Posted by Rob Chaffe
Seven Outstanding Young Students recognised by Rotary


Last Wednesday night was the Rotary Club of Alexandra’s students award night.  The student encouragement awards recognise citizenship and involvement in the student’s community, one Year 6 student from each of the Alexandra, Buxton, Eildon, Marysville and St. Mary’s primary schools, and 2 Citizenship Awards to Alexandra Secondary College Year 12 students.   The awardees for 2018 all were outstanding young people who have demonstrated commitment to themselves and their community.  The citations read out by each school’s teacher told of young people who are on their way to being outstanding citizens prepared to go the extra bit to make sure a task is well done and ensure effective involvement of all.  All awardees demonstrated an ability to deal with adversity in a positive and practical way.  The local community can be proud of our young people and this group of leaders show us that the future is in good hands.   Over 80 Rotarians, special student guests, their family and friends gathered at the Alexandra Golf Club to celebrate the achievements of these young students and be part of the awards night. The Primary School Year 6 students Encouragement Awards are presented with a certificate and $300 to assist them with their secondary education while the Year 12 Alexandra Secondary College students not only received a certificate and a Fitbit Versa Smart Watch to help manage their busy lives.  This replaces the Citizen Watch that has been the regular gift to the Secondary College Citizens of the Year.  The Fitbit Versa Smart Watch has much more to offer than to tell the time, very accurately, just as these young people have so much to offer our community and our future.
The primary school awardees were: From Alexandra, Hattie Langley; Buxton, Mack Fitzpatrick; Eildon, Jessica Newman; Marysville, Matthew Thompson and St Mary’s, Tyler Richards.
The Alexandra Secondary College Citizens of 2018 were Maya Lineham and Oscar Vinycomb

Rotary Club of Alexandra ’s President Melinda Jackson, in closing the evening, congratulated all the students in their outstanding achievements as citizens of our community and wished the primary students best wishes for a successful secondary education.  Melinda specifically congratulated Maya and Oscar for their leadership in the community during a time in their lives where young people face many challenges.  Melinda wished them every success in whatever they chose to do with their lives and confirmed that they were starting from a very good base.  Finally, Melinda thanked the teachers and the community who have nurtured and taught these young people, ensuring that they and their peers grew up to be the best possible people they can, in particular to meet adversity with innovation and enthusiasm. 
Robert Chaffe