The Our Club has an established custom of toasting a Rotary Club from another country at our weekly meetings. This broadens our knowledge of clubs around the world. We had the pleasure of toasting your Club at our meeting. We wish your Club every success in your Rotary endeavours. We’d love to hear from your club.
Our club, apart from giving donations locally, internationally and to Foundation, does the following
▪ Cuts and collects wood for the annual wood action and provides free wood for those in genuine need.
▪ Provides readers for the ELF day in the main street for primary schools
▪ Runs mock job  interviews at the local secondary college
Gives awards for community service, business in excellence  and  pride in workmanship
Thank you very much for your kind email and your toast to our club! On the picture at the back, you see the Amsterdam flag.
We are the only International Rotary Club in Amsterdam and we participate to the tulip for polio action, we sent a Shelter box to Sint Maarten, we sponsor the education of a guide dog, we cook once a month for a homeless shelter, we collect clothes for the shelter (De Kloof), we organise a Xmas party for a group of children in need (Leefkringhuis). We participate to the Rotary Foundation…
We have a yearly project and our main goals are Educate and Irrigate. This year it is a primary school in Zimbabwe. We found it trough the Rotary Club of Bulawayo South, Mr Alvord Mabena.(See description here attached). Last year we collect money for 2 school buses for a school for children with down syndrome in Bali
Kind regards,
 Patricia Schneiders
This picture is a toast to your club, it was taken last Monday.