2024 Easter Art Show raffle winners 

Alexandra Rotary Easter Art Show
Raffle winners
First prize, Painting, Goulburn Views, by Wykeham Perry
was won by Iris, from Alexandra
Second Prize, Platypus Rafting Expedition for 6, on the Goulburn,
donated by Geoff Proctor, was won by Carren Wood.
Third prize, Hamper donated by Dr Helen Haines MP was won by Elizabeth Sizemore.
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2024 Easter Art Show

Come along tonight for the grand opening of the Alexandra Rotary Easter Art show. 6.30 $25 entry, drinks and finger food. 
Saturday & Sunday 10 to 5 . $5 entry 
Monday 9 to 12, $5 entry (no fooling)
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Welcome back dinner 

We had a lovely evening at John Allcock and Jenny Baker's property! Beautiful summer sunset.
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Merry Christmas 

Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.
Our Christmas break up was terrific. Catered by Blur Ribbon Catering from the Trawool Shed . A delicious meal with outstanding service from Leah, Lisa  & Melissa . 
Great company kept hydrated by our wonderful bartender Neil Robinson. Jenny Paul was presented with her Youth Director’s Badge. Congratulations.
John and John led the Rotary Family singers. 
A great night special thanks to Penny and Trevor for their decorations , Helen and Ian along with Ross Thompson for their organisation of this outstanding night.
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Alexandra Primary awardee

Chloe Woehl-Rotary Award 2023
Chloe is a quiet, hard- working, diligent student who is always willing to give everything a go and achieve her personal best. She arrives at school with a smile on her face, ready to lend a hand in any way she can and to put in 100% effort into her studies. Chloe is always eager to learn, enjoys the benefits of her hard work and is proud of her achievements. She can be relied upon to persist and persevere with every opportunity that comes her way. Chloe isn’t the student who scores 100% on tests or wins every running race; she is however the determined, very humble young lady you see before you, who tries her utmost best in all aspects of school life- sports, school work, creative arts, outdoor education, leadership activities, volunteering, fundraising, just to mention a few! Chloe is a prime example of how hard work, a positive attitude, and setting yourself high goals to strive towards, can give you success in life. She gives and puts in without ever expecting much in return. When Chloe was told she got this award her response was one of complete shock, and she told me later she sat quietly in complete disbelief for ages and kept pinching herself just to check she was really awake and not dreaming!!
This year Chloe was voted in as one of our school captains, and of course she took on her role seriously, with maturity and enthusiasm. She was one of the masterminds behind organising a Pink Day at our school to raise money for breast cancer. Chloe and another student in our class wanted to do something nice for a member of our staff currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and so they came up with the idea of having a Pink Day and donating all the funds raised to Breast Cancer research.
Chloe is a student who understands the feelings of others and will always help someone in need, proving herself to be a loyal friend to children and adults of all ages. She is confident enough to make her own decisions and choices without being adversely influenced by others and she consistently knows the difference between right and wrong. This makes Chloe an excellent role model for all students.
Chloe is a caring individual who is always honest and trustworthy. She is polite, well-mannered and respectful at all times. Chloe supports our school in many ways and helps to make Alexandra Primary School a better place for everyone. With her attitude and determination, Chloe has the potential to do very well at Secondary School and the Alexandra Primary School community wishes her all the best for the future.
Well done, Chloe! We are all very proud of you!
Jan Twining
Classroom Teacher
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Marysville Primary Awardee

I am delighted to nominate Kurtis Barrott for the Rotary
Primary School Encouragement Award. Kurtis has
demonstrated exceptional growth in various facets during his
time at Marysville Primary School.
When Kurtis first joined our school, his learning journey had
been notably challenging. With the opportunity, however, for
a fresh start and continued support from our dedicated team,
Kurtis has exhibited remarkable progress and development.
He has shown a commendable commitment to self-
improvement and a resilient attitude toward overcoming
obstacles. Kurtis has displayed a significant transformation in
his behaviour, illustrating increased tolerance and
understanding in social interactions, and demonstrating an
ability to acknowledge and rectify mistakes with genuine
Academically, Kurtis has continued to develop steadily. He
works hard to stay focused on set tasks, asking questions and
joining in with class discussions. He has developed an
understanding of how important it is to work as a team and
has formed numerous meaningful friendships due to the
increased care and respect that he has shown to others.
Kurtis' journey at our school serves as a testament to his
resilience and determination to succeed, despite previous
challenges. I firmly believe that Kurtis is a deserving
candidate for the Rotary Primary School Encouragement
Award, and I am confident that he will continue to thrive and
inspire others with his determination and positive attitude.
Sandra Bishop
Marysville Primary School
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Eildon Primary Awardee

Eildon Primary School – Tyler Ward
Tyler Ward has been nominated as Eildon Primary School’s recipient
of the Rotary Encouragement Award. He is very deserving of this,
having attained some great achievements this year and
demonstrating the school values well.
Tyler assumed his role as School Vice Captain with great enthusiasm this year. He carries out this responsibility with great respect, always being very organised in his preparations for Assembly each week.
Tyler does a wonderful job announcing student presentations and
birthdays at Assembly, in a clear and engaging way. He is careful to
support and lead students on stage, holding the microphone for them and helping to direct them. He manages this in a seamless and enjoyable way, which also exhibits his excellent attention to detail.
Showing Altruism, Tyler is always happy to help pass his skills and
knowledge on to others, having great patience in this. He is polite and kind in his manner and cooperates in a team when playing sport, working hard to put in his best effort to support and encourage his teammates.
Lastly, Tyler has attained some great achievements this year, in a
variety of areas. He enjoys and excels in Maths. He is also an
outstanding chess player, qualifying for State Chess last term. A very recent accomplishment of Tyler’s was making the Country Week Cricket Team, after much hard work and training. He is a hard worker, though he has encountered challenges, he perseveres, showing great resilience and his effort really pays off. Ensuring he keeps practising a skill, until he gets it right, is a great strength of his.
Well done Tyler, we congratulate you on this wonderful achievement!
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St Mary's Primary Awardee

