Celebrating Youth
This week the Rotary Club of Alexandra presented 4 primary students Ned, Casey, Lachlan and Kaylea with encouragement awards. Two VCE students Brock and Charmaine were presented with Citizenship Awards.
It was wonderful to recognise their achievements and dedication.
Eildon Primary School – Principal Jai Harrington was happy to nominate Ned Taylor, currently school captain; diligent, reliable, a good listener, and leads by example.
Marysville Primary School - Kate McNab nominated Kaylea Graf , a dedicated, enthusiastic,intelligent, conscientious student,very strong in literacy, member of school band and year 6 captain.
Representing St Mary's Primary School - Michael Heyes presented Lachlan Armstrong,
a great all-rounder, with positive attitude, cooperative, friendly and respectful, showing great maturity for twelve year old. Popular with fellow students, a pleasure to teach, has represented the school in regional swimming comps.
Alexandra Primary School - Khristy Nicholson nominated Casey Clark, whom she has taught for three years. Academically and personally,
a shining star with a quirky sense of humour;
a delight to teach. Shows great attention to detail, producing superb drawings, also very involved in school performing arts, playing Cinderella in Shrek, and as assistant stage manager.
Secondary Citizenship Awards
Principal Nigel Lyttle congratulated the four winners of the Primary Encouragement Awards, and looks forward to seeing them all at ASC in 2018.
Good citizens give back to their community; Rotarians are an example of this, providing opportunities to ASC students through NYSF, Young Men Old Mountains and the Alice Sloan Expedition.
In nominating Charmaine Beggs, he highlighted her outstanding leadership and organisational skills, participation in swimming, cross country ,athletics, ‘Electroheads’, ski team, landscaping committee and college dramatic productions.
Outside the College, Charmaine is heavily involved in Scouting, having earned her Queens Scout award in 2016, assists with running Cubs and Scouts in Alexandra, while also volunteering with Eildon Lions, Eildon Tourist Information Centre and Freeza.
Charmaine thanked ASC and Rotary for the award, and urged the Year 6's to get involved, follow their dreams, and follow their passions.
Brock Mortley has been known to Nigel for seven years, since his time at APS.  Brock has shown leadership as House Captain for Long House, mentors team mates at Alexandra Cricket Club, (handy spin bowler) organised the school social, and recently volunteered as Barista at year 12 community thank you breakfast. He also runs the school cafeteria on Fridays, and has been instrumental in setting up a composting service for local businesses, collecting waste using a custom designed bicycle.
“Brock is a great role model, and a pleasure to know”.
Brock's response:-Six years seem to have passed in five minutes. He has had great opportunities to show leadership, especially the ‘Y Lead Conference’ earlier this year. Advice to following students- get some sleep, you will need it. And do your homework!
Chair John thanked parents and teachers for preparing and presenting such an inspiring group of young people. “We wish them all well in the future”.