath and presented a Rotary cheque for the purchase of computers. John and Gaby also spent the day helping with any necessary tasks.
Ian Gibb then spoke about his week fencing with Bruce Walker and the Benalla Rotary team.
Rotary District 9790 is making a major contribution to recovery at Corryong.
The bushfire in the Corryong area burned a number of houses, many animals, multiple farm buildings, a huge area of pasture and bush and many kilometres of fencing and caused great distress to many residents of the area. A team from Rotary District 9790 led by the Belvoir Wodonga Club is leading a magnificent effort towards recovery. The work teams have come from a wide area, and include other service clubs (e.g. Lions), sporting clubs (Yarroweyah Football/Netball Club, Cross Fit Australia and others) and individuals who have seen the need to volunteer. The effort is also being supported by the Australian Army which has sent heavy machinery and a large group of Army Reserves to help with the task of cleaning up. As well as fencing, the Army crews are also cleaning up dangerous trees and burned out buildings.. 
 At 5th February, the 9790 team had erected around 60 km of replacement boundary fencing and was still going strong. The task involves cleaning up fire-damaged fences and replacing them with new fences, often in difficult terrain.
The efforts of the volunteers is a step towards recovery for the fire-affected residents of the area, some of whom have lost almost everything. Over a week in the area we saw people change from being in a state of shock, in tears and unable to make decisions, to starting to smile again and see a positive future as the result of the help they have been given.
Many great stories have come out of the recovery effort already.
  • The Army Reserves, who generally don't have much practical experience, have been assigned to crews with an experienced civilian leader. The Reserves are all fit and able young men and women. They are providing plenty of muscle and enthusiasm. 
  • The Yarroweyah Football/Netball Club sent up a big crew of young people who worked solidly over the weekend.
  • The CrossFit crew of 8 turned up with a cheque for $37,500 that they collected through social media, as well as spending the weekend working.
  • One crew of 10, friends in their early 70's, who were graduates of Dookie College in 1967, turned up with tractors, a bobcat, an excavator and other machinery and got stuck into the task of ripping out old burned out fencing. 
Rob Chaffe added stories about Harrietville gleaned from a friend of his who owns a business there. The effect of the fires reaches every person, family, business and organisation because they all suffer from direct damage, loss of revenue or emotional upheaval. He thanked everyone who had put so much effort into volunteer activity and represented Rotary so well.
A wonderful dinner followed and much happy chatter. In fact it was hard to encourage members to play the games David had brought! They were thoroughly enjoying the chance to catch up with friends and discuss Christmas and New Year. Many thanks David and Gay for such a great evening!
  1. Music in the Park (Saturday March 14th 4pm Rotary Park)
  2. Cycle Dindi (Saturday April 4th)
  3. Easter Art Show (opens Friday 10th April 6.30pm)
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Deirdre O’Donnell

January 22nd
Guest Speaker will be  Deirdre O’Donnell !
Deirdre is the Deputy Chair of the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulations
If you think this would be of interest, Rotary meets at the Alexandra Golf Club, 6.30 for 7.00pm on Wednesday, January 22nd. Guests must book in by Monday, January 20th with Rotarian John Monteath. Meal is $20 per head and drinks at bar prices. Contact John on:
Ph: 0417 390 266 or email John Monteath at: .
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Fencing Volunteers needed

North East Victoria Response

The Emergency Fencing Project is part of the Mission of the Benalla Uniting Church Congregation. It is supported by the people of the church with prayer and resources.

It is caring and supportive of the landholder during a time of emergency such as fire or flood. It is emergency work and therefore does not compete with local contractors. It completes the process of fencing using the labour of volunteers.

The team has been in operation for many years commencing with the Black Saturday fires. It is very experienced having conducted fencing reconstruction at Strath Creek, Wandong, King Lake, Buxton, Boho and Boweya.

Calling on donations to assist with fuel for fencing machinery and other expenses.

BSB 083 541 – NAB
Account # 81370 6561
Account Name – Uniting Church in Australia Benalla Parish
Ref - Fencing

Calling on volunteers to assist with emergency fencing in the Corryong district and other areas as necessary.

email PDG Bernie Bott on

The team is covered by Insurance for Volunteers under the banner of the Uniting Church Insurance facility.

The team is covered by Insurance for Volunteers under the banner of the Uniting Church Insurance facility.

Fencing Volunteers needed Tom Farrell 2020-01-11 13:00:00Z 0

2019-2020 fire fund

Tom Farrell President of the Rotary Club of Alexandra announces that at a special Board meeting that the  Rotary Club of Alexandra  a Bush Fire Relief Fund was opened with a contribution from the Club of $4000.  Tom said the impact of large fires on communities is only too real to members of the Rotary Club of Alexandra who were responsible for the effective distribution of over $700 000 after the 2009 fires.  The Rotarians put in thousands of hours to ensure those in need received some help. The Alexandra Rotary Club fire relief fund will concentrate first on supporting Rotary Club of  Wodonga-Belvoir  as these funds are going directly to the Corryong/Cudgewa Communities and the fencing effort of the 9790 Fencing team lead by Alan Stafford to replace boundary fencing.   As with all Rotary Club appeals 100% of all moneys donated will go to the cause with the Rotary Club of Alexandra covering any administration and other on costs.  
Tom invites the wider community to contribute to the fun and donations may be made: 
            • Directly to the Rotary Club of Alexandra’s treasurer Ian Gibb,
            • Cheques may be directed to: “The Rotary Club of Alexandra,C/- PO BOX 76, ALEXANDRA. Vic 3714 with the cheques made out to the Rotary Club of Alexandra (2019-2020 Fire Relief) and /or
            • Direct fund transfer may be made using the following details.  
            Account Name "Rotary Club of Alexandra”  
            BSB 083 503  Account No.606630744 
            Identifier 2019-2020 Fire Relief ( all donations must include this detail)
The distribution of the funds will be decided on the needs of the individuals as determined by the recommendations from the  Rotary Clubs in the fire affected areas. This is a project of the Rotary Club of Alexandra and the project management team includes members who have had hands on experience in fire recovery and the impact that fire has on the communities in the fire area so that donors can be confident the funds will be spent wisely. 
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Christmas Celebration

Rotary Christmas Celebration
Fifty Rotarians, families and friends had a wonderful night at Rotary. The power returned just at Ross set up the generators. We strted by recognizing the outstanding efforts of two of our Rotarians. John Monteath was recognised with a Paul Harris Award and Bob Flowers with a sapphire pin added to his Paul Harris award.

The presentation of Paul Harris Fellow recognition is The Rotary Foundation’s way of expressing its appreciation for a substantial contribution to its humanitarian and educational programs. It is named for our founder, Paul Harris, a Chicago lawyer who started Rotary International with three business associates in 1905.

Recipients are designated to receive this recognition as a special expression of appreciation from the Rotary Club of Alexandra.

A world of peace and goodwill comes closer to reality today as they become a Paul Harris Fellows. It is because of gifts like these made in their honour that The Rotary Foundation is able to carry out an array of programs that achieve beneficial changes in our world: improved living conditions, increased food production, better education, wider availability of treatment and rehabilitation for sick and disabled, new channels for the flow of international understanding and brighter hopes for peace.
A contribution to The Rotary Foundation is an investment in the ideal of goodwill, peace and understanding. That is an ideal held high by Rotarians the world over, and one that they clearly shares. Working with such individuals of goodwill, we believe the ideal will become a reality.

Special thanks to Joan and the other ladies from the golf club for their outstanding catering.

Again the singers led us in a wondering selection of carols joined by our popular barman Neil Robinson.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, beard, eyeglasses and indoor
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, beard and indoor
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Legacy has provided funds to the Rotary Club of Alexandra to support our wood program.  Legacy widows in need are provided with wood: cut, split and delivered by Rotary Alexandra

The local Alexandra branch is looking for people to be Legatees.

Legatees – Legacy

The dedicated men and women who provide the care and assistance Legacy is known for are called ‘Legatees.’

Historically, Legatees were returned servicemen; today, Legacy welcomes membership enquiries from people from all walks of life. There are currently approximately 4000 Legatees throughout Australia, some having served Legacy for more than 50 years.

Legacy welcomes inquiries from all people who share our ideals and values.

If you are keen to help our widows and families as a mentor and sounding board, become a Legatee.

If interested in finding out more contact:

Jeffery Swain

Legacy Tom Farrell 2019-12-08 13:00:00Z 0
2020 Rotary Easter Art Show Cancelled Tom Farrell 2019-12-03 13:00:00Z 0

rimary Encouragement Awards and Citizenship Awards.

Primary Encouragement Awards and Citizenship Awards.
A highlight in our Rotary year recognising students for their outstanding effort. Brandon, Aston, Danielle , Emily and Chikita were recognised by their primary schools as worthy of these awards. Tom and Sophie were awarded Citizenship awards. Congratulations!
rimary Encouragement Awards and Citizenship Awards. Tom Farrell 2019-12-03 13:00:00Z 0

shop locally

Please shop locally. Businesses including Bowd Heating are supporting our Easter Art Show in 2020. Without local support Rotary cannot fund local projects and events.
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shop locally Tom Farrell 2019-12-03 13:00:00Z 0
2020 Easter Art Show Cancelled Tom Farrell 2019-11-29 13:00:00Z 0
Drought Appeal Tom Farrell 2019-11-29 13:00:00Z 0

Carly Heath - Librarian:

Carly Heath - Librarian:
Carly is new to Alexandra Library but worked in Yea before arriving here. Her background is in disability services. An avid reader as a child, Carly did not visit libraries for years after losing a book! She decided to pursue her love of books by retraining and helping change the emphasis of libraries from fines and quietness, to accessibility and patronage. Fines are no longer issued and there are automatic renewals online. New authors are presented and speakers booked well ahead of time. Children are encouraged through Junior Friends of the Library and events are published in the Standard. Borrowbox is another initiative and digital books are incredibly popular.
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Carly Heath - Librarian:  Tom Farrell 2019-11-29 13:00:00Z 0

Rotary members support the effort of the Christmas Tree Festival Committee.

Rotary members upport the effort of the Christmas Tree Festival Committee.
The decorations in the street are great. Baskets put together by Christmas Tree Festival  members as were decorations put up.
If you want to help set up the shire hall please turn up at 9am Monday.  We will start moving and setting up the hall so hoping many hands will get the job done quicker. If you know anyone who would like to help please bring them along.
If you read the Rotary Down Under there is an article stating Rotary should be doing service not just raising money to give to other fundraisers.
Ian and Helen Gibb, Maurie and I helped the 10 committee members move the seats and bring some of the trees and decorations in.
Bob Flowers, Ian and Helen Gibb and Alison and myself are letter dropping a quarter of the town each.
This is a Christmas Tree festival event where we and others are supporting their efforts.
No photo description available.
Rotary members support the effort of the Christmas Tree Festival Committee. Tom Farrell 2019-11-29 13:00:00Z 0

DEBBIE ROGERS CEO Alexandra and District Hospital

History The Alexandra Hospital dates back to 1870:
The local Council purchased two buildings for £2. They spent a further £ 50, converting an old hotel into a courthouse and the other section into a hospital.
In December 1871 Alexandra Cottage Hospital was incorporated and registered as a
Public Hospital.
A fire destroyed a major part of the hospital destroying all prior records.
A redevelopment was undertaken including a new urgent care and OT.
Cottage Hospital buildings were redeveloped at Alexandra and expanded into Eildon and Marysville.
Alexandra District Health was awarded the Rural Health Service of the Year.
Black Saturday bush fires.
Construction of the new hospital was completed in October.
18th of June the name was formerly changed from Alexandra District Hospital to Alexandra District Health – now it is more than just a hospital.
ADH became smoke free
DEBBIE ROGERS CEO Alexandra and District Hospital Tom Farrell 2019-11-12 13:00:00Z 0

Embassy of new Ideas

5th Wednesday Social Evening – Embassy of Ideas
A great turnout! 26 of us were welcomed by Sasha and Lisa. Had to take a photo of the pants planters! Many of us had not been there before.