Rotary Primary School Encouragement Award 2023
St Mary’s Catholic Primary School would like to nominate the following student for this
year’s award:
Our nominee for this award has worked diligently throughout all his school years at St
Mary’s school. Tybar has many outstanding qualities, and chief amongst these are his
perseverance and commitment to improve in all areas of the curriculum. He has made
steady progress in all learning areas because of this positive attitude and his willingness to
keep on trying to do better. In our Year 5/6 classroom Tybar can be relied upon to do his
best across all subject areas, regardless of whether they are things he enjoys or would
rather not do.
Tybar is well respected by his peers, having been voted in to be a House Captain in 2023 – a
role he has performed well, even though some aspects of the role, like the public speaking,
are not his favourite thing to do. He can always be relied on to treat all members of our
school community with respect, tolerance and compassion. His willingness to help others, to
go out of his way to look after our younger students, or to check in with someone who is not
looking happy, has been commendable.
One incident occurred very recently which confirmed for us that Tybar was our best
candidate to receive this award. One of our Year 5s named him as a personal role model
whom he hopes to emulate. In particular, this student named Tybar as someone he admires
greatly for his determination. Whether its playing football, solving a Maths problem or
reading a novel, his determination to get it done and done well is always evident.
Tybar exemplifies all the qualities emphasised in our Vision Statement – encouragement,
inclusivity, commitment to learning, awareness of the importance of safety, compassion and
faith. We are grateful that the Rotary Club of Alexandra has provided us with the
opportunity to recognise and celebrate what Tybar has given to our school community.
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Buxton primary awardee

Buxton Primary School Rotary Encouragement Award Recipient

We are thrilled to nominate Mitchell Magor as our 2023 Buxton Primary School Rotary Encouragement Award
recipient. When we asked our students and staff to choose a Grade 6 who was thoughtful, inclusive, a hard
worker and a great role model, the vote was overwhelmingly in favour of Mitchell.
Mitchell lives in Alexandra with his parents Christine and Matt, and his two younger brothers Lucas and Alex.
He loves technology, computer games and building Lego models. He has an analytical mind and is our
school’s on call technology help desk person. I can see him working in the information technology field in
future, perhaps in game design or coding.
Mitchell came to Buxton Primary School in Grade 5, at the end of Term 3, 2022. Since that time, we have seen
him blossom and grow in confidence. Mitch has experienced some learning challenges throughout primary
school, but his amazing work ethic, persistence and mature approach to his learning have seen him achieve
wonderful learning gains. He has discovered that making mistakes is an important part of learning and that we
all have different strengths and challenges. Mitch ignores distractions and applies himself well to all learning
Peers and friends are very important to us all, but they are even more so in the preteen years and young
adulthood. During this time, one of the hardest things to do is to stand up for what is right or what you believe
in. This year we have admired how Mitchell has withstood peer pressure and spoken up for what he believes is
right, even to his close friends.
Mitchell has a kind heart and will often be the first to help teachers or other students in need. His quiet but
caring nature is reassuring to younger students. As teachers, we couldn’t ask for a better role model for our
students, as Mitch consistently lives up to our school values of kindness, fairness and growth.
I have been lucky enough to know and teach Mitchell over several years at two different schools. I admire the
young man he has become and have great confidence in his ability to overcome any challenges he faces in
future. Mitch, we are incredibly proud of you. I hope that you take the time to reflect on your achievements.
There may have been times when you felt frustrated or disheartened, but you have persevered and shown us
what a determined and capable young man you are. We will miss having you at Buxton, but we wish you all the
best for secondary school and beyond.
Principal: Ms Sarah Irving
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School awards

Rotary Citizenship and Primary Encouragement Awards.
One of our Alexandra Rotary highlight nights. The awarding of the Rotary Citizenship awards to Eliza Gesler and Bryan Rooney. Nigel Lyttle, Alexandra Secondary College Principal, gave glowing commendations about both students listing their achievements and outstanding qualities.
This was followed with the awarding of the Rotary Primary Encourage Awards. Each local primary school was asked to nominate the most deserving grade 6 student to receive this year’s award.
Financial assistance of $500 is awarded to the student to provide encouragement and assistance in the move from primary to secondary schooling. A cheque was sent to Alexandra Secondary
College towards the costs of school and book fees. Awardees were Tybar Reid (St Mary’s Primary), Chloe Woehl (Alexadra Primary), Mitchell Magor (Buxton Primary), Tyler Ward Eildon Primary) and Kurtis Barrott (Marysville Primary). Listening to the staff members present the citations for each student revealed what an exceptional group they are.
We wish the best to Bryan and Eliza in the post-Secondary lives and the five grade 6 students all the best starting their adventure at Alexandra Secondary College.May be an image of 5 people, people studying and textMay be an image of 2 people and textMay be an image of 3 people and text that says 'COOC JAN Rotary Alexandra Club AWARD 2023 Congratulationsto Chloe Woehl School Alexandra Primary thics Onbehalf f'May be an image of 2 people and textMay be an image of 4 people and textMay be an image of 3 people and textMay be an image of 3 people and textMay be an image of 2 people and text
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Exercise essential 

