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Cycle Dindi 2018 April 7th
Start getting ready for a fun packed family day along the Rail Trail. A great day for all ages.
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Celebrating Youth
This week the Rotary Club of Alexandra presented 4 primary students Ned, Casey, Lachlan and Kaylea with encouragement awards. Two VCE students Brock and Charmaine were presented with Citizenship Awards.
It was wonderful to recognise their achievements and dedication.
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The Our Club has an established custom of toasting a Rotary Club from another country at our weekly meetings. This broadens our knowledge of clubs around the world. We had the pleasure of toasting your Club at our meeting. We wish your Club every success in your Rotary endeavours. We’d love to hear from your club.
Our club, apart from giving donations locally, internationally and to Foundation, does the following
▪ Cuts and collects wood for the annual wood action and provides free wood for those in genuine need.
▪ Provides readers for the ELF day in the main street for primary schools
▪ Runs mock job  interviews at the local secondary college
Gives awards for community service, business in excellence  and  pride in workmanship
Thank you very much for your kind email and your toast to our club! On the picture at the back, you see the Amsterdam flag.
We are the only International Rotary Club in Amsterdam and we participate to the tulip for polio action, we sent a Shelter box to Sint Maarten, we sponsor the education of a guide dog, we cook once a month for a homeless shelter, we collect clothes for the shelter (De Kloof), we organise a Xmas party for a group of children in need (Leefkringhuis). We participate to the Rotary Foundation…
We have a yearly project and our main goals are Educate and Irrigate. This year it is a primary school in Zimbabwe. We found it trough the Rotary Club of Bulawayo South, Mr Alvord Mabena.(See description here attached). Last year we collect money for 2 school buses for a school for children with down syndrome in Bali
Kind regards,
 Patricia Schneiders
This picture is a toast to your club, it was taken last Monday.
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Fun night of fellowship.
Last week Program Chair Lynda took over the night and gave us a night of fun and fellowship, she had us building castles with newspaper, doing jigsaws, and had the ladies emptying their handbags looking for all sorts of strange objects, and amazing what was found.
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Rotary Club of Alexandra’s president David Dimech had great pleasure in presenting a cheque to Rotary District 9790 District Governor Bernie Bott with a cheque for $500 at last Wednesday’s nights Rotary meeting.  The money is to go to Rotary District 9790 2017-2018 partners program to fund research 50% into Alzheimer’s disease and 50% into dementia.  District Governor Bernie explained that these insidious conditions although usually associated with old age can set in at any time.  It is because of his personal experience of the pain and suffering these conditions can cause that he and his partner chose this fund raising project.  Current research has made serious inroads to the early detection and therefore more effective management/treatment, it would be good to say cure but regrettably this seems a long way off.   President David endorsed Bernie’s remarks and expressed the wish that all District 9790 Rotary Clubs also get behind his  partners project to ensure that there will be significant funds to hand over to these research projects in 2018.
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The Little Black bull

Charley the Black Bull made his appearance at the Rotary Club of Alexandra’s meeting last Wednesday night.  Charley was accompanied by Rotary District 9790’s District Governor Bernie Bott on his offical visit to the Rotary Club of Alexandra.  Charley sat in with Bernie’s meeting with the Rotary Club board of Directors as they shared its plans for Rotary activities in Alexandra and District for the next 12 months.  The meeting also included a frank discussion of the future of Rotary and the changes that are in place to ensure that Rotary remains a vibrant and effective service organisation.  Charley heard how the Rotary Club of Alexandra continues to support Rotary international through an annual donation of $100 per Rotarian per year, how projects like the annual Auto Swap Meet and the Rotary Art Show are the big fund raiser for the club,  the continued strong support for youth and young adults, development of vocational excellence through Pride of Workmanship and Business excellence awards, many and varied Community service projects including Carols in the Park and Australia Day celebrations.  Through Bernie Charley reminded the board and later the club members and guests of the unique opportunity that the District Conference in Yarrawonga next year provides for Rotary to both show case and share the vast variety of ways Rotary is making a difference.   Despite Rotary being 112 years old local Clubs like Alexandra (one of 33000 clubs all over the world)continue to provide vital and valuable service and personal development to their community.

