Alice Sloan Expedition
We stated with a brief history of Alice Sloan Foundation. The girls thanked Rotary for the opportunity that they had received which had led to growth and positive changes in them throughout the program.
The girls then took it in turns giving reasons why they joined the expedition. Their reasons varied, but most agreed it was to get closer to the other girls, develop leadership qualities and take on challenges.
Highlights of their program were told by each of the girls.
• The night at OEG sharing personal stories
• The ability to bounce back from adversity
• Meeting the Sloans
• Conquering the challenging bike track
• Gathering together under the tarp on the last night
• First taste of ‘real food’
• One big group at the start but one big family at the end
• Hike up Mt Torbrek which was tough!
• Rafting where we bonded the most
• A very challenging 8km hike finished with relief and satisfaction
• Water activities that brought everyone together
• High ropes day that you cannot do alone, so everyone helps each other
All learnt a lot about themselves; what they can do and achieve, and to feel comfortable around the other girls. They learnt from their mistakes, how resilient they can be, and how humour and happiness is needed in hard times.
The girls have more activities planned for this year including ‘Walk for Life’ and a visit to Toorak College.
They thanked the Club for wanting to hear of their expedition. Thanks to Bronwyn Howell for all her organisation and support, Outdoor Education Group and the Alexandra Secondary College.
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