Director 2019– 2020 John Cannon
Once again Rotary Club of Alexandra has invested in the youth of our district as a major priority. We have a range of programs which cover both individual and group activities:
National Youth Science Forum
I would like to recognise the outstanding contribution made by science teacher Kathy Zerbe to the NYSF program over many years! Kathy has retired and will be missed! I feel this is one of the most important individual programs we support with far-reaching benefits to the student and science in general.
It was disappointing that no-one applied for the NYSF program this year. I feel it is an opportunity of a life-time, to be able to meet a like-minded group who are interested in a future in the science field; sharing like interests, participating in a variety of life – altering experiences provided by world leaders in their fields- and forming lasting friendships with other students from all across Australia. It is uncertain when the next forum will be held.
Primary School Encouragement Awards:
It is always a highlight of our Rotary year. This year the Primary Schools Encouragement Awards were presented to:
Eildon Primary – Brandon van Grinkel
Marysville Primary – Ashton Cowell
St Mary’s Primary – Emily Van Lierop
Alexandra Primary – Danielle Nadj
Buxton Primary – Chikita Richter
Proud family and friends heard each teacher speak of why their student was chosen; their virtues and their contributions to their schools and to their fellow students. Our congratulations to each of these students! We wish them well in your entrance into secondary education.
Alexandra Secondary College Citizenship Award
College Principal, Nigel Lyttle, thanked Rotary for supporting young people in the area so generously such as the Alice Sloan Program, Young Men Old Mountains, NYSF, the mock interviews, and especially these awards.
Sophie Bowe and Tom Rouget were presented with their awards and a FitBit watch each.
Alice Sloan and Young Men, Old Mountains
We give financial support to the Alice Sloan Trust which gives young women in Year 11 from the Alexandra Secondary College. We also give financial support to youth with the Young Men, Old Mountains program for students also from Alexandra Secondary College. Both these programs are run by OEG staff.
The opportunity to participate in an expedition which promotes personal growth and skill development and is the platform for participation in the Youth Leadership Award. Their visit to the Club allows them to practice their public speaking. It is inspirational to see and hear these young adults speak so enthusiastically and confidently about their experiences.
Jam! Thanks once again to Vera and Pam!
For many years Vera Bassett and Pam Thompson have again been making their special range of jams for sale across our community to raise funds to support our local youth projects – this year the Cathedral Cluster Primary School Awards, the Alexandra Secondary College Year 12 Citizenship Awards, and the Alice Sloan and Young Men Old Mountains expeditions. Thanks to Pam and Vera they have raised thousands of dollars towards our Rotary Youth programs – an amazing effort!.
John Cannon PP PHF