Consider Joining us serve the community and have fun.
We now meet on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at the Golf Club. On the fifth Wednesday of the month we have a social night. The last social night involved quizzes and laughter trying to name logos and identify the meanings of 1920's slang.

Essentially, membership is simple.
You need to be a person of good character and standing, with a willingness to give something back to your community. Be prepared to have fun along the way and meet a whole new circle of friends.

Locally Rotary is very active with Carols, Australia Day, Music the Park March 3 2018, Easter Art Show, Cycle Dindi April 7 2018, we help out at local events such as the show, Rodeo, open gardens, truck and Ute and ELF day. All activities are based on members volunteering no pressure. I've discovered if you want something done ask a busy person.

Unless people like yourselves join us who will carry on these activities. Contact me via email on even if all you want to do is come along to see if you might want to help.