The whole place oozes enthusiasm!The Embassy of new ideas is a Not for Profit, Volunteer Powered, Community Driven Organisation with a vision to cultivate a connected, creative and caring community.
Embassy of new Ideas Tom Farrell 2019-11-12 13:00:00Z 0


A tradition in our club is to toast another club in the world.
It broadens our knowledge of the world of Rotary and gives us new ideas.
The Rotary Club of Brno City was chartered on 2nd September 2000 as the second club in Brno, with 21 members. The Club’s focus is mainly on charity and volunteering, supporting talented students and organising workshops and conferences on social topics in partnership with the Rotary Club of Prague International and Rotary District 2240 [Czech Republic and Slovakia]. The clubs are planting trees in Zambia, creating a sustainable ecosystem to benefit the community and the planet. To date 2300 trees have been planted. The club has also established a CCP program [care for premature births program] in September 2019. Approximately 100,000 newborns are born each year and about 10% are premature. Present practice is to separate them from the parents. This program is to involve contact with the parents in collaboration with the specialist medical staff to assist in transition to normality. The present practice is a result of the Soviet era.
Map of Brno
Brno Tom Farrell 2019-11-12 13:00:00Z 0

Mental Health

How are You?
The Rotarians remembered October 10 “World Mental Health Day” by wearing a hat to their regular meeting on October 16.  Each member made a gold coin contribution to the Rotary “lift You Lid Project" that raises funds for mental health research.  The “Lift you Lid” collection boxes have been placed in most business houses in Alexandra and they will be around till the end of October, Mental Health Month.  Rotary extends a very special thank you to the community who have made a donation to support “Lift your Lid” as mental Heath has been identified as the most significant issue facing the community now and  in the future.

Mental Health Rob Chaffe 2019-10-16 13:00:00Z 0

Penny Paxman 

Penny is a local of many years and moved to Alexandra to run a guest house which is now Montserrat. She quickly became a member of the Tourist Association and the Library. When a job appeared at the Standard and, knowing the value of a good local newspaper, she snapped it up. It was founded by John Whitelaw and has changed over the years as public expectations changed. It is now more proactive with articles on local campaigns and views. Topics such as Kellock Lodge and the Black Spur have been given many columns. Readers also like the local sport, cattle sales and real estate pages. They particularly love the letters and ‘Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down’ columns. Photos of locals are valued and podcasts are available. A cadetship is on offer for a young person interested in written media.
More large print newspapers would be helpful to the elderly.
Penny Paxman Tom Farrell 2019-10-13 13:00:00Z 0

Sue Cares

Sue is a Sustainability Officer for the Shire of Murrindindi. With only 1.8 people in her department she has a huge range of responsibilities. Her job is to apply statutory laws to strengthen the natural environment, reduce consumption, promote solar energy and preserve plants and animals native to the area. We have a rare plant called a Round Leaf Pomaderris found in our Shire and efforts are made to identify and preserve it. This relates to planning applications, building permits and roadside maintenance.
Murrindindi Shire is 48% Crown Land which operates under different rules. Despite a population of only 19,993 people the Shire is a magnet for visitors, summer and winter. Coping with this and providing services for locals as well, leads to some conflicts of interest. We also have a huge deer problem. DELWP manages the alpine area, not the Council.
Decisions regarding roadside clearing, firewood permits, saving endangered species of plants and selective spraying of weeds always engender differences of opinion and interpretation. This, combined with need for fire precautions, make agreement hard to reach.
They have recently been working with local groups including Rotary to plant trees in Leckie Park and clean up along the UT Creek. They also involve Upper Goulburn Landcare and U3A.
Sue emphasised her motto of ‘STRONGER TOGETHER – BE VIGILANT’. Often the Council only becomes aware of problems when they are reported by the public so please do!

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Sue Cares Tom Farrell 2019-09-24 14:00:00Z 0


ELF Day a resounding success.
Early Learning is fun is a wonderful event to encourage everyone to value reading.

Thanks Helen Gibb and John Cannon.

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ELF Day Tom Farrell 2019-09-19 14:00:00Z 0

The Middle East Revealed

The Middle East Revealed
Susan Hodson is a Melbourne GP but one of her main interests is the history and cultures of the Middle East. Susan fascinated the gathering with a large collection of photos and her interesting perspectives on Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. She acknowledged the enormous suffering and conflict there at present, but wanted to remind us of the prosperous civilisations of ancient times. This was the Fertile Crescent and the cradle of many inventions such as farming, use of fire, grain production and discovery of metals to improve tools and utensils. These valuable discoveries allowed many people to live together as a settled community yet still feed, clothe, house and look after large populations. They were also responsible for early writing, counting, commerce, sanitation and domestication of animals.

Building methods improved greatly. This contrasts with Australia which lacked a variety of large grains, reliable
rainfall and animals suitable to help with farming such as donkeys and cows. It was much harder to establish large
permanent communities.
Susan also knew a great deal about the Silk Road, Alexander the Great, slavery and the rise and fall of Empires but
time did not permit much detail. We could have listened for hours!
Susan was presented with a wooden angel representing our donation to Angel Flight.

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The Middle East Revealed Tom Farrell 2019-09-17 14:00:00Z 0

Cally Sinclair

Great Gardens do not just happen.

The Rotary Club of Alexandra, at its last meeting, was taken into the world of gardening from the viewpoint of Landscape Designer Cally Sinclair from Moleswoth. Cally explained that great gardens are the result of the integration of a number of skills including Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Landscaping and landscape Design. Each garden is an expression of the needs and desires of the gardener and that is where the Landscape Designer begins. With the people who will use the garden. Tailoring a garden to the personal needs of a client is a challenge as it usually involves things that people hold dear with a passion like the old peppercorn tree that was used as a centre of family activity including easter egg hunts, to the tree that just must stay because… In the modern world gardens have a vast range of uses from quite places of meditation and reflection through to spaces to play rough and tumble games with space for a grill and entertaining.

Cally as the Landscape Designer tries to address all these variables while ensuring the garden is robust and sustainable, water use efficient, a wild fire suppressor, exclusion of weed species and the adoption of indigenous plants. It is inevitable that as her work proceeds an extensive wish list develops that then has to be refined and costed often many times to ensure the whole project is affordable and manageable by the client. A lot of work needs to be done in the "back room” to design a landscape and create the foundations of a great garden.

Cally concluded her address by showing images of gardens in the city and country she had helped design. Some were in Marysville, quite a challenge as the horror of the 2009 fire is still visible in the skeletons of the large dead trees that surround the town. The before and after images confirmed that Cally has a particular gift of understanding of her clients and their situation when it comes to designing the landscape to live, work and play in.

During question time attention was drawn to the use of indigenous species in both public and private gardens as well as the impact of heavy pruning of trees to facilitate safe delivery of electrical power to our communities. The recent tree falling incidents including deaths were raised and how otherwise stable trees have been dropping literally out of the sky. The concern is that we may be destabilising our trees by our activities including heavy pruning. Cally said that safety is a major concern in Landscape Design including how we mange our road verges. Rotary’s recent work in conjunction with the Murrindindi Shire to replace dead and near dead trees in Leckie park is the sort of proactive garden intervention that we all should consider. Cally said that we are most fortunate to have forward thinking people who have worked very hard to develop and maintain the beautiful trees and gardens in the Shire. Chris Jackson, the chairman for the evening, thanked Cally for here insights into great gardens and as he presented Cally with her own “wooden angel” made from “mountain ash” he reminded everyone that Rotary is also an active part of the Open Gardens. Cally said that this year the open gardens in October will include outstanding gardens from Eildon, Thornton and Taggerty that have not been open before.

Rotarian Chris Jackson presenting Cally Sinclair with her wooden angel as a reminder of her visit to the Rotary Club of Alexandra and that a donation on her behalf has been made to Angel Flight as thanks for her presentation about Landscape Design.

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Cally Sinclair Tom Farrell 2019-08-27 14:00:00Z 0

Farewell Emily and good luck.

We thank Emily Marr who is leaving us for Castlemaine. Emily has been a valuable member of our Club and
a wonderful part of the Art Show team.
She was International and Foundation Director and also was involved with Venturers.
Emily leaves a physio position at Alex hospital and she will be missed by her patients.
She has inspired us with her enthusiasm and youthful sense of fun.
Emily had been chosen to succeed Tom Farrell as President - she leaves a big hole to fill.
Good luck with your new job at Castlemaine and your new community Emily! Our loss is their gain!
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Farewell Emily and good luck. Tom Farrell 2019-08-20 14:00:00Z 0

Tim Pyne

Tim Pyne from the Rotary Club of Kirkcudbright, Scotland fulfilled this year’s motto, Rotary Connects the World.

Tim visited our club the week . He has been in Australia for a few months visiting family but usually lives in the fishing village of Kirkcudbright in South West Scotland. The Rotary Club has a summer active membership of 60 and they run various arts and open house festivals.
He has worked all over the world on UN projects especially in developing nations such as Cambodia, Morocco and Somalia. Tim has also organised
indigenous housing in remote Australia. He has some excellent stories to tell but we barely scratched the surface.

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

Tim Pyne Tom Farrell 2019-08-13 14:00:00Z 0

Ron Sinclair  memorial 

You are welcome to attend the memorial service to celebrate the life of Ronald Charles Sinclair.

Saturday 20th July, 2019.
Octagonal Lounge
Moonee Valley Racecourse
Parking is available on site.
Event Car Parking (in-field) 
Complimentary car parking is provided in the Centre Car Park. The carpark can be accessed via Dean Street (Gate 6) or Wilson Street (Gate 7).
Ron Sinclair memorial Tom Farrell 2019-07-16 14:00:00Z 0

Anne Reid's efforts recognised

Anne Reid’s Service recognised
The 9790 Rotary District Governor Malcolm Kerr presented Anne Reid with a sapphire pin to complement her Paul Harris Fellowship at the Rotary District 9790 changeover dinner held in Wangaratta on Sunday June 30. Malcolm complemented Anne for her tireless service both as past Assistant Governor and then as Rotary District 9790 Secretary in 2018 - 2019 Rotary Year. Congratulations Anne and thank you for your service to Rotary and the wider community. The "sapphire pin" represents a donation of $1000US to the Foundation of Rotary International on Anne’s behalf. The Rotary Foundation, begun in 1927, funds health and humanity works around the globe. The Polio Plus program, that aims to eradicate Polio from the whole world, is just one of the Rotary Foundation’s projects.
Anne Reid's efforts recognised Rob Chaffe 2019-07-03 14:00:00Z 0

changeover 2019 2020

2018 – 2019 Melinda Jackson
As the Rotary year draws to a close, it is time to reflect on the events of 2018 - 2019. Firstly, to thank the Club for entrusting me with the position, and secondly to thank all members for their support throughout the year as we strived to 'Be the Inspiration" for our community. 
Rotary is above all a community organisation, operating at local, national and international level to improve conditions for all.
For me , a highlight has been to provide a forum for local groups to share their vision for improvement, as seen in the ‘Pick my Project’ night.Two of the groups who addressed us were successful in moving to the next step towards realisation of their dreams of a heated indoor pool, and a new Scout facility for Murrindindi Shire.
We continue to interact with clubs from nearby; Mansfield joined us for a vocational visit to the cherry shed at Yarck and assisted with Cycle Dindi for the first time. Our relationship with Yea strengthened as we worked together to present the 4th Cycle Dindi, while social evenings with Seymour Rotary, where some golf and football skills may (or may not) have been on display, encouraged friendship between members of our respective clubs.
The club continues to be a supporter of established projects such as our Annual Easter Art Show, our youth programs and our firewood program to mention just a few, while also adopting new projects such as the ‘Music in the Park’. This is a great way of bringing our community together in a convivial, low cost environment.
Membership continues to be an issue, and it is vital that we are seen as a group to which it is a pleasure to belong and which makes a meaningful difference to the life of our community. New ideas are welcome - we cannot continue to do the same old, same old, otherwise we run the risk of following the dinosaurs to extinction. Several new members have joined during the year, and we look forward to their contributions to the life of the Club.
On a more positive note, we have just run a very successful 50th Annual Easter Art Show, which attracted much positive feedback. Collaboration with other groups such as, but not limited to U3A , the Brass Band and the Beanie Festival group has helped to raise awareness of what Rotary can and does do in this community.
In conclusion, I would like to thank our Rotary Club for the opportunity to serve as your president, to thank our members and wider community for their generous support of our club.
I congratulate incoming President Tom Farrell and look forward to serving the Rotary Club of Alexandra under his leadership in the Rotary 2019 - 2020 year.

The new board of Rotary Alexandra.

