Invitation - Rotary Club of Alexandra Zoom Changeover
Wednesday June 17 2020 7pm!
Please click the link below at 7pm on Wednesday June 17.
Meeting ID: 781 8151 7595 
Password: 3rcWrj
Zoom meeting June 3rd DGE Bruce Anderson. 
Our first official Zoom Meeting! Seventeen Alex Rotarians zoomed in to hear our Guest Speaker, DGE Bruce Anderson. There were apologies from Bruce Hyatt, Bob Flowers and John Bassett. DGE Bruce spoke about how the Covid19 pandemic has affected Rotary across the world and also how it will affect us all in this District, how we can expect the virus to affect how we meet and how it may affect our programs in the future. As a scientist in the field of virology he feels that ensuring the basic washing of hands – good hygiene – and maintaining social distancing is essential into the future. Covid19 is a very difficult virus to create a vaccine for. Many people in many countries are working hard to create an effective vaccine or testing to find anything in the medical armory which can help to destroy Covid.
John Cannon thanked Bruce for a most enlightening conversation with a scientist who is speaking from experience and knowledge!
Below a photo from his visit in 2016.