Charley took centre stage as Bernie was guest speaker for the Rotarians and their guests.  There is no doubt that this Little Black Bull will have a wealth of experience and so many stories to share by the time he gets to the District conference.  President David Dimech confirmed there will be a contingent from Alexandra in attendance at conference  as well as a display to share the ways the Rotarians from Alexandra are making a real difference.
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Local Rotarians Aim to Lift the Lid on Mental Illness
 Rotary Club members from Alexandra are on a mission to ‘Lift the Lid on Mental Illness’ by raising money for mental health research this October for Mental Health Month.
Almost one in five Australians will experience a mental illness every year, and nearly half of the population (45%) will experience a mental illness at some stage in their lives.
 Lift the Lid on Mental Illness is a new National mental health fundraising and awareness initiative of Australian Rotary Health, that aims to raise funds for mental health research and ultimately improve the lives of all Australians.
“Everyone knows someone who has been affected by mental illness in some point during their lives, so if anything, please consider that you will be helping them and many others if you decide to make a donation,” Ms Gillett said. 
 “Our research has already focussed on areas such as anxiety and depression, substance abuse and self-harm and suicide. But there is so much more we can do with your help.”
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A night of excitement and fun with the Seymour Rotarians. The handball and quoits resulted in a draw. The presidents arm wrestle was also a draw. So the night was decided on the toss of a coin.
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100% of the money raised during this year's Hat Day campaign goes directly to research helping the one in five Australians affected by depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and many other illnesses.

1 in 5 Aussies are affected by a mental illness every year, but it’s not something we tend to talk about. These illnesses include anxiety, depression, eating disorders, dementia, schizophrenia and many more, you’ll know how important it is for Australia to shine a light on mental illness.


 Rotarians Aim to Lift the Lid on Mental Illness

October is Mental Health Month

Rotary Club members from Alexandra and district are on a mission to ‘Lift the Lid on Mental Illness’ by raising money for mental health research this October for Mental Health Month.


Almost one in five Australians will experience a mental illness every year, and nearly half of the population (45%) will experience a mental illness at some stage in their lives.


Lift the Lid on Mental Illness is a new National mental health fundraising and awareness initiative of Australian Rotary Health, that aims to raise funds for mental health research and ultimately improve the lives of all Australians.

Australian Rotary Health CEO Joy Gillett OAM said she hopes their fresh new campaign will encourage not only Rotarians, but the wider public to support mental health research.

“Everyone knows someone who has been affected by mental illness in some point during their lives, so if anything, please consider that you will be helping them and many others if you decide to make a donation,” Ms Gillett said. 

“Our research has already focussed on areas such as anxiety and depression, substance abuse and self-harm and suicide. But there is so much more we can do with your help.”

