Rotary Primary School Encouragement Awards for 2020 (Eildon)
The Rotary Club of Alexandra is delighted award our annual Primary School Encouragement Awards. Local primary schools have nominated the most deserving Grade 6 student to receive this year’s award.
Financial assistance of $300 is awarded to the student to provide encouragement and assistance in the move from primary to secondary schooling.
Due to covid we are unable to have a presentation night and the Alexandra standard has kindly agreed to publish a photo of one recipent each week with a copy of their citation. This will give public recognition and every students should be commended on being chosen for this award.
Chelsea Webster’s citation from classroom teacher Hayley Crowle.
Eildon Primary School is proud to announce our recipient of this year’s Rotary Primary School Encouragement Awards is Chelsea Webster.
 Chelsea is an amazing student who constantly strives to achieve her personal best in all areas of her learning. Chelsea is always smiling, approaches each challenge with enthusiasm and optimism.  
She is highly supportive of her peers, actively offering assistance however they need it. She is caring and kind, quick to rush to those that are hurt or upset, comforting them. In class, Chelsea works hard to do her best, listens to feedback and advice, acting on it to improve her learning. She is very creative, with amazing artistic talent which she infuses into all areas of her schooling. It has been a delight to have taught Chelsea and see her grow into a wonderful young person with a huge heart.
We wish her all the best in her future endeavours.
Picture from left: Helen Gibb (President), Chelsea Webster & John Cannon (Youth Director).