Community Service: David Dimech
International Service: Debbie Skinner
Membership Lynda Robinson
Past President: Melinda Jackson
President elect and Club Service: Emily Marr
Publicity/ advertising: Rob Chaffe
Secretary: Chris Jackson
Treasurer: Ina Gibb
Vocational Service: Ross Thompson
Youth: John Cannon
President: Tom Farrell

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changeover 2019 2020 Tom Farrell 2019-06-21 14:00:00Z 0
Honouring achievement Tom Farrell 2019-06-20 14:00:00Z 0
Financial Report Ian Gibb 2019-06-11 14:00:00Z 0
Children’s Hospital Bilbies Tom Farrell 2019-06-01 14:00:00Z 0

Mock Interviews

Posted by Tom Farrell
Mock Interviews
On behalf of Alexandra Secondary College I would like to extend our thanks for the time, effort and knowledge shared by each of the interviewers during today’s Mock Interviews. The event has once again been a huge success and many students have come away feeling relieved and very happy with having completed their interview. Students reported that the Rotarians were ‘really nice and helpful people who gave good advice’. Other students shared that they felt at ease during the interview and they were now more confident to conduct themselves in any future interviews. Several students also said that they found the process to be very positive and they felt they had learnt quite a lot. We consider ourselves very fortunate that the Rotary Club of Alexandra have again volunteered to assist with this valuable process which helps students organise themselves and reduce nerves for future interviews.
Kind regards,
Felicity Wilmot
Careers Practitioner, VASS & Marketing
Mock Interviews Tom Farrell 2019-05-28 14:00:00Z 0

Yea & District Community Bank® Branch presentation

Posted by Tom Farrell

Sam Hicks and Mike Dalmau gave an outstanding talk on the Yea and District community bank.
Since its beginning in 2010 it has invested $203,500 in community investment.
A highlight has been the Kids Teaching Kids Program held annually for the last three years. They have also supported activity and projects undertaken by Ambulance Ambulance Support, South Cathedral Landcare, Alexandra Community Shed, Alexandra Secondary College, Murrindindi East 3A and many other groups. Rotary Alexandra received their support during bushfire recovery and at our Annual Easter Art shows. 
Sam and Mike pointed out the importance of local employment and investing in local events and community projects.
Thanks for an enlightening talk.

Yea &amp; District Community Bank® Branch presentation Tom Farrell 2019-05-15 14:00:00Z 0

Farewell to Dumbletons.

Posted by Tom Farrell
Kay and Barry Dumbleton have been stalwarts at our Rotary meetings. They are on the move but promised to visit. Kay has provided wonderful meals on behalf of the Golf Club with her eager band of volunteers. Barry has supported her in this endeavour and manned the bar regularly.
We will miss their cheerful support and look forward to welcoming them back on their visits.
Farewell to Dumbletons. Tom Farrell 2019-05-15 14:00:00Z 0

International Report for 2019

Posted by Emily Marr
International & Foundation 2018-19
The Rotary Foundation
This year the committee voted to continue the club’s longstanding tradition of donating $100 per member to the Rotary Foundation, this year donating a total of $3200. These funds will contribute towards many international and local projects the foundation works on including the fight to end polio. As of May 2019, 2 countries Afghanistan and Pakistan continue to report cases of wild polio virus, with 18 cases diagnosed this year.
International service
This year the committee funded $1000 towards shelter box to help victims of 2 the Indonesia tsunami’s in 2018. In addition, we pledged $250 towards the End Polio campaign, which thanks to the Bill Gates foundation will be tripled to a $750 donation.
The club was approached by David Anderson and the Yea rotary club to contribute toward the REAL project - a joint Group 4 and foundation project proposal to fund improved teaching and access to English language programs in 2 schools in Malaysia. The club contributed $825 dollars, matching other clubs in our group, and we were pleased to hear the project was successful in receiving a foundation grant earlier this year.
The committee is also beginning ground work for a potential joint project with other community groups to hold an assembly day for the Birthing Kit Foundation who send packs of essential and sterile equipment to help mothers have safer births. Look out for further details in the new rotary year!
Emily Marr
International service / foundation director 2018-2019
International Report for 2019 Emily Marr 2019-05-13 14:00:00Z 0

Changeover June 19 Golf Club

Posted by Tom Farrell
Rotary Club of Alexandra Inc.
Changeover Dinner Wed 19th June 2019
The Rotary Club of Alexandra extends a warm invitation to attend our annual Changeover Dinner.
The evening will celebrate the completion of a successful Rotary year under President Melinda Jackson and the induction of Tom Farrell as President 2019-2020.
Date:           Wednesday 19th June
Venue:       Alexandra Golf Club  
Time:                   6.30 pm for 7.00 pm start
Cost:           $30 per head. Drinks are available at the bar.
For those attending please prepay by Wednesday June 6th.
Our Bank Account details are; Rotary Club of Alexandra
National Australia Bank-Alexandra  BSB 083 503 60663 0744
Ensure you put your name on the payment
Please email me if you direct deposit.
We look forward to seeing you on the 19th.
Yours Sincerely,
Chris Jackson
Incoming Secretary
0418378806 or 57722496
Please advise us of any dietary needs.
The Rotary Club of Alexandra
PO Box 76
Alexandra 3714
Changeover June 19 Golf Club Tom Farrell 2019-05-13 14:00:00Z 0
Truck and Ute Show 2019 Tom Farrell 2019-05-13 14:00:00Z 0

50th Easter Art Show

Posted by Tom Farrell
50th Rotary Easter Art Show 2019
Best in show – Honourable Labour by Kasey Sealy (oil)
Best Oil or Acrylic – Acheron Landscape by Max Wilks (oil)
Best work on Paper – Out of the Ashes – Cricket by Louise Foletta (watercolour)
Best any medium up to $750 – Dystopian Cycle by Alistair Mason
Best Woodwork – Erin the Eagle by Chris Anderson
Most popular – Moon rise by Craig Davy (oil)
Special thanks to :
Mayor Sandice Macaulay who opened the Show
Judge Julian Bruere, the judge
Cindy Ferguson, the curator
Josie Parsons and the Gillespie family, the musicians
Mandy Valsinger, the demonstrating artist.
PROFIT – approximately $20,000 which will be used for Rotary Projects for the Community over the next 12 months.
Helen Gibb
Art Show Director 2019
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No photo description available.
Image may contain: one or more people
50th Easter Art Show Tom Farrell 2019-05-13 14:00:00Z 0

Jam helps Youth

Posted by Tom Farrell

Jam helps raise money to support local youth.
Money raised has gone towards the primary school awards, VCE Citizenship Awards, Alice Sloan expeditions, Young Men Old mountains, National Youth Forum and All Abilities Day at the Secondary College. 
This wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of Pam Thompson and Vera Bassett.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, stripes and indoor

Jam helps Youth Tom Farrell 2019-05-13 14:00:00Z 0

Mother's Day Classic

Posted by Tom Farrell
Mother’s Day Classic a resounding success.
Rotarians from Alexandra cooked the BBQ and helped run the auction. 
It’s wonderful to be involved in such an incredible event.
Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing, food and indoor
Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting, food and indoor
Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing
Image may contain: one or more people, tree, grass, plant, outdoor and nature
Mother's Day Classic Tom Farrell 2019-05-13 14:00:00Z 0
Menzies Services win again Tom Farrell 2019-03-27 13:00:00Z 0

Cycle Dindi 2019 April 6

Posted by Tom Farrell
Just over two and a bit weeks until Cycle Dindi. Still time to get in a little riding before the event, but even if you don't, you can still join us and enjoy the delights of the Great Victorian Rail Trail and Rotary's hospitality and support the youth in our District in the process. Sat 6th April, start from Yea, Yarck or Bonnie Doon anytime from 8am until 11am. Credit card payment available only at Yea. Why not register early and pay at either Try Booking or direct deposit. Details and rego forms at
Image may contain: one or more people, people riding bicycles, bicycle and outdoor
Cycle Dindi 2019 April 6 Tom Farrell 2019-03-27 13:00:00Z 0
Wonderful evening with Seymour Rotary playing golf. Tom Farrell 2019-03-16 13:00:00Z 0

A great day out in the park

Music in the Park
Another wonderful event with over 200 music lovers braving the heat. Isaac Sims who many know as a Buxton singer/guitarist got the day rocking. 
Local Joe Talia entertained us with Piedmont ragtime and country blues. Wonderful entertainment.
The headline act was Nice Boy Tom (not me!). Jack Mithen, who many know as a music teacher at local schools, with his band displayed energy and camaraderie. The 5 piece band was outstanding. 
The crowd grew especially thanks to the live broadcast by UGFM (thanks Peter Weeks) that encourage many locals and visitors to Alex to this event.
When you buy a ticket at the Rotary wood raffles over winter you realise that this means that free events like this can happen.
Another major fund raiser is the Easter Art show and raffle. 
Thanks to little River wines and Roaming Poppy for their support and especially Eildon Lions for the use of their mobile cool room (essential on Saturday). Also to our sponsor Alexandra Newspapers Pty.Ltd
As course events like these couldn't occur without Pam and Joe Talia who organised the entertainment, Noel McIwraith and her Rotary supporters.
Again thanks to all those who attended. it was fantastic to see so many families.
Tom Farrell
A great day out in the park Tom Farrell 2019-03-03 13:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Alexandra joins a multi Club aid program.

Currently 10 schools in rural communities in North East Malaysia are part of a project to improve their students English proficiency. Yes, it is a very ambitious project and the local Rotary Club of Kora Kinabalu Pearl has sought aid to expand the project to all 300 schools in the area. David Anderson, a past District Governor from the Rotary Club of Yea, took up the challenge and has coordinated the response from the Rotary Clubs of Southern Mitchel, Seymour, Kinglake Ranges, Yea, Alexandra and Mansfield to make the project a Sub-District 9790 effort. When David addressed the Rotary Club of Alexandra last Wednesday night, he explained that $835AU from each club will support two new schools to enter the program. It is aimed at years 4, 5 and 6. The first step is to give each student an English – Malay dictionary, then establish ‘English Corners’ in each school, providing 700 books in English and TVs and videos in English to improve these critical English language skills. Teachers have specialised English language skills training and the tools to present the program.

The project has developed to the point that a matching grant from Rotary International’s Foundation has been applied for. David said the 300 - school target is achievable and the trial work that began in 3 schools is now working very effectively in 10. The key issue for any aid program is to have a local champion and the Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu Pearl have stepped up and committed to this very ambitious goal. It is a collaborative project between Rotary, Sabah State Education Department and School Parent Teachers Associations. Knowing your dollar will make a difference and that the school is getting the full 100 cents in the dollar builds the confidence that will ensure success.

David is very enthusiastic about the potential of international understanding this project will create. The central highlands of Victoria now have some new friends in Malaysia. Kota Kinabalu is five days travel from Singapore so it is quite remote even in Australian terms yet with today’s modern communication systems English is essential for future success for these students. Being on a similar time zone David is sure that the relationships with this part of Malaysia will grow significantly.

In receiving the cheque from Rotary Club of Alexandra’s International Director Lynda Robinson, David congratulated the Club on its commitment to International Service which is added to now with support for this English language learning program.

He thanked the Rotary Club of Alexandra and the Alexandra district community who support the Rotary fundraising events like the Easter Art Show that enable these programs to be supported. The matching grant program means that the local contribution will double and the impact on the ground brings the 300 school target so much closer. Thank you.

Rotary Club of Alexandra joins a multi Club aid program. Tom Farrell 2019-02-26 13:00:00Z 0
Free Music in the Park March 2nd 4-8 Tom Farrell 2019-02-26 13:00:00Z 0

2019 Australia Day

Come along to the Australia Day Celebrations, Saturday 8am to 10am Rotary Park Alexandra. Free breakfast, and music. Kid’s races 8.30 to 9.
2019 Australia Day Tom Farrell 2019-01-19 13:00:00Z 0

Members behind the Badge

Come and Join Rotary
As part of our program members occasionally are asked to give a talk about their lives. This week Emily Marr and John Cannon gave theirs.  
Emily Marr

Emily was born in Kinglake She had a pretty typical country up bring: encouraged to spend time outdoors, climbing trees, looking after animals (domestic and injured wildlife). She went to school at Middle Kinglake. Sadly, the historic school building burnt in the 09’ fires.
She completed her secondary education at Yea High school. The downside was the long hour each way bus trip on probably the oldest fallons bus in the fleet for 6 years.
I always had a passion and skill for science-based subjects and was often prompted to aim higher then my expectations.
I graduated in 2008 and scored my 1st preference to study a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne with a rural scholarship towards my studies.
Starting uni was a tumultuous time for me: not only was the university huge and a place I knew nobody, but the day after I moved my stuff out of our kinglake home the 09’ fires came through. My mum rang to tell me she was off the mountain and safe before we even knew a fire was hitting Kinglake from the tv news teams!! We sent a week believing our house was destroyed from all accounts, however, amazingly a wind change saved our street unlike so many others.

In 2012 I was about to graduate and still was unsure where I was headed. I still knew I wanted to do something that involved helping and educating others, however, was beginning to question if classroom teaching was for me. I sent in the physiotherapy application on a whim as my physiology teacher thought I had the personality traits and skills to be good at it and was lucky enough to score an interview. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science majoring in physiology and moved straight into my Physiotherapy studies.  

