Rotary Primary School Encouragement Awards for 2020
The Rotary Club of Alexandra is delighted award our annual Primary School Encouragement Awards. Local primary schools have nominated the most deserving Grade 6 student to receive this year’s award.
Financial assistance of $300 is awarded to the student to provide encouragement and assistance in the move from primary to secondary schooling.
Due to covid we are unable to have a presentation night and the Alexandra standard has kindly agreed to publish a photo of one recipent each week with a copy of their citation. This will give public recognition and every students should be commended on being chosen for this award.
Aiqha Mosquite citation from her classroom teacher Ms. Alexandra Wilson.
 On behalf of Marysville Primary School and our community, I wish to sincerely thank Alexandra Rotary for their continued support toward these educational scholarships in our cluster.
It is our great pleasure to nominate the 2020 Marysville Primary School Year 6 recipient, Aiqha Mosquite.
Our nomination is in acknowledgement of the Rotary’s Award’s purpose; to encourage Aiqha to pursue lifelong learning and rise to her personal potential.
Aiqha has consistently demonstrated a passion for learning, a deep commitment toward achieving her personal best and a genuine care and concern for others.
Aiqha is a purposeful learner who always comes to class well prepared and works hard in all areas to learn new skills. She manages her time and effort well and has developed a keen interest toward team sports, particularly with friends and others at lunch breaks. Aiqha participates in all school activities, including fundraising days, camps, athletics and netball.
Aiqha has been a valued member of our school community since Year Prep and has meticulously upheld our values of Respect, Honesty, Responsibility and Community.
She has consistently demonstrated qualities of a caring member of the school, being a role model and helping others in the yard and in the classroom.
The support of family is an important addition to the life of all children and Aiqha enjoys the love and support of her family. This was particularly evident this year during Remote and Flexible Learning. Aiqha was always present online and collected materials from school, with assistance from her family.
It is this dedication and commitment to our school and community that makes Aiqha a worthy recipient of this award.
Again, I would like to thank the Rotary Club of Alexandra for providing this fantastic award to all the deserving recipients in our Cluster.
On behalf of Marysville Primary School, congratulations Aiqha on a magnificent achievement. We all believe in your potential and hope this award inspires you in life and your educational journey.
Picture from left: John Cannon (Youth Director), Aiqha Mosquite, Tom Farrell (Secretary) Helen Gibb (President) and Alexandra Wilson (teacher)