The Little Black bull

Charley the Black Bull made his appearance at the Rotary Club of Alexandra’s meeting last Wednesday night.  Charley was accompanied by Rotary District 9790’s District Governor Bernie Bott on his offical visit to the Rotary Club of Alexandra.  Charley sat in with Bernie’s meeting with the Rotary Club board of Directors as they shared its plans for Rotary activities in Alexandra and District for the next 12 months.  The meeting also included a frank discussion of the future of Rotary and the changes that are in place to ensure that Rotary remains a vibrant and effective service organisation.  Charley heard how the Rotary Club of Alexandra continues to support Rotary international through an annual donation of $100 per Rotarian per year, how projects like the annual Auto Swap Meet and the Rotary Art Show are the big fund raiser for the club,  the continued strong support for youth and young adults, development of vocational excellence through Pride of Workmanship and Business excellence awards, many and varied Community service projects including Carols in the Park and Australia Day celebrations.  Through Bernie Charley reminded the board and later the club members and guests of the unique opportunity that the District Conference in Yarrawonga next year provides for Rotary to both show case and share the vast variety of ways Rotary is making a difference.   Despite Rotary being 112 years old local Clubs like Alexandra (one of 33000 clubs all over the world)continue to provide vital and valuable service and personal development to their community.

Charley took centre stage as Bernie was guest speaker for the Rotarians and their guests.  There is no doubt that this Little Black Bull will have a wealth of experience and so many stories to share by the time he gets to the District conference.  President David Dimech confirmed there will be a contingent from Alexandra in attendance at conference  as well as a display to share the ways the Rotarians from Alexandra are making a real difference.