I really enjoyed the physiotherapy course, it exposed us to all the many areas of work physiotherapy can have an impact.  As our placements were location-based most of mine were out of the Austin and repat hospitals in Heidelberg. My favourite was GEM/neuro in both acute and rehab levels and this is still the area I think I’d like to focus on going forward. For a while I did think about specialising in paediatrics, even doing a placement I QLD at a private practice, however, as much as I loved the work, I found it very emotionally draining.  I also kept busy in my ‘spare time’ with continued mentoring roles for new students, orientation day tours and helping in the good Friday appeal teddy bear hospital. 
Physiotherapy thus far
I graduated in 2012 with a Doctor of physiotherapy degree (note I am not a ‘doctor’ by title). I went on to work in residential aged care and rehab and was placed at park lane aged care in Croydon.  Originally to assist an accreditation and maternity leave cover, however, after 6 months I ended up taking over as the lead physio 4 days a week. It was a huge role as the site has 104 residents to 1 physio, and while I enjoyed it, the long days and work pressures began to creep up. Decided I needed a change and to try working in a different field to broaden my skills.

I choose to look for a rural placement for the ability to work in a slightly expanded role as a result of the reduced service levels. Every day is different which is both good and challenging at times! I walked into my interview at ADH to discover my potential manager was the daughter of a couple who lived at park lane aged care, which we took as a good sign. Moving back to a small town reminded me of Kinglake, everyone knows your neighbours and townsfolk by some connection, people stop you in the street and there is lots of community pride
I also wanted to start giving back again assist in community projects as my family used to do in Kinglake. I choose rotary as I had been considering joining Rotaract as friends of mine were members and I had enjoyed fundraising dinners and trivia nights if attendance as a guest. Not one within 90min so thought why not just join anyway. And being in this club you can see that while we are a small club what we do locally every year has a huge impact on community togetherness and fun, whilst also providing opportunities for young people and recognising local talent which wouldn’t be possible if we were to fold. I also, crazily, accepted a request to aid in the re-launching of the venturing scout program in Alexandra as I enjoy outdoor activities, especially bushwalking, and saw it as a good way to help promote youth growth and skill building.

John Cannon
John Cannon born in 1944 and spent his early childhood in Melbourne and he often recalls time spent exploring the family home and   his   family’s love of music. His teenage years were  spent  in  Bendigo  a virtual  paradise  for  a  boy playing   baseball,  building and   flying  model  aircraft, and experimenting with all sorts of things.   His father was a driving force in the Bendigo Operatic Society. 
Teaching was his chosen vocation and his place of learning the Bendigo teachers college.
His first schools were rural schools in central Victoria and Mallee at a time when the   local  school  teacher always played football , spotlighted for  rabbits and foxes and John was involved in  everything,  except  his football skills were not up to those  of  his  AFL  team, Essendon.
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Congratulations John and Lynda

Two inspiring Rotarians recognised. Linda with a Paul Harris Award. John with a Sapphire pin. Well deserved. Congratulations.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor
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Christmas trees Galore

Wonderful effort again by Noel McIlwraith. 
Christmas trees come and see.
Alexandra Shire Hall Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 9pm until Christmas. Gold coin donation. 
Be inspired and impressed.
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Inspiring students

Posted by Rob Chaffe
Seven Outstanding Young Students recognised by Rotary


Last Wednesday night was the Rotary Club of Alexandra’s students award night.  The student encouragement awards recognise citizenship and involvement in the student’s community, one Year 6 student from each of the Alexandra, Buxton, Eildon, Marysville and St. Mary’s primary schools, and 2 Citizenship Awards to Alexandra Secondary College Year 12 students.   The awardees for 2018 all were outstanding young people who have demonstrated commitment to themselves and their community.  The citations read out by each school’s teacher told of young people who are on their way to being outstanding citizens prepared to go the extra bit to make sure a task is well done and ensure effective involvement of all.  All awardees demonstrated an ability to deal with adversity in a positive and practical way.  The local community can be proud of our young people and this group of leaders show us that the future is in good hands.   Over 80 Rotarians, special student guests, their family and friends gathered at the Alexandra Golf Club to celebrate the achievements of these young students and be part of the awards night. The Primary School Year 6 students Encouragement Awards are presented with a certificate and $300 to assist them with their secondary education while the Year 12 Alexandra Secondary College students not only received a certificate and a Fitbit Versa Smart Watch to help manage their busy lives.  This replaces the Citizen Watch that has been the regular gift to the Secondary College Citizens of the Year.  The Fitbit Versa Smart Watch has much more to offer than to tell the time, very accurately, just as these young people have so much to offer our community and our future.
The primary school awardees were: From Alexandra, Hattie Langley; Buxton, Mack Fitzpatrick; Eildon, Jessica Newman; Marysville, Matthew Thompson and St Mary’s, Tyler Richards.
The Alexandra Secondary College Citizens of 2018 were Maya Lineham and Oscar Vinycomb

Rotary Club of Alexandra ’s President Melinda Jackson, in closing the evening, congratulated all the students in their outstanding achievements as citizens of our community and wished the primary students best wishes for a successful secondary education.  Melinda specifically congratulated Maya and Oscar for their leadership in the community during a time in their lives where young people face many challenges.  Melinda wished them every success in whatever they chose to do with their lives and confirmed that they were starting from a very good base.  Finally, Melinda thanked the teachers and the community who have nurtured and taught these young people, ensuring that they and their peers grew up to be the best possible people they can, in particular to meet adversity with innovation and enthusiasm. 
Robert Chaffe
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Lincoln Budge an inspiration to all.

Lincoln Budge.
An outstanding inspiring speaker at the Rotary Club of Alexandra .
Lincoln Budge grew up in Yackandandah and by his own admission was a bit of a tear away as a young chap. He did a boilermaker apprenticeship in Wangaratta and returned to Yackandandah to work. To celebrate his 22nd birthday with three cars of mates, they headed into the mountains to do some 4 wheel driving. Lincoln was a passenger in the 3rd vehicle when it rolled down a steep embankment and he was trapped in the car in a pond. When his best friend got to him he could tell there was something wrong with Lincoln’s spine. As there was no phone reception some of the others had to drive to get help.  Emergency services took 2 hours to get him out and it took another 5 hours to get him to hospital in Albury as they had to drive slowly so as not to put him through too much pain. From Albury he was taken to Melbourne where they realigned his spine but he was paralysed from the waist down.
In rehab reality set in but Lincoln was determined to be able to live independently. He was surrounded by great friends who recognised when he needed help and when he wanted to do it himself. Realising he couldn’t do the things he used to he got into wheel chair basketball then being a keen water skier wanted to get back into a boat but didn’t know how until one of his mates picked him up and threw him into the driver’s seat. From then on he became the boat driver for the water skiers. He then found someone in Bendigo who showed him how he could water ski and then he gave snow skiing a go. He skied with Disabled Winter Sports Australia and was invited to ski at Thredbo for a week with the para olympian coach. He went to Colorado with the para Olympic team and fell in love with skiing. He travelled the world for 4 years skiing and was ranked in the top 50. He crashed when training for the Soci Olympics and hurt is shoulder but skied on for 2 days in pain until forced to pull out. Lincoln came home and had a shoulder injury for 2 years ending the skiing career.
He decided to set up “Change my Life Program” talking to schools. He needed $50,000 to set up with equipment for wheelchair basketball and initially the Masonic Lodge and Lions organised a fundraising night, then the Lions took it on as a project.
Kubota Australia donated a $5000.00 ride on to raffle and he has had a lot of other support from community groups. So much so that he had all the needed equipment in 12 months.
He now goes to schools to enlighten them on people with disabilities. When kids are in the basketball wheelchairs they forget that Lincoln has a disability.
 During the day before our meting he conducted wheelchair basketball with Year7s at Alexandra Secondary College sponsored by our Rotary Club.
If you think you can help others by joining our Rotary Club contact our Secretary Chris Jackson on 0409402557 or 57722496
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Hat night for Rotary Health research.

A fun night at Rotary

This week we based our night an the Melbourne Cup.
We also combined this with Lift the Lid wearing hats to raise money for Rotary Mental Health programs.

Approximately $600 has been raised locally from donation tins in local shops, collection outside Ian Davis' Pharmacy and all proceeds from our cup night.

Diana Thomas won the best lady's hat, Ian and Liz won the horse race. Using dice to move along decking. Lynda the best overall and David the best male entry. 
Consider joining Rotary. It's great fun and supports many local, national and international causes.

Contact Chris Jackson
Meet first, third and Fifth Wednesday of the month.

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Murrindindi Shire Council workers support Rotary Health

Thanks to staff from the Murrindindi Shire Council for supporting the “Lift the Lid” afternoon tea. The Rotary campaign encourages all businesses to raise awareness about Mental Health and also to donate towards mental health research.
Some stats were about 45% of us will experience a mental illness in our lifetime.
Australian Rotary Health is one of the largest independent funders of mental health research within Australia. Rotary Health provides funding into a broad range of general health areas, provide scholarships for rural medical and nursing students, as well as Indigenous health students. Australian Rotary Health provides funding into areas of health that do not readily attract funding, and promotes findings to the community.
 Remember that  resilience is built by good nutrition, sleep, hydration, exercise, mindfulness/meditation, social connection and looking out for each other.
A BIG thanks from Rotary to those who contributed food, made a donation and especially to those who wore a silly hat! Donations came to $143.55!
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World Polio Day

October 24, 2018 was International Polio Day. It aims to raise awareness of the disease and its consequences, while also celebrating the fact that worldwide 99.8% of polio has been reduced since 1988. 
Now only 3 countries remain affected, however, reported cases have risen in 2018 to 20, with 16 cases reported in Afghanistan and 4 in Pakistan so far.
The rotary club of Alexandra is pleased to support the ongoing global effort to END POLIO once and for all as no child should die from a vaccine preventable disease!
How can you triple your impact? Thanks to a 2-to-1 match from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, every donation made to Rotary to end polio will be tripled. Donate today.
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Wonderful U3A presentation

Greta and Christine informed us about U3A East Murrindindi
Are you retired or just going part time and want to learn for the love of it, enjoying new adventures and making new friends?
To join refer to
Our Rotarians were informed about the vast assortment of activities available and given a copy of the 2019 course program. Enrol from Nov 30 2018 for next year.
Once you join these include writing and languages, creative arts and music, food, wine and gardens, health and well-being, history/ travel/ games, information technology and outdoor activities.
Other events are day trips by bus, happy hour and a yearly interstate bus trip.
If you look at their Facebook page Murrindindi East U3A you see many smiling faces.
As their brochure says “So why not join in and make retirement the best time of your life?”
What do you call a person smiling on Monday?
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District Governor Malcolm and his wife Jill visited Rotary Alexandra this week.

District Governor Malcolm and his wife Jill visited Rotary Alexandra this week.
Doing rounds to visit all clubs before Christmas (64 clubs). Alex is 38th club, all are different- biggest difference is in way meetings run. Some very casual and some down the line, Alex in the middle...
Theme - being the inspiration presented to governors elect in SAN Diego. 2000 people - sets of bongos - taught how to play basics in 15mins. Idea - teach , support and combine people with common purpose /theme can achieve a lot.
Be “the “ inspiration is quite definitive - who what when where why - 5 questions asked about the theme. First two who and what made me think. Decided who - me to inspire others Rotarians or should I be inspiring non Rotarians. Decided the first. Until realised 3rd possibility - that is to inspire myself - to be a better Rotarian and will therefore inspire the other two.
What is it I should inspire myself to do? Become a better Rotarian. What is that? What I need to think about - 4 way test - so meaningful for things we think say and do. If I fully apply this I will be a better person not just better Rotarian. Secondly applies to being a good Rotary club, 5 values of Rotary:
Service - all clubs do service - for all things you do in your Community do a great job.
Fellowship - can’t imagine a club without it, binds it...
Integrity - so far haven’t met a person that isn’t honest Diversity - we are all different- different professions and backgrounds to pop, resources and skills, often target people in different professions.
Leadership- different definitions of leadership but all efforts to make a difference on committees run events etc mean leadership. Rotary gives opportunity to develop leadership. We all acquire confidence and skills through our work in Rotary.
So give Alex 5 out of 5 - you love what you’re doing and being a Rotary club. Hope to inspire you to “ be the inspiration” and inspire yourself and others to be a better person.
Jill spoke - partners project is rural aid - grew up in Hay and aware of effect of weather drought, fire, flood, frost hail. Buy a bale delivered more than 4000000 bales of hay. Provide logistical and emotional support, adding, rural counselling and others services. Recently trucks to Connabarbran, and Mudgee. Recently employed 7 new counsellors, eg hampers don’t help rural businesses. Maintain lifeline to farmers.
Melinda provided a cheque to support Jill’s project.
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Join us at Rotary

Join the Rotary Club of Alexandra

 Welcome Aju Thomas and Sharen Robinson who have just joined.

 What does Alexandra Rotary do?