Alexandra Rotary’s guest speaker was Reece Bowman, Physiotherapist, Alexandra District Health. He has worked at ADH for 3 years, and has a total of 10 years’ experience, mostly in community settings. He escaped from Melbourne during Covid. HIs interests include ageing well, managing back pain with exercise, and pelvic floor dysfunction.
1 in 6 Australians experience back pain; it is the third leading cause of disability and has cost the economy $3.4 billion in 2019-20. Musculoskeletal disorders are COMMON, affecting 23% of the population. The spine comprises of cervical, lumbar and sacral vertebrae, terminating in the coccyx, with discs of cartilage between them. It is supported by the abdominal muscles (six pack) which act like a corset, by the ropey muscles of the back, the diaphragm (which moves the lungs) and the pelvic floor at the base. If the pelvic floor is not stable, it can lead to problems with bladder and bowel dysfunction.
Herniated or prolapsed discs can be associated with radicular pain such as sciatica extending down the legs. Osteoporotic fractures  occur when vertebrae crush under their own weight with minimal impact. Commonest sign is loss of height with ageing, and 'dowager's hump curving of the spine'. Imaging is used to make diagnoses for clinical history, BUT the degree of pain experienced does NOT relate to the level of physical abnormality observed in medical imaging.
Reece's advice is that 'Exercise is not optional. It is an essential medicine/therapy which needs to be taken DAILY'. For those over 65, that means 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise, most days.  At this intensity it should still be possible to maintain a conversation, but the definition of moderate needs to be individualised.
A very informative talk relevant to everyone.
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Local businesses help celebrate Hat Day

Some of the supporters of  Rotary Hat day. Improving life for all Australians through Mental Health Research, Education and Awareness. A simple chat might help someone.
Kristy and Kirby at Kirby's Hair, 
Dawn and at Goody's Discounts, Foodworks- Rachel, Christeen, Jason and Deanna,
Alexandra Pharmacy
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Hat day

Celebrating Hat Day with our guests.  
Mark Warren-Smith, Games Master devised a variation on Noughts and Crosses involving balloons and conga lines, which was won by Murrindindi Respect Group, accompanied by loads of laughs.
This was followed by a lively fines session conducted by sergeants Ian Hewitt and John Monteath, which helped inflate the coffers.
In line with the Lift the Lid theme for the evening, prizes were presented to hats in various categories- Prettiest/Pinkest, Classiest, Most Colourful, Scariest, Most Regal and Most Practical.
On behalf of our guests, Teneille thanked RC Alexandra for their hospitality.
Hat day raises money for Rotary Health. Australian Rotary Health provides funding towards research grants, fellowships and PhD scholarships focused on finding preventative and curative solutions for mental illness in young Australians. From 2023, our funding focus will narrow to the mental health of children aged 0-12
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Angel Flights helps our community

Rotary Alexandra guest speaker Doug Carney, Spring Crk Rd resident for 40 years and Angel Flight volunteer pilot over 15 years, and for the last 6 years splitting his time between Alexandra and Tocumwal.
Angel Flight volunteers provide non-urgent transport for medical treatment at no cost to their passengers. The service is funded by donations, from service clubs and philanthropy
85% of funds raised is spent on aircraft fuel and airport fees, both of which are provided at discount from regular services, to support Angel Flight.
Only 15% of funds is spent on administrative expenses. The service has been operating in Australia for 20 years, after Bill Brewster, visiting the Osh-Kosh Air Show in 2003, saw a similar service in the US and could see potential benefits here too.
Initially it was expected that they would do approx. 800 flights a year. This has grown to 2000 flights a year. Pilots and drivers (land angels) donate their time, aircraft and vehicles to transport patients to appointments. Most of their customer have serious medical problems which cannot be managed in their local communities.
On his first flight for the service, Doug flew a patient from Mildura to the Austin Hospital for chemotherapy- a 2 hour flight instead of an 8 hour drive.
Why volunteer for Angel Flight?
Pilots love flying, and doing something worthwhile for someone doing it tough!
Doug has done 7 flights over the years. Pilots need to respond quickly as available flights are quickly allocated. Allocation depends on both pilot and aircraft certification, plane size, carrying capacity, instrumentation. Other cases Doug has transported include a lady returning from Moorabbin to Porepunkah 24 hours post cardiac stent ( 1 &1/4 hour flight vs 4 hours by car),
A couple from Casterton to Essendon so that the husband could receive a cochlear implant.
A day’s driving from the  outback Queensland town of Boulia to a major centre can be achieved in a 2 hour flight .
A wonderful service for our community supported by our club with a $1000 donation.
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Bombay Rotary Revealed

This week International Director Maria Price toasted The Rotary Club of Bombay. It has 350 members. It has spun off 26 Interact clubs and 6 Rotaract Clubs over the years. They have 50 Committees with 20 looking after Community service projects. Projects such as Tiger Conservation, Empowerment of Women, Fresh Water Projects and the Cotton Green Clinic for the Underprivileged.
They are guided by a saying from Mahatma Gandi:
“The prayer in silence, with faith for love, is service in peace.”
May be an image of 5 people and text that says 'Transformation Salon ay Dharamshala for cancer patients Adult Literacy for women Bom Alcohol De-addiction an amazing year has ended... Rotary Club of Bombay Filled with many new initiatives and milestone achievements. DISTRICT 141 EVS Curriculum Bio Diversity Park Malnutrition in Dharavi'
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DG Neta Kirby visits Alexandra Rotary

