Feb 20, 2019
David Anderson
REAL project At the Alexandra Golf Club 6-30 for 7pm
From Yea Rotary Bulletin
David spoke about the REAL project, which he first heard about when he was at District 3310’s Conference in May this year. It is the Signature project of the RC of Kota Kinabalu Pearl and its aim is to help students in schools become more proficient in English and thereby, improve employment opportunities for youth.
David spoke about the How (by introducing Malay—English dictionaries to grades 4,5 and 6 students, training teachers and having ‘English corners’ in schools) and said the program has grown from 3 schools to now 10 schools.  He talked about the methodology, how partnerships have been formed, and how the effectiveness of the program is being monitored. He stressed that schools choose to take part, and that the project is gaining momentum. There are 300 primary schools in the area and the Rotary Club running the program is looking to apply for a Rotary Foundation Global Grant to expand the program to more schools.
David would like the Cluster of our clubs (Alexandra, Kinglake Ranges, Mansfield, Seymour, Southern Mitchell and us) to join forces enabling the cluster to support two schools with each club to put in $835. A submission has already gone to the District for a grant and four of the six clubs are already on board.