  • With Rotary Yea organise and run Cycle Dindi to raise funds for local youth initiatives.
  • Man the office and help at Alexandra Truck and Ute show on Queen’s Birthday weekend
  • Provide readers for the ELF day in the main street for primary schools
  • Run mock job  interviews at the local secondary college
  • Conduct with Lions the Australia Day Celebrations; Organisation, breakfast and game Organise and help run Carols in the park and Music in the Park.
  • Promote and sell bowel scan kits in May
  • Catering and man the gates at  the Alexandra show
  •  Conduct practice interviews for students applying for the  National Youth Science forum
  • Man the gates for the Open Gardens 
  • Gives awards for community service, business in excelence and  pride in workmanship
  • Conduct the Easter Art Show & run a raffle and sell tickets in the main street.
  • Have meetings on the first, third and fifth Wednesdays with interesting speakers and fellowship
How to join
Essentially, membership is simple.
You need to be a person of good character and standing, with a willingness to give something back to your community. Be prepared to have fun along the way and meet a whole new circle of friends.
You need to be willing to commit yourself, mostly in terms of some time towards service and fellowship. This is further explained at a dinner meeting.
It is difficult, in a few words here, to explain why people join Rotary.
The members look forward to your possible involvement, and are only more than happy to discuss with you what we do, why we do it, and how.
The Rotary Club of Alexandra meets for dinner on the first, third and fifth Wednesday evenings at The Alexandra Golf Club, Gordon St Alexandra 6.30 for 7.00 p.m.  Cost $20.00 for dinner and drinks at bar prices.
Secretary  Chris Jackson on 0409402557 or 57722496    
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2018 Art Show thanks

The Rotary Club of Alexandra Art Show Committee takes this opportunity to offer our thanks in appreciation for your participation in 2018 Easter Art Show. All participants are to be congratulated on the quality of the works displayed, as evidenced by the many comments received by organisers over the duration of the show.
The Prize Winners were:
Summer Morn, Sheans Creek, Ross Paterson
Ghosts Gums of the Pilbara, Christine Cafarella Pearce.
Metung Reflections, Ron Muller.
Easy Meal, Brad Trembath. 
MOST POPULAR ARTWORK(Judged by Public Vote)
Place Without a Postcard, Craig Davy.
In due course you will be sent further correspondence inviting you to submit entries to the 2019 show, along with further relevant information.
As the 2019 show will be the 50th edition, we are exploring ways to make it bigger and better.
Once again, thank you for your contribution in making the 2018 show the success that it was,
Yours Sincerely,
Ron Sinclair
Art Show Director
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Toast to Rotary International

Toast to Rotary International by PP Rob Chaffe: Rotary International is identified by its symbols of excellence the Gear Wheel that is abbreviated to “the Rotary Wheel”. We know that symbols can be shallow promises and in the modern world we see and experience the consequences of unfulfilled promises yet shining out amidst all the Rotary Wheel. We know Rotary not through this symbol but through what the members of this organisation are driven by. They promote Peace, fight disease, provide clean water, save mothers and children, support education and grow local economics. High ideals indeed, but Rotary International has pledged $150 million US to help fund the eradication of Polio that will cost $1.5 Billion. To give you an idea as to the significance of this Australia has pledged $13 million. Yes only 8.37% of Rotary’s contribution. There are three parts to Rotary and the first is the Rotary Club, the second is Rotary International and the last the Rotary Foundation. World wide of the 7 billion people only 1.2 million are Rotarians and 35 000 Clubs. How is it possible that Rotary can make such an impact, by the way so far this year there have been no recorded cases of “wild” polio. Yes we have almost wiped out this debilitating disease world wide. How is this so? Rotarians think differently, see differently and act responsibly because we, the whole 1.2 million Rotarians are Common unity builders, problem solvers and people of action. Rotary international punches way above its weight where ever it is. Regrettably in the wider community Rotary is known only by the local Rotary Park or a sausage sizzle. In Alexandra its Driver Education Program has saved over 45 lives.
It’s contribution to Rotary Foundation over 50 years amounts to over $100 000 US; this capital investment is never touched but the interest provides the money needed. Think what the compound interest on just $10 000 amounts to, let alone $100 000! It was a significant force to get Kellock Village off the ground in the 80’s and the development of the new library.
It has welcomed over forty five students on the youth exchange program and sent out 35 students all over the world, 8 vocational exchange team members, six Rotary Foundation scholars and on and on. All this has been possible because of those 35 000 Rotary Clubs around the world come together through Rotary International.
Now 113 years old Rotary International is one of the most dynamic, responsible and respected organisations in the world. Let’s shout it out that it is no secret anymore Rotary International is a vibrant energetic and responsible organisation that reaches around the world first a toast to Rotary International and then pop your poppers. The toast is Rotary International! Shout it out with your party poppers!
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Tree planting Leckie park

Tree Planting in Leckie Park:
Rotary, in collaboration with Murrindindi Shire Council and the Alexandra Open Garden Committee, selected the replacement
trees and determined the location of the trees to ensure that they would be fit for purpose, be consistent with the UT Creek
management plan and to ensure that the easy maintenance of the park is not compromised.
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New Board

Our Directors for 2018 – 2019
Secretary: Chris Jackson, Vice President: David Dimech, Publicity: Rob Chaffe, President Melinda Jackson,
Youth: John Cannon, International: Emily Marr, Community Service: Noel McIlwraith, Treasurer: Ian Gibb
Missing from the photo: President Elect: Tom Farrell, Vocational: Ross Thompson
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Help  a young adult get their license 

Karen Stevens from CEACA, co-ordinator of the L2P program, explained that the program has an urgent need for more mentors to assist learners under 21 years of age without access to a supervising driver or vehicle to get their 120 hours of driving experience required to apply for a probationary drivers licence. This community based program is a partnership between CEACA, VicRoads and TAC.
The program has its own vehicle. She would like Rotarians [and friends of Rotary] to consider being mentors. If you have time to help mentor, please contact Karen on 57721238 or email
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A wonderful Mothers' Day BBQ

All hands on deck to help make the Mother’s day walk a great success
A beautiful sunny autumn day with a cool breeze made walking a pleasure as 100’s turned out to be part of the Mother’s Day Walk to raise funds for breast cancer research.  Every age group was represented as each walked to the level of their ability soaking up the warmth of the sun and being very glad of the protection from the cold southerly in the shady spots. It was the perfect finish in Rotary Park where the walkers and support people were greeted by a very tasty lunch of hot BBQ, fresh fruit and lots of water. A brilliant day put for the family and we trust a good sum of money was raised to assist this vital research.   Special thanks to the organisers especially Kazza Stillman and the invitation to be part of this fun day out. 
A wonderful Mothers' Day BBQ Tom Farrell 2018-05-13 14:00:00Z 0

Mothers Day Classic 

Rotary Alexandra members are manning the BBQ at Rotary Park. Come join us on May 13th
Image result for leckie park alexandra
The Mother’s Day Classic is a nation-wide community based event that raises funds for breast cancer research. No matter how large or small the venue, we all come together on Mother’s Day to remember, celebrate and honour those touched by breast cancer.
The Alexandra Yea & Districts event is in its first year & offers participants a 24km walk from Yarck – Alexandra, 16.5km walk from Cathkin – Alexandra & 5km walk Koriella – Alexandra!
Can’t join us on the day, don’t worry, while you may not be able to join us in body, you can still join us in spirit by registering as a ‘Support us in Spirit’ participant! Log on for details and to  register
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Jeremy Scott 

A journey of 52000km begins with "an alarm clock ringing”?

Jeremy Scott said that the hardest day of his life was the day his alarm clock woke him in central London England to the first day of a 2.5 year journey to Auckland New Zealand by bicycle!  Jeremy as guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Alexandra’s meeting last week explained after six years of planning the day had come to actually get on his bicycle, for the first time fitted out with panniers, to ride home.  The panniers had to carry everything he needed food, water, tent, clothes, camera etc.  He was by himself, unsupported and it was up to him and him alone if he was to succeed. This was not the first time that he had taken on a challenge that would be life changing. Born with a congenital heart defect at the age of four he underwent cutting edge open heart surgery.  Now at 45 years of age he looks back to the days when he underwent the surgery with a sense of relief and wonder that it was possible at all and to appreciate the utter dedication and professionalism of his surgeon Sir Brian Barrett-Boyes and his team. Just over half way through his trip home he found out just how cutting edge his operation was.  He spoke to a fellow NewZealander in Vietnam who told him of his son who had the same heart condition as Jeremy and who had had the same surgeon. Jeremy’s response was “when can I meet him?”  The answer was he could not as the operation was not a success.  It turns out that this operation was 2 years before Jeremy’s and Sir Brian’s team had learnt so much that by the time Jeremy needed the operation they had the tools and processes developed by the heart research to ensure Jeremy could live a “normal” life.  If you call cycling in 20 degree below and 45 degree above freezing temperatures, though 29 countries including Iran and the mysterious countries east of the Black Sea, camping with drug dealers and meeting so many people whose only desire was to help him on his way, normal.  Thank heavens he took his trusty Nicon SLR camera with him, bulky and heavy but what images it captured. The 25 minutes of Jeremy’s address rushed by as the Rotarians and their guests tried to take in the images he showed on the screen and to wonder at his ability to do such a task.  As Jeremy's nephew  (aged 5 years)  said “My uncle is riding around the world because he has a broken heart”.   Now the second hardest day of his life was rushing at him.  After travelling 52000km or 1.5 times the circumference of the earth he was actually at Auckland, home and he had made it.  
No more peddling!  Well not quite, he has just embarked on a speaking tour around South East Australia and is planning a cycling trip around Australia in a year or so.  Both challenges are to spread the word about heart research and to raise funds for heart research groups in the areas of his travel.
Rotarian Ron Sinclair, chairman for the evening, expressed the thanks of all present for the outstanding quality of his presentation and then handed over to president elect Melinda Jackson. Melinda also thanked Jeremy and presented him with a cheque for $500 from the Rotary Club of Alexandra for Heart Research.   Jeremy was overwhelmed and he said that it was just the thing to keep him going.  Jeremy also has captured his story in a book, the sale of which also raises funds for heart research, needless to say he sold a good number of books as well, a very successful night in all aspects.  The big winner for the evening was the generosity of the human spirit across the globe and our ability to both deal with adversity while helping each other live healthier and rewarding lives.  Jeremy said it was just what Rotarians do every day around the world.

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Jeremy Scott

One and half times around the world on a bicycle.
Jeremy Scott, who is guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Alexandra next Wednesday May 2nd, cycled from England to New Zealand a distance of nearly 52000 kilometres a distance equivalent to just on one and a half times around the world.  So what?  Jeremy, at the age of four needed major heart surgery with all the following consequences gave him a rollercoaster ride as he struggled to live a “normal” life.  The major outcomes form this experience are a deep appreciation of how precious life is and the wonder of the goodness that surrounds each one of us.  On the 5th October 2011 he set of from London, England and successfully cycled unassisted to New Zealand.  Jeremy is an Australian Heart Foundation “Heart Hero” and an ambassador for the Waterline Challenge.  The Waterline Challenge is to circumnavigate Australia's entire coastline, including rivers, lakes, and islands during the week of the 12th to 18th November 2018. It is a fund raising program designed to assist people facing a health challenge to overcome the adversity and build sustainable futures.  80% of the funds raised goes to the team’s nominated charity and 20% to be distributed amongst Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, Australian Marine Conservation Society, Surf Life Saving Australia, Royal Flying Doctor Service and a host of national initiatives for water quality and environmental projects. 
Jeremy is an outstanding speaker and has a wealth of experiences to share.  If you would like to hear Jeremy speak at the Rotary Club of Alexandra’s meeting on Wednesday the 2nd May  please contact Chris Jackson on 0409402557 or 57722496 or Email “” by noon TUESDAY 1st May.   The cost of dinner and the speaker is $20.
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Anzac Day

Wednesday April 25


  • 6.00am dawn service at Leckie Park Memorial.
  • 10.45am assemble at the RSL Hall for march to Leckie Park Memorial for 11.00am service.
  • Image result for leckie park alexandra
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no meeting March 7th Seymour visiting us on 14th


A change of plan

Alexandra Rotary will now have their meeting on March 14th at the Alexandra golf club to compete with Seymour Rotary in a fun putting competition. There is no meeting on March 7th. 

Contact Tom Farrell if you are interested in attending 0431887842 or by email


A great night of fellowship and fun. Consider joining in the fun.

