This week at Rotary.
This week at Rotary Alexandra, we farewelled Aju Thomas who is moving away. During his three years as a member of our club his fellowship and support has been greatly appreciated.
He has helped with Cycle Dindi, music in the park, Australia Day, the Rodeo and the Art Show. We wish him well in the future.
We then inducted a new member John Wainwright. He has been admitted not only to the Rotary Club of Alexandra but to a worldwide association will be welcomed into the fellowship of any Rotary club in the world. As everyone would realise without new members the clubs cannot continue carrying out its community projects.
Our meeting was conducted on the verandah at the Alexandra Golf Club community facility. A lovely night with an entertaining and informative presentation about the NBN by Damien Cocks from accompanied by Paul John.
It was great to see fellow members in person even behind masks. I’m sure they were smiling.