To get involved or make a donation, visit or

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Rotary club of Alexandra projects for this Rotary year.
Youth Service
Program,  Budget is $8,500:00 and programs include  Primary School Encouragement Awards,  Secondary
College Citizenship Awards,  N.Y. S.F., James Gillespie is the successful applicant this year. Alice Sloan 10 day trek.
Year 7 all abilities program.
Community Service.   Budget $10,000:00  Australia Rotary Health Research  $1,000:00   Bowel Scan  $1,000:00,  Community Police Award, upgrade trees in Leckie Park, continue footpath behind Bedrock, gardening upgrade at Rotary Park,  manning gates at Open Gardens, Emergency Medical Booklets.
 Vocational Service;-  Pride of Workmanship, Business Excellence Award, a Club Vocational visit,  Rotary Youth Leadership Award [R.Y.L.A.] for 18 – 30 year olds. Mock interviews at Secondary College.
International Service Chair, Lynda Robinson  reported a budget of $5,000:00.   Project Uplift has collected one million bras since 2005., Interplast $500:00,   Shelter Box  1,000.00,  Polio Plus $500:00, The Rotary Foundation $100:00 per member, Rotarians against Malaria [R.A.M.] $500:00,  East Timor, Water for hungry mouths.
Cycle-Dindi joint project with Yea.   The funds raised mainly going to Youth projects, including the O.E.G. Young men, Old  mountains program.
Cathedral Cluster Phoenix Project
Building capacity for co-operation and collaboration.
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, Berry St Shepparton, and  Matthew Jobling, support worker
Anita described this innovative   new program providing accommodation and communal living for 40 young people.
Anita saw first hand the issues of homelessness in Shepparton, having previously worked as team leader in Salvation Army refuge.
The Foyer provides stable accommodation for 40 young people aged 16-24 with a focus on education and preparing for independence . At Shepparton there is a greater need at lower end of this age range; some clients move to Shepparton because of resources available there.
Staff are mentors, who focus on education, employment and civic participation (volunteerism ) Focus is on health and wellbeing, teaching life skills, socialisation and financial management.
A highlight is shared meal on Sunday nights- roast, pasta, determined by the residents.
All get together for a monthly meeting, followed by pizza.
Each resident lives in a self contained bedroom with cooker and fridge in a 3 storey building across the road from GOTafe. Being in good surroundings encourages respect of the building.
100+ attended the first anniversary of the opening of the Foyer, and there have been many positive stories in local press.
Committee for Greater Shepparton recently held a member breakfast on site. 15 residents were up before 7am to cook and serve breakfast for their guests- already well on their way to being part of community.
Matt is a transitional worker with the program. He outlined the 4-step process for acceptance into the program: interview, in which need and motivation are assessed.
The goal is for residents to transition to private rental at the end of the program, with an education for life and a good supportive network.
Businesses in Shepparton have been eager to help in 6 months 16 residents have transitioned out, to Uni in Melbourne and Wagga,to employment.
Bob Flowers asked about relationships with local schools?
The Foyer partners with local schools and GOTafe.
Referral pathway?
some are referred by other agencies, all are assessed at interview for dependence and readiness to commit to further education. If deemed 'not yet Foyer ready' can come back later.
The Foyer currently houses 24 female and 16 male residents, but this varies.
Access to the building is by keypass.
Communal areas are off limits to guests, but residents may have up to 2 visitors at a time to own room. Visitors to leave by 9pm.
Residents sign a  tenancy agreement, maintain a clean space, and must stay up to date with school work.
Rotary clubs in Shepparton have sponsored 4 students to attend RYLA.
Terminology is important - residents are 'students' not homeless or clients, and the staff are not 'youth workers'. The people on staff must enjoy working with kids to maximise potential.
Success is defined as completion of Yr12, or VCAL, or Certificate 3 apprenticeship, and being sustainable in private rental, and in employment.
A hand up rather than a hand out.
Career guidance comes through schools, TAFE and Foyer staff, through work experience and work tastes.
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The Rotary Club of Alexandra is having their fourth automotive swap meet and historic truck muster on Sunday 8 October 2017 at the Alexandra Showgrounds.

On site at the Alexandra Automotive Swap Meet will be up to 50 historic trucks, classic cars, vintage motorbikes, hot rods, food stalls, bric a brac and the all important automotive swap meet stalls. Find that hard to find spare part and other bits and pieces.

Alexandra is a great place to visit with Lake Eildon and the National Parks at our doorstep.

Traders can arrive from 6am and buyers from 7.30am. 

Price per site is $26. Entry for buyers is $5. Children under 15 have free entry.

Bookings/enquiries David Dimech 0428 630 022

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Our Club has an established custom of toasting a Rotary Club from another country at our weekly meetings. This broadens our knowledge of clubs around the world.