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Music in the park invite March 3 from 4 to 8

Rotary Alexandra extends an open invitation to all of our community to come and enjoy a free “Music in the Park” event on Saturday 3 March 2018, 4.00-8.00pm at Rotary Park.
Our vision is our own mini “Day on the Green” experience – with people enjoying music, picnicking and connecting with each other in a relaxed atmosphere. We have 3 great acts lined up who will play two sets each. All of them are nationally recognised but also have personal links to our community.
Trev Dwyer has twenty-two years playing and recording with various rock, blues, soul, funk, country, afro pop and acid jazz groups.  Now performing solo with only his trusty acoustic guitar and a catalogue of classic acoustic blues, soul and jazz standards, he delivers each song with the passion and attention that only decades of experience can bring.
Alyce Platt is an TV performer and singer/ songwriter who has just released her third album FUNNY LITTLE WORLD. Alyce has been described as “a songbird, torch-singer and story teller of the heart and soul.ELIZABETH KEMP – (Associate Artistic Director of the Actors Studio, New York)
Jo Talia is a local legend with a wide repertoire of roots guitar music of the pre-war blues, and influences from the great piedmont, ragtime and country blues masters such as Big Bill Broonzy, Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Blake and Tampa Red. Joe’s sophisticated fingerstyle of Boogie Woogie, vintage swing, cowboy jazz and bluegrass.
People can bring their own picnics and drinks, or purchase on site. Rotary will have a BBQ, there will be an ice-cream van and Roaming Poppy will meet your hot drink needs.
While we are hoping for a balmy evening of early Autumn ambience – there is a wet weather plan and the music will go ahead regardless at an alternative location. Full details will be on the Rotary Alexandra website and Facebook page if required.
If this is successful and builds interest, Rotary plan to run more such events on a regular basis. Your ideas and feedback to Rotary are always welcome. See Community social media notice boards and on the Rotary Alexandra Facebook page for more information.
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James Gillespie 2017 Rotary National Youth Science Forum awardee .

James Gillespie was the speaker at the Rotary Club of Alexandra sharing his experiences as one of 181Students from all over Australia who had the privilege of being part of the 2017 Rotary National Youth Science (NYSF).  James was subjected to a rigorous selection process beginning with interviews by the Rotary Club of Alexandra and then by Rotary District 9790.  In his presentation James highlighted the privilege it was to be selected on merit to attend the NYSF and how the assistance of his teacher Catherine  Zerbie, his family and the Rotary Club of Alexandra was vital in the final selection process.  James said the impact of this support really hit home as the 181 participants gathered for the first time at Emmanuel College of the University of Queensland.  It turned out that about 90 of the awardees came from Victoria.  To assist with the week long forum the main group was broken up into groups of interest and then were given a program to explore these interests plus a few other areas of science.  James found himself in a group that were allocated the Technical Institute and the Brain research group.  The technical institute  focused on robotics and James said the things that were on ABC TV Catalyst  this week he saw first hand.  Robots that can physically weed a row crop or selectively spray plants the it had been trained to recognise as weeds or conduct soil and pasture analysis. Jame’s group had the opportunity to program a robotic arm.  What looks so simple and natural is not so when you actually have to write every command to make things happen.  The programming language used is very simple to use, the complexity comes when all parts (and there are quite a few) of the robotic arm must work together.  Not only did this prove to be great fun, the conversations with his peers and the scientists (who were ever present to help and guide the NYSF awardees) was invaluable especially as ideas sparked new levels of thinking and processes and the ever present questions of “Why is it so” and “How do we make that happen” or just simply why?   Jame’s group were introduced to  Brain Research.  As MRI scans open up windows into the workings of the brain and the body it unlocks pathways to treating many conditions  including dementia.  The fascinating ways that research is providing ways of treating spinal cord injuries and how the damaged spinal cord can, in some instances be repaired using “T” cells.  Jame’s presentation concluded with the fact that Australia is the home of so much ground breaking research dealing with vital issues like dementia that impact on so many people.  The NYSF program proved to be a real adventure in science and created many new friendships and associations that will be so important as he makes his next life choices.  James  said NYSF is an outstanding program and thanked Rotary and the wider community for the support required to sustain it.   Rotarian Bruce Hyatt, chairman for the evening,  thanked James for his presentation and complemented him on his ability to be chosen for the NYSF 2017 program.  Bruce also said it was a privilege to have young people like James in our community combined with a Secondary College that has a record of excellence in developing the students who choose to apply for NYSF and other Rotary programs.
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Join Rotary

Consider Joining us serve the community and have fun.
We now meet on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at the Golf Club. On the fifth Wednesday of the month we have a social night. The last social night involved quizzes and laughter trying to name logos and identify the meanings of 1920's slang.

Essentially, membership is simple.
You need to be a person of good character and standing, with a willingness to give something back to your community. Be prepared to have fun along the way and meet a whole new circle of friends.

Locally Rotary is very active with Carols, Australia Day, Music the Park March 3 2018, Easter Art Show, Cycle Dindi April 7 2018, we help out at local events such as the show, Rodeo, open gardens, truck and Ute and ELF day. All activities are based on members volunteering no pressure. I've discovered if you want something done ask a busy person.

Unless people like yourselves join us who will carry on these activities. Contact me via email on even if all you want to do is come along to see if you might want to help.

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Australia Day Ambassador Alexandra 

Australia Day Celebration
8am to 10am Rotary Park Alexandra
Kids races 8.30 to 9am
Alexandra Brass Band
Free cooked breakfast, cereals etc.
Bill Horman AM APM – Attending Alexandra and Marysville
Bill had a long and distinguished police, law enforcement and emergency services career – including serving periods as Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner(Operations), Commissioner of Vanuatu Police (on secondment) and as Deputy Director (on secondment) with the Australian Bureau of Criminal Intelligence.  Bill also served as Commissioner of Tasmania Police.
In Vanuatu, Bill also held the positions of Principal Immigration Officer, Director of Prisons, Commander responsible for the Vanuatu Mobile Force, Secretary of the National Security Council and Chairman of the Residency Permit Committee. Bill was involved in the Fiji Police Training Project 1993-1994 and carried out review projects in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Cyprus.
In Tasmania, whilst Commissioner of Police, he was also appointed the inaugural Secretary of the Department of Police & Emergency Services, Director of the Tasmanian Ambulance Service, Director of the Office of Emergency Services and was responsible for the Tasmanian Fire Service. He was an inaugural member of the National Road Trauma Advisory Council and a member of the National Committee on Violence.   Bill resigned from Tasmania Police to take up the position of Director of Investigations & Criminal Justice with the National Crime Authority.
Bill has worked for many years on various committees involved with road safety, community safety as well as crime, violence and injury prevention. He is the Immediate Past State President of Neighbourhood Watch. He was one of the long serving members of and Chaired the Victorian Community Council against Violence, is on the Executive Committee of the Australian Safer Communities Foundation, a member of Melbourne Safe City Leadership Group and chairs the Melbourne Injury Advisory Prevention Committee.
Bill has been a member of the Community Safety Day/Week and now Month Reference Group since the inception of the program in Victoria. Bill was the Co-Chair of the Ministerial Crime & Violence Prevention Council and chaired its Weapons Working Group. Bill was a member of the Ministerial Burglary Reduction Council and the Ministerial Multicultural Affairs & Police Advisory Council.
He was employed by Crown Casino as its Crown Ambassador - Community Affairs after years of service as its General Manager Community Affairs. He has since retired from Crown and runs his own Consultant & Network Services business. He was Vice-President of the National Association of Gambling Studies and has worked on various committees of the Australian Gaming Council and the Australian Casinos
Association.   He was an inaugural member of the Responsible Gambling Ministerial Advisory Council; is a member of the Problem Gambling Research & Training Centre Advisory Board and a member of the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Day Community Council.
Bill is an Australia Day Life Ambassador and was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day 2009 Honours List.
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Making a difference repairing flooded fences.

Working together at Yarck.
Following the flash flooding in the Yarck region, early December, Rotary Club of Alexandra member Sharon Fox asked the board to consider assisting the farmers who had lost a lot of boundary fencing.  The Community Services Director swung into action on a fact finding mission to see how we could assist.
As District 9790 had contributed substantially to purchase new equipment for the Benalla Emergency Fencing Team, contact was made to ascertain if they could help.  Their response was immediately very positive and Alan Stafford together with a colleague arrived the next day to scope the work.
Murrindindi Shire helped out by transporting the tractor with post hole digger on it from Benalla to Yarck. The Yarck Hall committee made the hall available for the workers to use for breakfasts and showers.  The Rotary Club of Alexandra organised evening meal with the workers attending a Rotary meeting on the Wednesday night.
At this meeting Alan Stafford, coordinator for the Benalla Fencing Team, spoke on how it was great to be able to give a hand to the club which had liaised with District 9790 to raise funds to purchase their new equipment.
The process with this group is that all materials and fuel are paid for by the property owner. Lunch is also provided and they all, including the farmers, sit and chat whilst having a break. Alan is of the opinion that the camaraderie and talk is all part of the process of assisting people to cope with these extraordinary events.
Messages were sent out over the CFA system and through community radio asking if people needed assistance.  The fencing team stayed in the area for about10days.  Yea Rotary were also on standby to assist with catering if needed.
This was truly Rotary in action making new friendships and renewing old ones.
Submitted by Anne Reid, AG4.
Making a difference repairing flooded fences. Anne Reid 2018-01-09 13:00:00Z 0

Rotary Hands on Project Jan 20th 10.30 am to 12.30 Alex Town Hall

Rotary Clubs under the aegis of RAWCS Hands on Project - Rotarians and friends come together to build an artificial hand for land mine victims in Cambodia.
Rotary Hands on Project
The Rotary Hands On Project involves building prosthetic hands from kit form and then distributing them overseas to victims of landmines and war. The hands are fitted to the recipient and they are trained how to use it. So far over 1300 hands have been fitted by Hands On Project Teams in Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Laos.
Our neighbouring Rotary clubs were approached to support the project which resulted in commitments from local clubs for a total of 10 hands. We will be assembling our hands  on Saturday 20 January then there will be the opportunity to have lunch together and share our experiences of the day. Our club is building two hands.
Everyone is welcome to attend although not everyone will be able to participate in the hand building.  Rotarians are very welcome to watch the assembly of the hands and there will be a presentation about the Hands on Project and the work it does to provide hands to victims of landmines and war. Its also a good opportunity to share the day with Rotarians from neighbouring clubs.
Venue: Alexandra Town Hall, Grant Street, Alexandra
Date: Saturday 20 January 2018
Time: Doors will open at 10am for a 10:30am start, its expected the hand assembly will finish around 12:30pm
Assembling the hands: The hands are assembled by a group of two.  There is the option of swapping half way through the assembly to another team of two.  Its important the hands are kept clean so no food or drink should be at the assembly table except for a bottle of water if you wish.
Lunch: Everyone is welcome to have lunch together at The Grant Street Grocer, Grant Street, Alexandra.
The Facts
There are estimated to be 384,000 people with one or two hands missing from landmine accidents, many of which are children.
There are around 120 million landmines still set in the world.
Landmines are being cleared at a rate of 100,000 per year.
There are 2000 accidents per month.
Many people are also victims to cluster bombs, large ordnance which contain small "bombies" which remain unexploded in the ground.
Image result for project helping hands rotary
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Christmas recognition to worthy Rotarians

Christmas Celebrations at Rotary
A wonderful night at Rotary in Alexandra. Three members were recognised for their outstanding effort helping the local and international community through Rotary.
Robert Chaffe’s was presented with a Paul Harris Sapphire Award in recognition of his involvement with Rotary started in 1985 as a Group Study Exchange to Guelph, Canada. Since then he has been Rotary President and chaired too many Rotary committees to mention. Highlights have been the Australia Day Celebrations, regular submissions of Rotary articles to the Standard, the shelter at the skate Park and the Leckie Park exercise stations.
David Strongman was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship for his exceptional effort serving the community through Rotary since 2004. His efforts helping with the Motor Cycle shows, Bush Fire Recovery and at all our events were recognised.
Finally but not least was the awarding of a Paul Harris Fellowship to our current president David Dimech. This is David’s second stint as President. His dynamic personality had led to many achievements since he joined Rotary in 2011. The Rotary Automotive Swap Meets over the last four years have been momentous tasks encouraging tourism and local interest. His instigation of Youth Discos at the Community Centre with the support of the Kilpatrick’s Mobile Disco was great. 
The rest of the night was full of fellowship and carols.
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Celebrating Youth 

Celebrating Youth
This week the Rotary Club of Alexandra presented 4 primary students Ned, Casey, Lachlan and Kaylea with encouragement awards. Two VCE students Brock and Charmaine were presented with Citizenship Awards.
It was wonderful to recognise their achievements and dedication.
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The Rotary Club of Amsterdam toasted our club.