Rotary district governor Neta Kirby visited the Alexandra Rotary Club this week. She works as a therapist with children from 2 years to 13 years who have been neglected or abused. Two causes she expounded were “ The Life's Little Treasures Foundation” and taking action against domestic violence.
She gave a personal example of a baby very dear to her heart and how it is wonderful to be in touch with others in the same position – ‘families helping families’.
The organisation has provided support for thousands of families with premature babies but receives no federal funding. With this as her project, Neta is asking Rotarians to help raise money for this foundation who are aiming to raise $53,000.
The Life's Little Treasures Foundation is Australia's leading charity dedicated to providing support, friendship and information, specifically tailored for families of children born premature or sick. The Foundation's services are available in the hospital (neonatal and special care units) and in the community when families come home.
The Foundation's mission is to ensure that no family endures the traumatic and life changing experience of having a premature or sick baby without easy access to critical information and community support to help them through their journey.
The Facts Are: Premature birth is the number one killer of newborns. Over 45,000 babies are admitted into neonatal intensive and special care units every year in Australia. This is over 14.5% of all babies born and translates to over 115 admissions every day. For more information on the Foundation go to: www.lifeslittletreasures.org.au/about-us/
Neta In consultation with her adult children, she has chosen to champion Say No to Domestic Violence and yes to respectful relationships. She hopes clubs and the general community will also get on board to raise awareness of this serious issue.
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Come along to our meetings

Come along to our meetings. Book on with Lindsay Baker before noon Mondays.
Cost $25 meal drinks at bar prices.
Alexandra golf club Gordon st Alexandra
September 6
District Governor Neta Kirby will be our special guest for the evening.
 ELF Day on TUESDAY 12 September, would like everyone’s support.
September 20
Former Angel Flight pilot and passionate supporter with local connections, Doug Carney will present to the Rotary the story behind the amazing work of Angel Flights.
October 4
The crazy hat is back! 
Time to scrub up ready for an entertaining evening with our Dame Pattie Menzies friends. 
Wear an outlandish hat.
Always a great night!

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Foundation Murrindindi

Rotary Alexandra’s guest speaker this week was Robyn Hill who joined Foundation Murrindindi in 2014 after a corporate career in Melbourne.
The Foundation is an independent charitable fund supporting community led projects, which
evolved from the Marysville and Triangle Community Foundation started following the devastating 2009 Black Saturday fires. As a place-based foundation with an independent board of skills-based members, the foundation understands local needs because its members live locally. They had seed funding of $1million from the Victorian government, to be spent over 10 years. $850K has been invested in 110 community projects by 50 organizations, including $200K for youth suicide and mental health services, and assisting Alexandra Football and Netball Club clubroom redevelopment.
As well as direct provision of funds the Foundation acts as an enabler to help positive things happen, because the needs within our community don’t stop.
Recent grants have been provided to-
Alexandra Secondary College- $49,000 for mental health support, $30,000 for stage 2, Murrindindi Youth Garden, $16,000 for students transitioning from primary to secondary schooling, and $5000 in back-to-school vouchers (Yea and Alexandra)
Connecting Communities Grants recently announced recognize that 30% of households in the Shire are single person households. Sponsoring activities such as barefoot bowls at Flowerdale, community pizza nights in Fawcett, and Seniors’ week activities (with U3A) and Menzies carers week afternoon teas all encourage connectedness, which is so important for mental health and wellbeing.
A social enterprise is soon to be launched, so that local giving can have local impact.
There are many parallels between the work of Rotary and Foundation Murrindindi and by working together we can all do better. 20% of Murrindindi Shire residents volunteer, compared with state average of 13%.
An entertaining and informative speech. If you want to find out more or can financially help Foundation Murrindindi, go their website. https://foundationmurrindindi.org.au/
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Come along to our meetings 

Come along to our meetings. Book on with John Alcock before noon Mondays. 
Email: landingear1991@hotmail.com or text on his mobile: 0414 397 376
Cost 💲 25 meal drinks at bar prices.
Alexandra golf club Gordon st Alexandra 
2 August. Anne Burns
We welcome Anne as a new member to Rotary of Alexandra. We look forward to hearing her story and  aspirations. Based in Alexandra and as Land Use Activity Agreement Manager for Taungurung Land and Wayers Council, Anne’s presentation will include an insight into local Taungurung culture.
16 August. Robyn Hill
Executive Officer 
Foundation Murrindindi
Robyn Hill has a wealth of information to help make vibrant communities. 
After senior positions in the corporate world, Robyn provided invaluable administrative support for Marysville and District during the five years of bushfire recovery.
Robyn Hill lives in Taggarty and is the founding Executive Officer of Foundation Murrindindi
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 Highlights of our changeover 

Highlights from our Rotary changeover.
Anne Burns welcomed guests to Taungurung Country.
The toast to Rotary International was proposed by Ian Gibb.
Past DG Phil Clancy spoke in response to Ian's toast, referring to the recent RI International Convention in Melbourne last month. Those who were unable to attend can follow the links to RI in our club bulletin to experience a sample of the convention presentations. In particular Phil cited the efforts of Ukrainian John Hewko ,CEO and General Secretary of RI to assist refugees, who currently number 100 million world wide, and rising. Peace is not merely the absence of war. RI are seeking to become practitioners of peace, to start waging peace, not war. Building pillars of positive peace by developing human capital, acceptance of the rights of others, equitable distribution of resources and maintaining good relations with neighbours.
Toxic polarisation is a threat to world peace. The End Polio Now program is a great example of peace building. Lessons learned from the polio program have been applied during the Covid pandemic.
The Memorial Candle was lit by John Turner, in remembrance of members who have passed.
Pres Sharon Fox outlined her report on the year's activities, as printed in the annual report. Highlights include meeting the goal of increasing membership ( 9 new members, a 30% increase), thereby reinvigorating the club. An international project, providing humanitarian relief for Ukrainian refugees, was initiated,  facilitated by incoming president Geoff's partner Sue, and has been further supported by our neighbour clubs at Euroa and Mansfield.
Sharon then inducted Geoff Proctor as President RC Alexandra for 2023-24 .
Incoming Pres Geoff challenged members to ask themselves - What do we do? How do we engage the community? How do we encourage younger people to join us? What are the needs  and requirements within our community? Housing for essential workers and emergency housing for those escaping domestic  violence may be a focus. What do we do? Why do we do it? How are locally raised funds used? The answers to these questions will guide our path in the coming year.
Geoff then introduced his incoming board
International - Maria Price                                 Secretary-Helen Gibb
Community Service- Ian Gibb                                 Treasurer - Lynda Robinson
Pres Elect - Graeme Bylund                                    Art Show - John Allcock
Vocational- Sharen Robinson                               Vice President - Sharon Fox
The meeting closed with a vote of thanks to those who helped set up for the evening, and Goulburn River Inn crew.

