St Mary’s Catholic Primary School proudly nominated Fletcher van Lierop
for this year’s award:
2021 has been an even more challenging year than 2020, despite us all believing that things would get better. Regardless of the challenges, and there have been many, our nominee for this award has continued to work diligently and be the kind and respectful friend he has always been to everyone in our school community.
Fletcher’s many outstanding qualities were recognised by the students late last year when they elected him to be the House Captain for Tenison in 2021 – a role he has performed with enthusiasm and commitment. His willingness to support others, to go out of his way to make sure that everyone is included and respected, made him an excellent choice for this role. It seemed only fitting that Tenison won our Athletics Sports this year to repay Fletcher for this passion and energy.
In our Year 6 classroom Fletcher can be relied upon to give us his best efforts across all subject areas, regardless of how much he might struggle in some of these areas. As a result, his academic progress has grown more than expected throughout the year. His positive attitude, and willingness to persevere, has paid dividends for him. Even when we spent time in remote learning and things were even more challenging than usual, Fletcher soldiered on and did his best, completing all tasks as well as he could.
But even more importantly than this, Fletcher can always be relied on to ensure that he treats all members of our school community with respect, tolerance and compassion. His strong sense of justice has been a real asset in our class and in our school. He will always speak up for those who can’t or don’t use their own voice. He is never the quiet bystander if someone is being treated unfairly or hurtfully. His commitment to being the voice of reason and justice is commendable. For this reason, more than any other, we believe there is no worthier student in our Year 6 class who deserves this honour. This quality above all others, deserves to be encouraged and rewarded.
Fletcher Van Lierop leaves St Mary’s Catholic primary school embodying all the qualities we hope that our students will take with them into life – compassion, tolerance, respect and courage. We are grateful that the Rotary Club of Alexandra has provided us with the opportunity to recognise and celebrate what Fletcher has given to our school community.
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L-R Penny van Leirop, Ben van Leirop, Jo Brewer, Fletcher van Leirop & John Cannon