The Our Club has an established custom of toasting a Rotary Club from another country at our weekly meetings. This broadens our knowledge of clubs around the world. We had the pleasure of toasting your Club at our meeting. We wish your Club every success in your Rotary endeavours. We’d love to hear from your club.
Our club, apart from giving donations locally, internationally and to Foundation, does the following
▪ Cuts and collects wood for the annual wood action and provides free wood for those in genuine need.
▪ Provides readers for the ELF day in the main street for primary schools
▪ Runs mock job  interviews at the local secondary college
Gives awards for community service, business in excellence  and  pride in workmanship
Thank you very much for your kind email and your toast to our club! On the picture at the back, you see the Amsterdam flag.
We are the only International Rotary Club in Amsterdam and we participate to the tulip for polio action, we sent a Shelter box to Sint Maarten, we sponsor the education of a guide dog, we cook once a month for a homeless shelter, we collect clothes for the shelter (De Kloof), we organise a Xmas party for a group of children in need (Leefkringhuis). We participate to the Rotary Foundation…
We have a yearly project and our main goals are Educate and Irrigate. This year it is a primary school in Zimbabwe. We found it trough the Rotary Club of Bulawayo South, Mr Alvord Mabena.(See description here attached). Last year we collect money for 2 school buses for a school for children with down syndrome in Bali
Kind regards,
 Patricia Schneiders
This picture is a toast to your club, it was taken last Monday.
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Fellowship and fun

Fun night of fellowship.
Last week Program Chair Lynda took over the night and gave us a night of fun and fellowship, she had us building castles with newspaper, doing jigsaws, and had the ladies emptying their handbags looking for all sorts of strange objects, and amazing what was found.
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Lee Healy celebrates Tungurung Heritage Tom Farrell 2017-11-25 13:00:00Z 0

Alexandra supports research into Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia

Rotary Club of Alexandra’s president David Dimech had great pleasure in presenting a cheque to Rotary District 9790 District Governor Bernie Bott with a cheque for $500 at last Wednesday’s nights Rotary meeting.  The money is to go to Rotary District 9790 2017-2018 partners program to fund research 50% into Alzheimer’s disease and 50% into dementia.  District Governor Bernie explained that these insidious conditions although usually associated with old age can set in at any time.  It is because of his personal experience of the pain and suffering these conditions can cause that he and his partner chose this fund raising project.  Current research has made serious inroads to the early detection and therefore more effective management/treatment, it would be good to say cure but regrettably this seems a long way off.   President David endorsed Bernie’s remarks and expressed the wish that all District 9790 Rotary Clubs also get behind his  partners project to ensure that there will be significant funds to hand over to these research projects in 2018.
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Charley takes center stage

The Little Black bull

Charley the Black Bull made his appearance at the Rotary Club of Alexandra’s meeting last Wednesday night.  Charley was accompanied by Rotary District 9790’s District Governor Bernie Bott on his offical visit to the Rotary Club of Alexandra.  Charley sat in with Bernie’s meeting with the Rotary Club board of Directors as they shared its plans for Rotary activities in Alexandra and District for the next 12 months.  The meeting also included a frank discussion of the future of Rotary and the changes that are in place to ensure that Rotary remains a vibrant and effective service organisation.  Charley heard how the Rotary Club of Alexandra continues to support Rotary international through an annual donation of $100 per Rotarian per year, how projects like the annual Auto Swap Meet and the Rotary Art Show are the big fund raiser for the club,  the continued strong support for youth and young adults, development of vocational excellence through Pride of Workmanship and Business excellence awards, many and varied Community service projects including Carols in the Park and Australia Day celebrations.  Through Bernie Charley reminded the board and later the club members and guests of the unique opportunity that the District Conference in Yarrawonga next year provides for Rotary to both show case and share the vast variety of ways Rotary is making a difference.   Despite Rotary being 112 years old local Clubs like Alexandra (one of 33000 clubs all over the world)continue to provide vital and valuable service and personal development to their community.

Charley took centre stage as Bernie was guest speaker for the Rotarians and their guests.  There is no doubt that this Little Black Bull will have a wealth of experience and so many stories to share by the time he gets to the District conference.  President David Dimech confirmed there will be a contingent from Alexandra in attendance at conference  as well as a display to share the ways the Rotarians from Alexandra are making a real difference.
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Lift the Lid with the District Governor for Mental Health Research.

Local Rotarians Aim to Lift the Lid on Mental Illness
 Rotary Club members from Alexandra are on a mission to ‘Lift the Lid on Mental Illness’ by raising money for mental health research this October for Mental Health Month.
Almost one in five Australians will experience a mental illness every year, and nearly half of the population (45%) will experience a mental illness at some stage in their lives.
 Lift the Lid on Mental Illness is a new National mental health fundraising and awareness initiative of Australian Rotary Health, that aims to raise funds for mental health research and ultimately improve the lives of all Australians.
“Everyone knows someone who has been affected by mental illness in some point during their lives, so if anything, please consider that you will be helping them and many others if you decide to make a donation,” Ms Gillett said. 
 “Our research has already focussed on areas such as anxiety and depression, substance abuse and self-harm and suicide. But there is so much more we can do with your help.”
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A great fun footy night in Seymour

A night of excitement and fun with the Seymour Rotarians. The handball and quoits resulted in a draw. The presidents arm wrestle was also a draw. So the night was decided on the toss of a coin.
A great fun footy night in Seymour Tom Farrell 2017-09-25 14:00:00Z 0
Get ready for the Auto swap meet on Sunday Oct 8th 2017 Tom Farrell 2017-09-20 14:00:00Z 0



100% of the money raised during this year's Hat Day campaign goes directly to research helping the one in five Australians affected by depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and many other illnesses.

1 in 5 Aussies are affected by a mental illness every year, but it’s not something we tend to talk about. These illnesses include anxiety, depression, eating disorders, dementia, schizophrenia and many more, you’ll know how important it is for Australia to shine a light on mental illness.


 Rotarians Aim to Lift the Lid on Mental Illness

October is Mental Health Month

Rotary Club members from Alexandra and district are on a mission to ‘Lift the Lid on Mental Illness’ by raising money for mental health research this October for Mental Health Month.


Almost one in five Australians will experience a mental illness every year, and nearly half of the population (45%) will experience a mental illness at some stage in their lives.


Lift the Lid on Mental Illness is a new National mental health fundraising and awareness initiative of Australian Rotary Health, that aims to raise funds for mental health research and ultimately improve the lives of all Australians.

Australian Rotary Health CEO Joy Gillett OAM said she hopes their fresh new campaign will encourage not only Rotarians, but the wider public to support mental health research.

“Everyone knows someone who has been affected by mental illness in some point during their lives, so if anything, please consider that you will be helping them and many others if you decide to make a donation,” Ms Gillett said. 

“Our research has already focussed on areas such as anxiety and depression, substance abuse and self-harm and suicide. But there is so much more we can do with your help.”

To get involved or make a donation, visit or

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Rotary club of Alexandra projects for this Rotary year.

Rotary club of Alexandra projects for this Rotary year.
Youth Service
Program,  Budget is $8,500:00 and programs include  Primary School Encouragement Awards,  Secondary
College Citizenship Awards,  N.Y. S.F., James Gillespie is the successful applicant this year. Alice Sloan 10 day trek.
Year 7 all abilities program.
Community Service.   Budget $10,000:00  Australia Rotary Health Research  $1,000:00   Bowel Scan  $1,000:00,  Community Police Award, upgrade trees in Leckie Park, continue footpath behind Bedrock, gardening upgrade at Rotary Park,  manning gates at Open Gardens, Emergency Medical Booklets.
 Vocational Service;-  Pride of Workmanship, Business Excellence Award, a Club Vocational visit,  Rotary Youth Leadership Award [R.Y.L.A.] for 18 – 30 year olds. Mock interviews at Secondary College.
International Service Chair, Lynda Robinson  reported a budget of $5,000:00.   Project Uplift has collected one million bras since 2005., Interplast $500:00,   Shelter Box  1,000.00,  Polio Plus $500:00, The Rotary Foundation $100:00 per member, Rotarians against Malaria [R.A.M.] $500:00,  East Timor, Water for hungry mouths.
Cycle-Dindi joint project with Yea.   The funds raised mainly going to Youth projects, including the O.E.G. Young men, Old  mountains program.
Cathedral Cluster Phoenix Project
Building capacity for co-operation and collaboration.
Rotary club of Alexandra projects for this Rotary year. Tom Farrell 2017-08-30 14:00:00Z 0

Education First Youth  Foyer

, Berry St Shepparton, and  Matthew Jobling, support worker
Anita described this innovative   new program providing accommodation and communal living for 40 young people.
Anita saw first hand the issues of homelessness in Shepparton, having previously worked as team leader in Salvation Army refuge.
The Foyer provides stable accommodation for 40 young people aged 16-24 with a focus on education and preparing for independence . At Shepparton there is a greater need at lower end of this age range; some clients move to Shepparton because of resources available there.
Staff are mentors, who focus on education, employment and civic participation (volunteerism ) Focus is on health and wellbeing, teaching life skills, socialisation and financial management.
A highlight is shared meal on Sunday nights- roast, pasta, determined by the residents.
All get together for a monthly meeting, followed by pizza.
Each resident lives in a self contained bedroom with cooker and fridge in a 3 storey building across the road from GOTafe. Being in good surroundings encourages respect of the building.
100+ attended the first anniversary of the opening of the Foyer, and there have been many positive stories in local press.
Committee for Greater Shepparton recently held a member breakfast on site. 15 residents were up before 7am to cook and serve breakfast for their guests- already well on their way to being part of community.
Matt is a transitional worker with the program. He outlined the 4-step process for acceptance into the program: interview, in which need and motivation are assessed.
The goal is for residents to transition to private rental at the end of the program, with an education for life and a good supportive network.
Businesses in Shepparton have been eager to help in 6 months 16 residents have transitioned out, to Uni in Melbourne and Wagga,to employment.
Bob Flowers asked about relationships with local schools?
The Foyer partners with local schools and GOTafe.
Referral pathway?
some are referred by other agencies, all are assessed at interview for dependence and readiness to commit to further education. If deemed 'not yet Foyer ready' can come back later.
The Foyer currently houses 24 female and 16 male residents, but this varies.
Access to the building is by keypass.
Communal areas are off limits to guests, but residents may have up to 2 visitors at a time to own room. Visitors to leave by 9pm.
Residents sign a  tenancy agreement, maintain a clean space, and must stay up to date with school work.
Rotary clubs in Shepparton have sponsored 4 students to attend RYLA.
Terminology is important - residents are 'students' not homeless or clients, and the staff are not 'youth workers'. The people on staff must enjoy working with kids to maximise potential.
Success is defined as completion of Yr12, or VCAL, or Certificate 3 apprenticeship, and being sustainable in private rental, and in employment.
A hand up rather than a hand out.
Career guidance comes through schools, TAFE and Foyer staff, through work experience and work tastes.
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We toasted the Rotary Club of Mingoria

Our Club has an established custom of toasting a Rotary Club from another country at our weekly meetings. This broadens our knowledge of clubs around the world.

Reason for Toast

Today, 12 July, Malala Yousafzai, the youngest person to receive a Nobel Peace Prize, celebrates her 21st birthday. Malala was born in Minigora in the Swat Valley of northern Pakistan which became under the rule of the Taliban in 2008. The Taliban made its opposition to a proper education for girls a cornerstone of its terror campaign.
Malala spoke out about the injustice of life under the Taliban particularly regarding the right to an education. In 2012, 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by the Taliban while on a bus heading home from school. Malala survived the attack and continued to campaign for the right for all children to have an education.
In 2014, Malala at age 17, was named a Nobel Peace Prize winner.
Malala’s father, Ziauddin Yousafzai was a member of the in Swat which was established in June 2013. Projects have included purchasing new equipment for a local hospital, a water filtration plant and establishing a mobile clinic to supply prosthetic limbs to victims of bombs.
Ziauddin Yousafzai said, “I dream of a time when we will go back to Swat, our dream valley, and I will ask Malala to join our Rotary club."
We toasted the Rotary Club of Mingoria Tom Farrell 2017-07-16 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary Change Over an Evening of Fellowship

The Rotary meeting on the evening of June 28 was the last for the 50th year off the Rotary Club of Alexandra and for President Richard Lovett.  The Golf Club was packed with Rotarians and their guests including Rotarians from Yea, Seymour and Euroa.  There were representatives from the Probus clubs and Lions including Alexandra, Eildon and Marysville.  Past President Richard’s report  mentioned past Rotarians including Roy Fox who was a foundation member and passed away a year ago to the day, the very dependable and very active Rotarian Bob Tate  who passed away earlier this year and the changeover dinner did not seem to be quite the same without these two present.  Another loss during the year was Rex Tate, always full off enthusiasm and passionate about making his community the very best it could be and although Rex retired from Rotary several years ago he was still active in the community right up to his death, the murals around Alexandra are a testament to his work.  Some of the widows of past members were able to come and join in the celebrations of a great Rotary year, it was a real treat to meet up with them on such an occasion.  Maurie Pawsey lit a candle in memory of the over 90 past Rotarians who were members of the Alexandra club over the last 50 years. Rotarian John Sharwood proposed a toast to Rotary International during which he  mapped out the history of Rotary including the first Australian Club in Melbourne and the the formation of the Alexandra Club by Seymour and Euroa Rotary Clubs.  The response to the toast was given by  Past District Governor, David Anderson, fresh from the world conference of 1.2 million Rotarians at Atlanta USA, who shared the excitement when he was present for the  announcement  that  Gates Foundation  had donated 1.2 Billion dollars to totally eradicate Polio from the world.  David said that almost immediately from the floor of the conference this massive sum was matched by Rotary Clubs from around the world.
Rotary Change Over an Evening of Fellowship  Tom Farrell 2017-07-05 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary Park Upgrade