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Changeover president's report

PRESIDENT’S REPORT  2022 – 2023 Sharon Fox
Where has the past year gone?! Our changeover night was delayed for a month to enable travelling members to attend, especially outgoing President Bob. However, I started my year on the 1st July.
In early August we welcomed District Governor David McPherson for the annual DG visit. He was accompanied by Assistant Governor Nina Lunde and they both briefed the club on the proposed regionalisation of Zone 8 of which we are part.
August also saw us start a community / international project supporting Ukrainian refugees housed in Melbourne, predominantly women and children, and the elderly. Reaching out through contacts in the local Ukrainian community it was established that what they needed most was food.
Foodworks helped by locating a trolley for food donations at the Alexandra store.
Dobson’s Potatoes also came on board with a fantastic supply of their local produce.
The food was then transported to Carlton for distribution to the refugees.
The program has been refined by transitioning from direct provision of food to a voucher system, liaising with the Rotary Club of Carlton, and Carlton supermarkets.
A huge thankyou to the Rotarians, Foodworks, Dobson’s Potatoes and all who donated for making this happen. The Rotary Club of Euroa has since come on board to support this project with a generous pledge of funds.
In September Helen, Ian and I travelled to Lavington to their club’s international night where the Ukrainian Ambassador spoke; and in December Helen and I were invited to a “thankyou” evening at Ukrainian House in Essendon.
We enjoyed two nights of fellowship with the Rotary Club of Seymour where we shared the spoils of the footy and golf competitions, and we welcomed the Lions Club for a visit in November.
We continue to help out at community events, Australia Day, the P and A Show, Open Gardens, Christmas Carols, the Rodeo and Truck and Ute Show, as well as organising Music in the Park, the Art Show and in conjunction with Rotary Club of Yea, Cycle Dindi.
The Art Show was a huge success in the new venue of the Shire Hall and congratulations to Melinda and her team for a great outcome.
The wood raffles are always a welcome event on the calendar and enable us to provide wood for those in need of winter heating.
I’m very pleased to say that our membership has increased by 23% this year with nine new members having joined. Welcome to them all and they have brought new enthusiasm to the club.
My thanks to the Board for your work over the past year, a special thankyou to Helen my indefatigable secretary, and to Ross for the program he put together each fortnight, John Allcock for attendance and coordinating the meals and John Monteath my sergeant for keeping order in the house and Melinda our accurate “minute” taker of the proceedings at our club meetings.
Also thanks to our publicity officers - John Cannon for publishing the Bulletin and photos, and Tom Farrell for the website, Facebook and media liaison.
A special mention to Helen, Ian and Ross who were always on hand at the golf club setting up for the meal and meeting for everyone to enjoy.
To all the friends of Rotary who have helped out over the year – thankyou.
To Geoff and his incoming board, I wish you well and hope you have a successful and enjoyable year.
I have had a very gratifying year and thank all Rotarians for your support and look forward to serving Rotary for many more years.
Sharon Fox
Our new Rotary board .
Helen Gibb, Maria Price, Sharen Robinson, Geoff Proctor, Graeme Bylund, John Alcock, Sharon Fox and Ian Gibb
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Helen Gibb, Maria Price, Sharen Robinson, Geoff Proctor, Graeme Bylund, John Alcock, Sharon Fox and Ian Gibb
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National Youth Science Forum – Inspiring Australia’sYoung

National Youth Science Forum – Inspiring Australia’sYoung
Rotary Alexandra has sponsored the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF), for a number of years and late last year called for scholarship nominees. Casey Clark was the successful and very willing applicant. The program included both online sessions and several days in Melbourne visiting a variety of university campuses. The inspiring experience opened Casey up to work in Antarctica, robots that can service powerlines whilst recharging off the lines, food security, dirt doctors, medical research, even precise 3D printing on the moon!
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changeover 2019 2020

2018 – 2019 Melinda Jackson
As the Rotary year draws to a close, it is time to reflect on the events of 2018 - 2019. Firstly, to thank the Club for entrusting me with the position, and secondly to thank all members for their support throughout the year as we strived to 'Be the Inspiration" for our community. 
Rotary is above all a community organisation, operating at local, national and international level to improve conditions for all.
For me , a highlight has been to provide a forum for local groups to share their vision for improvement, as seen in the ‘Pick my Project’ night.Two of the groups who addressed us were successful in moving to the next step towards realisation of their dreams of a heated indoor pool, and a new Scout facility for Murrindindi Shire.
We continue to interact with clubs from nearby; Mansfield joined us for a vocational visit to the cherry shed at Yarck and assisted with Cycle Dindi for the first time. Our relationship with Yea strengthened as we worked together to present the 4th Cycle Dindi, while social evenings with Seymour Rotary, where some golf and football skills may (or may not) have been on display, encouraged friendship between members of our respective clubs.
The club continues to be a supporter of established projects such as our Annual Easter Art Show, our youth programs and our firewood program to mention just a few, while also adopting new projects such as the ‘Music in the Park’. This is a great way of bringing our community together in a convivial, low cost environment.
Membership continues to be an issue, and it is vital that we are seen as a group to which it is a pleasure to belong and which makes a meaningful difference to the life of our community. New ideas are welcome - we cannot continue to do the same old, same old, otherwise we run the risk of following the dinosaurs to extinction. Several new members have joined during the year, and we look forward to their contributions to the life of the Club.
On a more positive note, we have just run a very successful 50th Annual Easter Art Show, which attracted much positive feedback. Collaboration with other groups such as, but not limited to U3A , the Brass Band and the Beanie Festival group has helped to raise awareness of what Rotary can and does do in this community.
In conclusion, I would like to thank our Rotary Club for the opportunity to serve as your president, to thank our members and wider community for their generous support of our club.
I congratulate incoming President Tom Farrell and look forward to serving the Rotary Club of Alexandra under his leadership in the Rotary 2019 - 2020 year.

