A tradition in our club is to toast another club in the world.
It broadens our knowledge of the world of Rotary and gives us new ideas.
The Rotary Club of Brno City was chartered on 2nd September 2000 as the second club in Brno, with 21 members. The Club’s focus is mainly on charity and volunteering, supporting talented students and organising workshops and conferences on social topics in partnership with the Rotary Club of Prague International and Rotary District 2240 [Czech Republic and Slovakia]. The clubs are planting trees in Zambia, creating a sustainable ecosystem to benefit the community and the planet. To date 2300 trees have been planted. The club has also established a CCP program [care for premature births program] in September 2019. Approximately 100,000 newborns are born each year and about 10% are premature. Present practice is to separate them from the parents. This program is to involve contact with the parents in collaboration with the specialist medical staff to assist in transition to normality. The present practice is a result of the Soviet era.
Map of Brno