Rotary Clubs under the aegis of RAWCS Hands on Project - Rotarians and friends come together to build an artificial hand for land mine victims in Cambodia.
Rotary Hands on Project
The Rotary Hands On Project involves building prosthetic hands from kit form and then distributing them overseas to victims of landmines and war. The hands are fitted to the recipient and they are trained how to use it. So far over 1300 hands have been fitted by Hands On Project Teams in Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Laos.
Our neighbouring Rotary clubs were approached to support the project which resulted in commitments from local clubs for a total of 10 hands. We will be assembling our hands  on Saturday 20 January then there will be the opportunity to have lunch together and share our experiences of the day. Our club is building two hands.
Everyone is welcome to attend although not everyone will be able to participate in the hand building.  Rotarians are very welcome to watch the assembly of the hands and there will be a presentation about the Hands on Project and the work it does to provide hands to victims of landmines and war. Its also a good opportunity to share the day with Rotarians from neighbouring clubs.
Venue: Alexandra Town Hall, Grant Street, Alexandra
Date: Saturday 20 January 2018
Time: Doors will open at 10am for a 10:30am start, its expected the hand assembly will finish around 12:30pm
Assembling the hands: The hands are assembled by a group of two.  There is the option of swapping half way through the assembly to another team of two.  Its important the hands are kept clean so no food or drink should be at the assembly table except for a bottle of water if you wish.
Lunch: Everyone is welcome to have lunch together at The Grant Street Grocer, Grant Street, Alexandra.
The Facts
There are estimated to be 384,000 people with one or two hands missing from landmine accidents, many of which are children.
There are around 120 million landmines still set in the world.
Landmines are being cleared at a rate of 100,000 per year.
There are 2000 accidents per month.
Many people are also victims to cluster bombs, large ordnance which contain small "bombies" which remain unexploded in the ground.
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