The new board of Rotary Alexandra.

Community Service: David Dimech
International Service: Debbie Skinner
Membership Lynda Robinson
Past President: Melinda Jackson
President elect and Club Service: Emily Marr
Publicity/ advertising: Rob Chaffe
Secretary: Chris Jackson
Treasurer: Ina Gibb
Vocational Service: Ross Thompson
Youth: John Cannon
President: Tom Farrell

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Mock Interviews

Posted by Tom Farrell
Mock Interviews
On behalf of Alexandra Secondary College I would like to extend our thanks for the time, effort and knowledge shared by each of the interviewers during today’s Mock Interviews. The event has once again been a huge success and many students have come away feeling relieved and very happy with having completed their interview. Students reported that the Rotarians were ‘really nice and helpful people who gave good advice’. Other students shared that they felt at ease during the interview and they were now more confident to conduct themselves in any future interviews. Several students also said that they found the process to be very positive and they felt they had learnt quite a lot. We consider ourselves very fortunate that the Rotary Club of Alexandra have again volunteered to assist with this valuable process which helps students organise themselves and reduce nerves for future interviews.
Kind regards,
Felicity Wilmot
Careers Practitioner, VASS & Marketing
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Yea & District Community Bank® Branch presentation

Posted by Tom Farrell

Sam Hicks and Mike Dalmau gave an outstanding talk on the Yea and District community bank.
Since its beginning in 2010 it has invested $203,500 in community investment.
A highlight has been the Kids Teaching Kids Program held annually for the last three years. They have also supported activity and projects undertaken by Ambulance Ambulance Support, South Cathedral Landcare, Alexandra Community Shed, Alexandra Secondary College, Murrindindi East 3A and many other groups. Rotary Alexandra received their support during bushfire recovery and at our Annual Easter Art shows. 
Sam and Mike pointed out the importance of local employment and investing in local events and community projects.
Thanks for an enlightening talk.

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Changeover June 19 Golf Club

Posted by Tom Farrell
Rotary Club of Alexandra Inc.
Changeover Dinner Wed 19th June 2019
The Rotary Club of Alexandra extends a warm invitation to attend our annual Changeover Dinner.
The evening will celebrate the completion of a successful Rotary year under President Melinda Jackson and the induction of Tom Farrell as President 2019-2020.
Date:           Wednesday 19th June
Venue:       Alexandra Golf Club  
Time:                   6.30 pm for 7.00 pm start
Cost:           $30 per head. Drinks are available at the bar.
For those attending please prepay by Wednesday June 6th.
Our Bank Account details are; Rotary Club of Alexandra
National Australia Bank-Alexandra  BSB 083 503 60663 0744
Ensure you put your name on the payment
Please email me if you direct deposit. prospect.house@bigpond.com
We look forward to seeing you on the 19th.
Yours Sincerely,
Chris Jackson
Incoming Secretary
0418378806 or 57722496
Please advise us of any dietary needs.
The Rotary Club of Alexandra
PO Box 76
Alexandra 3714
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Truck and Ute Show 2019 Tom Farrell 2019-05-13 14:00:00Z 0

Mother's Day Classic

Posted by Tom Farrell
Mother’s Day Classic a resounding success.
Rotarians from Alexandra cooked the BBQ and helped run the auction. 
It’s wonderful to be involved in such an incredible event.
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Cycle Dindi 2019 April 6

Posted by Tom Farrell
Just over two and a bit weeks until Cycle Dindi. Still time to get in a little riding before the event, but even if you don't, you can still join us and enjoy the delights of the Great Victorian Rail Trail and Rotary's hospitality and support the youth in our District in the process. Sat 6th April, start from Yea, Yarck or Bonnie Doon anytime from 8am until 11am. Credit card payment available only at Yea. Why not register early and pay at either Try Booking or direct deposit. Details and rego forms at www.yearotary.org.au.
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Rotary Club of Alexandra joins a multi Club aid program.

Currently 10 schools in rural communities in North East Malaysia are part of a project to improve their students English proficiency. Yes, it is a very ambitious project and the local Rotary Club of Kora Kinabalu Pearl has sought aid to expand the project to all 300 schools in the area. David Anderson, a past District Governor from the Rotary Club of Yea, took up the challenge and has coordinated the response from the Rotary Clubs of Southern Mitchel, Seymour, Kinglake Ranges, Yea, Alexandra and Mansfield to make the project a Sub-District 9790 effort. When David addressed the Rotary Club of Alexandra last Wednesday night, he explained that $835AU from each club will support two new schools to enter the program. It is aimed at years 4, 5 and 6. The first step is to give each student an English – Malay dictionary, then establish ‘English Corners’ in each school, providing 700 books in English and TVs and videos in English to improve these critical English language skills. Teachers have specialised English language skills training and the tools to present the program.

