District Governor Malcolm and his wife Jill visited Rotary Alexandra this week.
Doing rounds to visit all clubs before Christmas (64 clubs). Alex is 38th club, all are different- biggest difference is in way meetings run. Some very casual and some down the line, Alex in the middle...
Theme - being the inspiration presented to governors elect in SAN Diego. 2000 people - sets of bongos - taught how to play basics in 15mins. Idea - teach , support and combine people with common purpose /theme can achieve a lot.
Be “the “ inspiration is quite definitive - who what when where why - 5 questions asked about the theme. First two who and what made me think. Decided who - me to inspire others Rotarians or should I be inspiring non Rotarians. Decided the first. Until realised 3rd possibility - that is to inspire myself - to be a better Rotarian and will therefore inspire the other two.
What is it I should inspire myself to do? Become a better Rotarian. What is that? What I need to think about - 4 way test - so meaningful for things we think say and do. If I fully apply this I will be a better person not just better Rotarian. Secondly applies to being a good Rotary club, 5 values of Rotary:
Service - all clubs do service - for all things you do in your Community do a great job.
Fellowship - can’t imagine a club without it, binds it...
Integrity - so far haven’t met a person that isn’t honest Diversity - we are all different- different professions and backgrounds to pop, resources and skills, often target people in different professions.
Leadership- different definitions of leadership but all efforts to make a difference on committees run events etc mean leadership. Rotary gives opportunity to develop leadership. We all acquire confidence and skills through our work in Rotary.
So give Alex 5 out of 5 - you love what you’re doing and being a Rotary club. Hope to inspire you to “ be the inspiration” and inspire yourself and others to be a better person.
Jill spoke - partners project is rural aid - grew up in Hay and aware of effect of weather drought, fire, flood, frost hail. Buy a bale delivered more than 4000000 bales of hay. Provide logistical and emotional support, adding, rural counselling and others services. Recently trucks to Connabarbran, and Mudgee. Recently employed 7 new counsellors, eg hampers don’t help rural businesses. Maintain lifeline to farmers.
Melinda provided a cheque to support Jill’s project.