Rotary Park Revamp
Rotary presented $1500 to John Sharwood representing the Open Gardens’ Committee towards re-developing the gardens at Rotary Park. This is a joint project of the Alexandra and District Open Gardens, the Rotary Club of Alexandra and the Alexandra Events Truck Show.
To date $6200 has been spent on design plans. To date the picnic BBQ has been modified with removal of brick walls and installation of new furniture.
A contract has been negotiated with local contractor Darrell Hedger Contractors to upgrade the garden including site preparation, pathways, rock seats, stump seats and planting scrubs. This will be supervised by John Canny from the shire works department.
The upgrade will commence after the 2017 Truck show in June and should be completed in 8 weeks-weather permitting!
This project fulfils the stated aim of Rotary in the forthcoming Rotary year: Rotary Making a Difference.
Rotary Park Upgrade Tom Farrell 2017-05-11 14:00:00Z 0


Rotary keeping informed
This week Rotary Alexandra members had an informative talk by  Suzanne Miller. She has been CEO of Nexus Primary Health for four and a half years, and lives with a menagerie on 30 acres at Broadford.
Nexus evolved from Mitchell Community Health, and employs 180 staff over 4 main sites in Mitchell, Murrindindi and Strathbogie Shires with a turnover of $12,000,000 per yr. Nexus offers lots of services at minimal cost to client,; their biggest footprint is the GP clinic at Kinglake Ranges Medical Centre, which is expanding into allied health services such as occupational therapy and dietetics to try to make it more viable.
Alcohol and Drug services visit Alexandra weekly; detox can be done in local hospital.
Family Violence Service covers women's outreach on referral from police, men's behavioural change group, and children's services -important as childhood exposure to violence may lead to neurological changes.
Women’s outreach service receives 70 referrals a month.
Underage drinking- kids report feeling unsafe walking past adults who are drinking. This has led to changes such as bylaws in Alexandra naming public drinking, so that Alex is now a 'dry town'
Aged care services- now difficult to negotiate as all access is through the 'My Aged Care' site, which is 'hopeless'. This will change only if communities talk about how difficult the site is to navigate.
A new focus of Nexus will be helping clients to access NDIS services. Working conditions for aged care workers are being eroded; Nexus chooses to employ staff under awards rather than EBAs.
Disability care will be the new 'manufacturing industry' and needs a stable healthy workforce. US model not the way to go.  
Family Violence services- in rural situations, concern for animals is often a reason for delay in leaving an abusive relationship. The RSPCA has recently come on boarded- as family pets may also be subject to abuse. Best option may be removal of perpetrator from family home; safety may be improved by installation of CCTV, changing locks etc.
If help required locally, contact Police in first instance, they will refer to Nexus. The most dangerous time is when victim attempts to leave a violent relationship. Ambulance membership is important.
NEXUS Broadford: Phone: 1300 77 33 52 Email:
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Rotary takes flight

Rotary takes Flight
Liz Derrick, flying instructor and member of Rotary Club of Seymour gave an instructive talk to members of the Alexandra Rotary club last Wednesday. Liz has had over 30 years of flying experience, including as a lecturer at Edith Cowan University WA, night freight flying, low level surveying and parachute operations, racking up 5950 flying hours.
In answer to the question of why do we fly- for the practicality of shorter travel times, and improved function for fire fighting, ambulance (medical evacuation) and police function.
Flight has evolved over the centuries from hot air balloons in the 1700s to box kites then gliders, as seen at Benalla. These are launched by tow plane, or being towed by a car or winch apparatus.
Recreational pilots are limited to 2 seater aircraft under 500kg, may only fly in daytime, not in cloud and are governed by Recreational Aviation Australia.
Micro lite  and Ultralites are powered hang gliders.
Landing gear is appropriate to the area where craft is to be flown- may be wheels, skis or floats. Engines have developed from propellers to jets - Whittles initial design is still in use in the RFDS fleet.
Medical requirements for general aviation pilots (recreational) are much the same as for a car driver’s licence.
A general aviation licence is required to fly 4-seater and larger aircraft.
A commercial licence is required to fly up to 15 seaters.
Then for larger craft an Air Transport licence is required.
Air Force and Civilian qualifications are comparable and transferable.
Liz has been involved in training for many Chinese pilots at Mangalore, Texas, Florida and Canada How safe are overseas airlines? Liz suggested that a good rule of thumb is to check whether airline is approved to land within Australia. If not, suggest giving them a miss. 
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Dame Pattie Centre wins again.

An exciting night at Rotary in Alexandra this week with the Dame Pattie Challenge. This year it was quoits with Dame Pattie 12 and Rotary 11. To see so much joy and excitement was wonderful.
Tennille gave a speech on the activities at Dame Pattie. She enjoyed cooking, computers with Chris Barry and music with Ros and Julie. The “Have a Say” conference in Geelong was a highlight. But most of all she enjoyed ‘Dame Pats’ because the staff are helpful and friendly.
Jenna spoke on how she love living independently and her work at the kindergarten and at Foodworks. Swimming is her highlight being chosen to swim with the Victorian team at the Special Olympic Nationals at Albert Park in 2014 and coming third in the backstroke.
Rotary in Alexandra has a varied program to promote our local community. We have the Primary School awards where a grade six from each primary school receives an encouragement award and $300. We send students to the National Science forum usually in Canberra. Recently we helped organise and run the Rotary 150th street party. If you want to join Rotary give me a call Tom Farrell 043188742 (Secretary). 
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2017 Cycle Dindi a resounding sucesss

This wonderful event help on April 1 2017 apart from providing a fun day raised $4000 to support the  ‘Young Men, Old Mountains’ program.

The Outdoor Education Group, along with our wonderful partners believe that young men living in regional communities need to be provided with opportunities to really test themselves, to embrace risk and uncertainty in a well-supported environment, and to be physically and emotionally challenged. Further, we believe that their reflections on these challenges should be professionally facilitated.  It was for these reasons that we created The Outdoor Education Group’s “Young Men, Old Mountains” programs, resulting in ten and five day extended outdoor education programs in the rugged and challenging High Country of Victoria.

Whether it be on the ten day senior boys journey, or the five day junior boys trip, these programs are designed to serve our young men by supporting them to personally experience the sense of reward and pride that often accompanies such physical and emotional challenge. Through traversing the beautiful Victorian High Country by foot, mountain bike, setting up camp, cooking food and spending time alone through solo experiences, the young men will be out of their comfort zones and many will be experiencing such challenges for the first time. This environment does not offer an immediate ‘leave pass’ – what does accompany such a commitment however is a genuine sense of realness. The boys are provided, through their experience, with a genuine and highly supported opportunity to endure the uncomfortable and not be able to abandon ship when the going gets tough. The rewards for such commitment on their part however, is an genuine sense of achievement that can only come with voluntarily attempting and persevering with something difficult, alongside their mates.

The “Young Men, Old Mountains”  program aims to honour the important factors we realise, from both experience and research, that play a critical aspect in young men’s positive development and that serve their constructive transition into manhood. One highly significant factor is the connection of younger men to older men; specifically the importance of positive, present and strong role models in their lives. For this reason, we ask the young men to invite a significant male in their lives to join them on the last night of the ten day journey. Through spending the night, sharing a meal and exchanging stories of their experience, a space is created for the telling and hearing of perspectives of the journey into manhood.  Such discussions have been highly influential and memorable for both the young, and old men alike.

By participating in a fully facilitated program with a specifically designed curriculum, the young men will be able to reflect on the characteristics of a ‘good man’ and be warmly invited to consider their own path into manhood. 

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Pride of Workmanship 2017


Pride of Workmanship 2017 Dawn Berry, Mark Warren-Smith, Gillian Steward, Briana Calvert & Ron Cooper.

Dawn Berry
Vocation: Enrolled Nurse

Dawn is a medication enrolled nurse at Kellock Lodge. She has worked extremely hard over the past year to streamline her communication skills, focus on what’s important, initiate change and improvements where she can.

Dawn strives for excellence in care and advocates best practice. She provides individualised care to each and every resident, takes a positive approach and focusses on quality of life.

Dawn isn’t shy in stepping forward, identifying a gap in service and providing solutions. She ensures her practices are researched, approved and within her scope.

Her priority is our residents; her passion is making their lives as meaningful as possible!

Dawn has worked hard and absolutely deserves the ‘Pride of Workmanship’ award. She should be proud of what she has achieved!

Andrea Appellman
Kellock Lodge Alexandra Inc.

Mark Warren-Smith
Vocation/Job: Support Worker
Mark joined our team at Dame Pattie Menzies Centre in August 2014. It was a career change for Mark as he had worked as a butcher previously. It was quite a change of profession but we are very glad that Mark decided to try something new.

Mark has shown himself to be a caring, compassionate support worker with a cheerful smile and a great sense of humour. Mark has proven himself to be multi-talented with skills as a fisherman, handyman, hay bale sculptor, cook, mechanic, bus driver, football supporter, photographer, tour guide, advocate, organizer and gardener to name a few.

Mark will give anything a go and do it cheerfully. He contributes innovative ideas and solutions to tricky problems. Mark works to high standards and ideals; if Mark does a job you know it will be done well. Mark gives his time freely to help others, often visiting clients on weekends. He is happy to ‘go the extra mile.’

Mark is a valued member of our team and we would like to thank Rotary for giving us the opportunity to formally recognize Mark for the wonderful contribution he makes to both Dame Pattie Menzies Centre and the lives of those we support.
Lynda Robinson

Gillian Steward
Gillian Steward has been treasurer of the Alexandra Uniting Church Council for over 10 years. The role of treasurer involves managing a local transaction account, a significant remote investment account and the financial issues relating to property management including a leased property.

Gillian always applies the highest ethical standards to every section of the Alexandra Uniting Church finances. Her regular accurate reconciliation and reporting of both the cash flow and accrued costs has ensured that the Church Council has been able to operate within a very limited budget as well as undertake significant capital maintenance and improvement. During her time as Treasurer the church has been reroofed, the entrance doors changed to conform with current public building requirements, the church parquetry floor has been completely renovated, energy efficient Long life LED lighting installed, efficient reverse cycle air conditioning installed as well as significant contributions to the wider work of the church through Mission and Service contribution. Gillian’s pride in her work and her prompt attention to even the most minor issue is a role model for any committee member. In the current difficult financial times with all the legal requirements that must be done to ensure effective governance of a business Gillian seems to take it all in with minimum fuss and always with a smile.

Robert F Chaffe
St Andrew’s Uniting Church Council

Briana Calvert
Vocation: Café Customer Service

We are proud to nominate Briana Calvert to receive the Pride of Workmanship award from the Rotary Club of Alexandra.

Briana is an exceptional person and her wonderful qualities extend far beyond the café. Briana is very caring and readily provides support to those around her that are in need. Many times, Cinamon and I have received a card from Briana, sent to us just to tell us that she is thinking of us and wishing us well.

Briana has been part of the Café Alex team for five years now. Briana has accepted challenging roles and taken on additional tasks with enthusiasm and determination. There is not a role at Café Alex that Briana cannot do. Some of Briana’s other qualities, her attention to detail, her easy going demeanour, her calmness and very friendly nature is appreciated both by staff and customers alike. Briana is a very reliable team member and she would be an asset to any organisation.

Briana, we all adore you and we are thankful to have you in our lives. Well Done. I commend this award to you and we hope that in some small way it shows our gratitude.

Cinamon Cunningham and David Dimech
Café Alex

Ron Cooper

Vocation: Co-ordinator 
Alexandra Friends of the Library Bookshop
trading as
Goulburn River Books

For more than ten years Ron has coordinated, managed and developed Alexandra Friends of the Library Bookshop, which trades as Goulburn River Books.

The bookshop is one of the most successful of its kind in Victoria. Profits from this enterprise support activities of Alexandra Library. Volunteers staff the business. Ron is a volunteer himself.

This successful business has been built around Ron’s enthusiasm, commitment and ability to develop new ideas such as the January 2017 pop-up bookshop.

He shows pride in all he does and truly deserves acknowledgement for his efforts.

Howard Paix
Friends of the Library Alexandra and District Inc.

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