The project has developed to the point that a matching grant from Rotary International’s Foundation has been applied for. David said the 300 - school target is achievable and the trial work that began in 3 schools is now working very effectively in 10. The key issue for any aid program is to have a local champion and the Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu Pearl have stepped up and committed to this very ambitious goal. It is a collaborative project between Rotary, Sabah State Education Department and School Parent Teachers Associations. Knowing your dollar will make a difference and that the school is getting the full 100 cents in the dollar builds the confidence that will ensure success.

David is very enthusiastic about the potential of international understanding this project will create. The central highlands of Victoria now have some new friends in Malaysia. Kota Kinabalu is five days travel from Singapore so it is quite remote even in Australian terms yet with today’s modern communication systems English is essential for future success for these students. Being on a similar time zone David is sure that the relationships with this part of Malaysia will grow significantly.

In receiving the cheque from Rotary Club of Alexandra’s International Director Lynda Robinson, David congratulated the Club on its commitment to International Service which is added to now with support for this English language learning program.

He thanked the Rotary Club of Alexandra and the Alexandra district community who support the Rotary fundraising events like the Easter Art Show that enable these programs to be supported. The matching grant program means that the local contribution will double and the impact on the ground brings the 300 school target so much closer. Thank you.

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Members behind the Badge

Come and Join Rotary
As part of our program members occasionally are asked to give a talk about their lives. This week Emily Marr and John Cannon gave theirs.  
Emily Marr

Emily was born in Kinglake She had a pretty typical country up bring: encouraged to spend time outdoors, climbing trees, looking after animals (domestic and injured wildlife). She went to school at Middle Kinglake. Sadly, the historic school building burnt in the 09’ fires.
She completed her secondary education at Yea High school. The downside was the long hour each way bus trip on probably the oldest fallons bus in the fleet for 6 years.
I always had a passion and skill for science-based subjects and was often prompted to aim higher then my expectations.
I graduated in 2008 and scored my 1st preference to study a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne with a rural scholarship towards my studies.
Starting uni was a tumultuous time for me: not only was the university huge and a place I knew nobody, but the day after I moved my stuff out of our kinglake home the 09’ fires came through. My mum rang to tell me she was off the mountain and safe before we even knew a fire was hitting Kinglake from the tv news teams!! We sent a week believing our house was destroyed from all accounts, however, amazingly a wind change saved our street unlike so many others.

In 2012 I was about to graduate and still was unsure where I was headed. I still knew I wanted to do something that involved helping and educating others, however, was beginning to question if classroom teaching was for me. I sent in the physiotherapy application on a whim as my physiology teacher thought I had the personality traits and skills to be good at it and was lucky enough to score an interview. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science majoring in physiology and moved straight into my Physiotherapy studies.  

I really enjoyed the physiotherapy course, it exposed us to all the many areas of work physiotherapy can have an impact.  As our placements were location-based most of mine were out of the Austin and repat hospitals in Heidelberg. My favourite was GEM/neuro in both acute and rehab levels and this is still the area I think I’d like to focus on going forward. For a while I did think about specialising in paediatrics, even doing a placement I QLD at a private practice, however, as much as I loved the work, I found it very emotionally draining.  I also kept busy in my ‘spare time’ with continued mentoring roles for new students, orientation day tours and helping in the good Friday appeal teddy bear hospital. 
Physiotherapy thus far
I graduated in 2012 with a Doctor of physiotherapy degree (note I am not a ‘doctor’ by title). I went on to work in residential aged care and rehab and was placed at park lane aged care in Croydon.  Originally to assist an accreditation and maternity leave cover, however, after 6 months I ended up taking over as the lead physio 4 days a week. It was a huge role as the site has 104 residents to 1 physio, and while I enjoyed it, the long days and work pressures began to creep up. Decided I needed a change and to try working in a different field to broaden my skills.

I choose to look for a rural placement for the ability to work in a slightly expanded role as a result of the reduced service levels. Every day is different which is both good and challenging at times! I walked into my interview at ADH to discover my potential manager was the daughter of a couple who lived at park lane aged care, which we took as a good sign. Moving back to a small town reminded me of Kinglake, everyone knows your neighbours and townsfolk by some connection, people stop you in the street and there is lots of community pride
I also wanted to start giving back again assist in community projects as my family used to do in Kinglake. I choose rotary as I had been considering joining Rotaract as friends of mine were members and I had enjoyed fundraising dinners and trivia nights if attendance as a guest. Not one within 90min so thought why not just join anyway. And being in this club you can see that while we are a small club what we do locally every year has a huge impact on community togetherness and fun, whilst also providing opportunities for young people and recognising local talent which wouldn’t be possible if we were to fold. I also, crazily, accepted a request to aid in the re-launching of the venturing scout program in Alexandra as I enjoy outdoor activities, especially bushwalking, and saw it as a good way to help promote youth growth and skill building.

John Cannon
John Cannon born in 1944 and spent his early childhood in Melbourne and he often recalls time spent exploring the family home and   his   family’s love of music. His teenage years were  spent  in  Bendigo  a virtual  paradise  for  a  boy playing   baseball,  building and   flying  model  aircraft, and experimenting with all sorts of things.   His father was a driving force in the Bendigo Operatic Society. 
Teaching was his chosen vocation and his place of learning the Bendigo teachers college.
His first schools were rural schools in central Victoria and Mallee at a time when the   local  school  teacher always played football , spotlighted for  rabbits and foxes and John was involved in  everything,  except  his football skills were not up to those  of  his  AFL  team, Essendon.
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Congratulations John and Lynda

Two inspiring Rotarians recognised. Linda with a Paul Harris Award. John with a Sapphire pin. Well deserved. Congratulations.

