Ashley has been selected as a most worthy recipient of this year’s Rotary Encouragement Award.
Ashley has been a charismatic member of the Marysville school community for his entire primary years. He has maintained good grades in all curriculum areas despite a challenging journey through the Covid-19 remote learning. He transitioned from onsite to offsite learning with extreme competency. His loyalty and empathy towards others have earned the respect of those around him.
Marysville Primary School values, Responsibility, Respect and Community and we ensure that we demonstrate pride in all that we do and nurture each other. Ashley lives these values and role models them to all members of the school and broader community. We have watched Ashley care for all students from the youngest in their first year of school to his peers in year 6. Ashley has a knack of relating to everyone and making them feel comfortable and cared for. Ashley takes initiative and responsibility for getting things done and to the best of his ability. He does not fuss; he just focuses and sets his mind to doing what needs doing.
Academically, Ashley always tries his best. He is not afraid to ask questions or to put forth his opinion. Ashley enjoys hands on tasks and learning new things. We are all fortunate to know Ashley and to have him around sharing his positivity and his great sense of humor. People like Ashley motivate others to be the best they can be.
Ashley is an honest, fair sportsman and a valued member of the team, both in the school and wider community. When it comes to the wellbeing of others, Ashley goes above and beyond to make sure they are safe, happy and feeling as though they belong. These skills and abilities will take Ashley a long way in life.
We are so very proud of him, and we are confident that this award will go a long way towards encouraging Ashely’s self confidence in his abilities to inspire and believe in himself. He does this for others, it is his turn now to have his efforts and abilities recognised and celebrated as he faces the next chapter in his life – Secondary School.
We commend Ashley on being the person he is, dependable, reliable and an excellent ambassador for Marysville Primary School.
Mrs. Sandra Bishop
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L-R Sandra Bishop, Glen Johnston, Katie Richardson, Ashley Johnston & John Cannon.