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St Mary’s Catholic Primary School proudly nominated Fletcher van Lierop
for this year’s award:
2021 has been an even more challenging year than 2020, despite us all believing that things would get better. Regardless of the challenges, and there have been many, our nominee for this award has continued to work diligently and be the kind and respectful friend he has always been to everyone in our school community.
Fletcher’s many outstanding qualities were recognised by the students late last year when they elected him to be the House Captain for Tenison in 2021 – a role he has performed with enthusiasm and commitment. His willingness to support others, to go out of his way to make sure that everyone is included and respected, made him an excellent choice for this role. It seemed only fitting that Tenison won our Athletics Sports this year to repay Fletcher for this passion and energy.
In our Year 6 classroom Fletcher can be relied upon to give us his best efforts across all subject areas, regardless of how much he might struggle in some of these areas. As a result, his academic progress has grown more than expected throughout the year. His positive attitude, and willingness to persevere, has paid dividends for him. Even when we spent time in remote learning and things were even more challenging than usual, Fletcher soldiered on and did his best, completing all tasks as well as he could.
But even more importantly than this, Fletcher can always be relied on to ensure that he treats all members of our school community with respect, tolerance and compassion. His strong sense of justice has been a real asset in our class and in our school. He will always speak up for those who can’t or don’t use their own voice. He is never the quiet bystander if someone is being treated unfairly or hurtfully. His commitment to being the voice of reason and justice is commendable. For this reason, more than any other, we believe there is no worthier student in our Year 6 class who deserves this honour. This quality above all others, deserves to be encouraged and rewarded.
Fletcher Van Lierop leaves St Mary’s Catholic primary school embodying all the qualities we hope that our students will take with them into life – compassion, tolerance, respect and courage. We are grateful that the Rotary Club of Alexandra has provided us with the opportunity to recognise and celebrate what Fletcher has given to our school community.
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L-R Penny van Leirop, Ben van Leirop, Jo Brewer, Fletcher van Leirop & John Cannon
Ashley has been selected as a most worthy recipient of this year’s Rotary Encouragement Award.
Ashley has been a charismatic member of the Marysville school community for his entire primary years. He has maintained good grades in all curriculum areas despite a challenging journey through the Covid-19 remote learning. He transitioned from onsite to offsite learning with extreme competency. His loyalty and empathy towards others have earned the respect of those around him.
Marysville Primary School values, Responsibility, Respect and Community and we ensure that we demonstrate pride in all that we do and nurture each other. Ashley lives these values and role models them to all members of the school and broader community. We have watched Ashley care for all students from the youngest in their first year of school to his peers in year 6. Ashley has a knack of relating to everyone and making them feel comfortable and cared for. Ashley takes initiative and responsibility for getting things done and to the best of his ability. He does not fuss; he just focuses and sets his mind to doing what needs doing.
Academically, Ashley always tries his best. He is not afraid to ask questions or to put forth his opinion. Ashley enjoys hands on tasks and learning new things. We are all fortunate to know Ashley and to have him around sharing his positivity and his great sense of humor. People like Ashley motivate others to be the best they can be.
Ashley is an honest, fair sportsman and a valued member of the team, both in the school and wider community. When it comes to the wellbeing of others, Ashley goes above and beyond to make sure they are safe, happy and feeling as though they belong. These skills and abilities will take Ashley a long way in life.
We are so very proud of him, and we are confident that this award will go a long way towards encouraging Ashely’s self confidence in his abilities to inspire and believe in himself. He does this for others, it is his turn now to have his efforts and abilities recognised and celebrated as he faces the next chapter in his life – Secondary School.
We commend Ashley on being the person he is, dependable, reliable and an excellent ambassador for Marysville Primary School.
Mrs. Sandra Bishop
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L-R Sandra Bishop, Glen Johnston, Katie Richardson, Ashley Johnston & John Cannon.
This year’s Alexandra Primary School of the Rotary Encouragement Award is awarded to Emily Rowntree.  
Emily's maturity has developed remarkably.   She consistently demonstrates a competent, caring and thoughtful attitude.  Emily happily asks for help and will go out of her way to help others.  She is very empathetic towards many of the junior students.  She attempts all tasks and will have a go, even though some activities seem beyond her at the time.
We know that she is going to reach the stars. Congratulations, we are so proud to have her in our learning community and we look forward to seeing her shine as her move through Secondary College.
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Britney Thomas and Peter Scott were guest speakers at Rotary Alexandra. Peter is the Paramedic Community Support Coordinator for the Murrindindi Shire. Peter was the Team Manager at Alexandra during the time of the 2009 fires. He has since spent 9 years at Air Ambulance Victoria on the helicopter. Britney, is the Eildon Ambulance Community Officer (ACO) Team Leader. She lives in Marysville and has been an ACO for four years. She has enjoyed the work so much that she has completed her paramedicine studies, and is hoping to return to the local area as a paramedic. 
Together, they enlightened us about the three simple steps, ‘Call Push Shock’ to help save a life, when someone is experiencing a cardiac arrest. In cardiac arrest, the patient’s heart stops beating. There are around 18 cardiac arrests daily in Victoria, of whom, 1 in 10 survive. Most occur outside of a hospital setting. Every minute without CPR decreases the patient’s chance of survival by 10%, but that chance of survival can increase by up to 72% when the situation is recognised and acted upon.
Step 1 - CALL 
If a person is found unconscious and not breathing or not breathing normally, call 000 and request an ambulance. The call taker will stay on the line until the ambulance arrives, and talk you through the resuscitation procedure. It is vital that you call early.
Step 2 - PUSH (CPR)
Provide hands-only compressions. For members of the public, no breathes are required. It is important that high-quality compressions are provided with minimal interruption. 
Place the patient on a firm surface, ideally the floor. Kneel beside patient, knees a shoulder width apart. Centre your hands on the chest between the nipples. Place one hand on top of the other and lock your elbows. Using your body weight, bending from hips, push down a third of chest depth, and allow for full recoil. Desired rhythm is 100-120 compressions per minute, think Bee Gees ‘Staying Alive’. Some patient's ribs will break during CPR.​ If possible, swap operator every two minutes, as CPR is exhausting. Give it a go, something is better than nothing!
Step 3 - SHOCK
If possible, locate an AED/defibrillator, but do not stop compressions in doing so. Clothes need to be cut off and the patient's chest exposed. Shears should be located in the defibrillator pack. If the patient is very hairy, you may need to clip hair before applying pads. Defibrillator pads need to be applied to dry skin as per the diagram on pads. Remove any patches attached to the patient's skin (for example, nicotine or pain relief) before applying defibrillator pads. Do not bring pads into contact with metal or water. Focus on compressions while defibrillator being prepared. Turn on the AED machine and follow the verbal instructions. Most importantly, stand clear when a shock is delivered, then keep going with CPR. The AED is capable of correcting some (but not all) abnormal rhythms. Keep note of the number of shocks applied, most AEDs will do this for you. Some AEDs will require modifications to be used on a paediatric patient, such as inserting a "key" or utilising different pads. 
The GoodSAM app links community based responders to a patient in cardiac arrest and aims to provide rapid assistance to patients in those first critical minutes, while paramedics and emergency services are on the way. GoodSAM responders are also notified at the time of ambulance dispatch, if close-by to someone in cardiac arrest. Consider downloading the app on your phone and registering.
AEDs should preferably be located on the outside of buildings, for ready access when required, and registered with Ambulance Victoria. The device will require service after emergency use. If the AED is registered and used by a GoodSAM responder, Ambulance Victoria will replace the pads. 
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