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Congratulations John and Lynda Tom Farrell 2019-01-06 13:00:00Z 0

Christmas trees Galore

Wonderful effort again by Noel McIlwraith. 
Christmas trees come and see.
Alexandra Shire Hall Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 9pm until Christmas. Gold coin donation. 
Be inspired and impressed.
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Murrindindi Shire Council workers support Rotary Health

Thanks to staff from the Murrindindi Shire Council for supporting the “Lift the Lid” afternoon tea. The Rotary campaign encourages all businesses to raise awareness about Mental Health and also to donate towards mental health research.
Some stats were about 45% of us will experience a mental illness in our lifetime.
Australian Rotary Health is one of the largest independent funders of mental health research within Australia. Rotary Health provides funding into a broad range of general health areas, provide scholarships for rural medical and nursing students, as well as Indigenous health students. Australian Rotary Health provides funding into areas of health that do not readily attract funding, and promotes findings to the community.
 Remember that  resilience is built by good nutrition, sleep, hydration, exercise, mindfulness/meditation, social connection and looking out for each other.
A BIG thanks from Rotary to those who contributed food, made a donation and especially to those who wore a silly hat! Donations came to $143.55!
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World Polio Day

October 24, 2018 was International Polio Day. It aims to raise awareness of the disease and its consequences, while also celebrating the fact that worldwide 99.8% of polio has been reduced since 1988. 
Now only 3 countries remain affected, however, reported cases have risen in 2018 to 20, with 16 cases reported in Afghanistan and 4 in Pakistan so far.
The rotary club of Alexandra is pleased to support the ongoing global effort to END POLIO once and for all as no child should die from a vaccine preventable disease!
How can you triple your impact? Thanks to a 2-to-1 match from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, every donation made to Rotary to end polio will be tripled. Donate today. endpolio.org/donate
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Wonderful U3A presentation

Greta and Christine informed us about U3A East Murrindindi
Are you retired or just going part time and want to learn for the love of it, enjoying new adventures and making new friends?
To join refer to  murrindindieastu3a.org.au
Our Rotarians were informed about the vast assortment of activities available and given a copy of the 2019 course program. Enrol from Nov 30 2018 for next year.
Once you join these include writing and languages, creative arts and music, food, wine and gardens, health and well-being, history/ travel/ games, information technology and outdoor activities.
Other events are day trips by bus, happy hour and a yearly interstate bus trip.
If you look at their Facebook page Murrindindi East U3A you see many smiling faces.
As their brochure says “So why not join in and make retirement the best time of your life?”
What do you call a person smiling on Monday?
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Toast to Rotary International

Toast to Rotary International by PP Rob Chaffe: Rotary International is identified by its symbols of excellence the Gear Wheel that is abbreviated to “the Rotary Wheel”. We know that symbols can be shallow promises and in the modern world we see and experience the consequences of unfulfilled promises yet shining out amidst all the Rotary Wheel. We know Rotary not through this symbol but through what the members of this organisation are driven by. They promote Peace, fight disease, provide clean water, save mothers and children, support education and grow local economics. High ideals indeed, but Rotary International has pledged $150 million US to help fund the eradication of Polio that will cost $1.5 Billion. To give you an idea as to the significance of this Australia has pledged $13 million. Yes only 8.37% of Rotary’s contribution. There are three parts to Rotary and the first is the Rotary Club, the second is Rotary International and the last the Rotary Foundation. World wide of the 7 billion people only 1.2 million are Rotarians and 35 000 Clubs. How is it possible that Rotary can make such an impact, by the way so far this year there have been no recorded cases of “wild” polio. Yes we have almost wiped out this debilitating disease world wide. How is this so? Rotarians think differently, see differently and act responsibly because we, the whole 1.2 million Rotarians are Common unity builders, problem solvers and people of action. Rotary international punches way above its weight where ever it is. Regrettably in the wider community Rotary is known only by the local Rotary Park or a sausage sizzle. In Alexandra its Driver Education Program has saved over 45 lives.
It’s contribution to Rotary Foundation over 50 years amounts to over $100 000 US; this capital investment is never touched but the interest provides the money needed. Think what the compound interest on just $10 000 amounts to, let alone $100 000! It was a significant force to get Kellock Village off the ground in the 80’s and the development of the new library.
It has welcomed over forty five students on the youth exchange program and sent out 35 students all over the world, 8 vocational exchange team members, six Rotary Foundation scholars and on and on. All this has been possible because of those 35 000 Rotary Clubs around the world come together through Rotary International.
Now 113 years old Rotary International is one of the most dynamic, responsible and respected organisations in the world. Let’s shout it out that it is no secret anymore Rotary International is a vibrant energetic and responsible organisation that reaches around the world first a toast to Rotary International and then pop your poppers. The toast is Rotary International! Shout it out with your party poppers!
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Tree planting Leckie park

Tree Planting in Leckie Park:
Rotary, in collaboration with Murrindindi Shire Council and the Alexandra Open Garden Committee, selected the replacement
trees and determined the location of the trees to ensure that they would be fit for purpose, be consistent with the UT Creek
management plan and to ensure that the easy maintenance of the park is not compromised.
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Mothers Day Classic 

Rotary Alexandra members are manning the BBQ at Rotary Park. Come join us on May 13th
Image result for leckie park alexandra
The Mother’s Day Classic is a nation-wide community based event that raises funds for breast cancer research. No matter how large or small the venue, we all come together on Mother’s Day to remember, celebrate and honour those touched by breast cancer.
The Alexandra Yea & Districts event is in its first year & offers participants a 24km walk from Yarck – Alexandra, 16.5km walk from Cathkin – Alexandra & 5km walk Koriella – Alexandra!
Can’t join us on the day, don’t worry, while you may not be able to join us in body, you can still join us in spirit by registering as a ‘Support us in Spirit’ participant! Log on for details and to  register
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