Chairman Bruce introduced Nat Phillips and Sam Beaver the O.E.G. organisers of the “Young Men, Old Mountains” program. Nat and Sam thanked Rotary for recognising the importance of the event and then introduced the young men who participated in this years ten day hike.  
Young men: Liam Flynn, Ben Nash, Ben Thomas, Josh Forden, Luke Downes, Fletcher McCarthy,  Jordie Laurie-Rhodes]     
Absent:  Damon Malcolm and Archie Smith
The boys gave us a day by day description of their activities and said it was an unforgettable experience. They trekked eighty kms over the ten days and thanked Rotary for our support.

Andy Hooke acknowledged the support of every person in the room - everyone had contributed to success of the boys’ journey.
Photo:Andy Hooke, Nigel Lyttle, President David, Nat Philips and Sam Beaver with the young men

President David congratulated the boys on their achievements and praised the program and the organisers from O.E.G.