Reason for Toast

Today, 12 July, Malala Yousafzai, the youngest person to receive a Nobel Peace Prize, celebrates her 21st birthday. Malala was born in Minigora in the Swat Valley of northern Pakistan which became under the rule of the Taliban in 2008. The Taliban made its opposition to a proper education for girls a cornerstone of its terror campaign.
Malala spoke out about the injustice of life under the Taliban particularly regarding the right to an education. In 2012, 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by the Taliban while on a bus heading home from school. Malala survived the attack and continued to campaign for the right for all children to have an education.
In 2014, Malala at age 17, was named a Nobel Peace Prize winner.
Malala’s father, Ziauddin Yousafzai was a member of the in Swat which was established in June 2013. Projects have included purchasing new equipment for a local hospital, a water filtration plant and establishing a mobile clinic to supply prosthetic limbs to victims of bombs.
Ziauddin Yousafzai said, “I dream of a time when we will go back to Swat, our dream valley, and I will ask Malala to join our Rotary club."
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The Rotary meeting on the evening of June 28 was the last for the 50th year off the Rotary Club of Alexandra and for President Richard Lovett.  The Golf Club was packed with Rotarians and their guests including Rotarians from Yea, Seymour and Euroa.  There were representatives from the Probus clubs and Lions including Alexandra, Eildon and Marysville.  Past President Richard’s report  mentioned past Rotarians including Roy Fox who was a foundation member and passed away a year ago to the day, the very dependable and very active Rotarian Bob Tate  who passed away earlier this year and the changeover dinner did not seem to be quite the same without these two present.  Another loss during the year was Rex Tate, always full off enthusiasm and passionate about making his community the very best it could be and although Rex retired from Rotary several years ago he was still active in the community right up to his death, the murals around Alexandra are a testament to his work.  Some of the widows of past members were able to come and join in the celebrations of a great Rotary year, it was a real treat to meet up with them on such an occasion.  Maurie Pawsey lit a candle in memory of the over 90 past Rotarians who were members of the Alexandra club over the last 50 years. Rotarian John Sharwood proposed a toast to Rotary International during which he  mapped out the history of Rotary including the first Australian Club in Melbourne and the the formation of the Alexandra Club by Seymour and Euroa Rotary Clubs.  The response to the toast was given by  Past District Governor, David Anderson, fresh from the world conference of 1.2 million Rotarians at Atlanta USA, who shared the excitement when he was present for the  announcement  that  Gates Foundation  had donated 1.2 Billion dollars to totally eradicate Polio from the world.  David said that almost immediately from the floor of the conference this massive sum was matched by Rotary Clubs from around the world.
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Rotary Park Revamp
Rotary presented $1500 to John Sharwood representing the Open Gardens’ Committee towards re-developing the gardens at Rotary Park. This is a joint project of the Alexandra and District Open Gardens, the Rotary Club of Alexandra and the Alexandra Events Truck Show.
To date $6200 has been spent on design plans. To date the picnic BBQ has been modified with removal of brick walls and installation of new furniture.
A contract has been negotiated with local contractor Darrell Hedger Contractors to upgrade the garden including site preparation, pathways, rock seats, stump seats and planting scrubs. This will be supervised by John Canny from the shire works department.
The upgrade will commence after the 2017 Truck show in June and should be completed in 8 weeks-weather permitting!
This project fulfils the stated aim of Rotary in the forthcoming Rotary year: Rotary Making a Difference.
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Rotary keeping informed
This week Rotary Alexandra members had an informative talk by  Suzanne Miller. She has been CEO of Nexus Primary Health for four and a half years, and lives with a menagerie on 30 acres at Broadford.
Nexus evolved from Mitchell Community Health, and employs 180 staff over 4 main sites in Mitchell, Murrindindi and Strathbogie Shires with a turnover of $12,000,000 per yr. Nexus offers lots of services at minimal cost to client,; their biggest footprint is the GP clinic at Kinglake Ranges Medical Centre, which is expanding into allied health services such as occupational therapy and dietetics to try to make it more viable.
Alcohol and Drug services visit Alexandra weekly; detox can be done in local hospital.
Family Violence Service covers women's outreach on referral from police, men's behavioural change group, and children's services -important as childhood exposure to violence may lead to neurological changes.
Women’s outreach service receives 70 referrals a month.
Underage drinking- kids report feeling unsafe walking past adults who are drinking. This has led to changes such as bylaws in Alexandra naming public drinking, so that Alex is now a 'dry town'
Aged care services- now difficult to negotiate as all access is through the 'My Aged Care' site, which is 'hopeless'. This will change only if communities talk about how difficult the site is to navigate.
A new focus of Nexus will be helping clients to access NDIS services. Working conditions for aged care workers are being eroded; Nexus chooses to employ staff under awards rather than EBAs.
Disability care will be the new 'manufacturing industry' and needs a stable healthy workforce. US model not the way to go.  
Family Violence services- in rural situations, concern for animals is often a reason for delay in leaving an abusive relationship. The RSPCA has recently come on boarded- as family pets may also be subject to abuse. Best option may be removal of perpetrator from family home; safety may be improved by installation of CCTV, changing locks etc.
If help required locally, contact Police in first instance, they will refer to Nexus. The most dangerous time is when victim attempts to leave a violent relationship. Ambulance membership is important.
NEXUS Broadford: Phone: 1300 77 33 52 Email:
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Rotary takes Flight
Liz Derrick, flying instructor and member of Rotary Club of Seymour gave an instructive talk to members of the Alexandra Rotary club last Wednesday. Liz has had over 30 years of flying experience, including as a lecturer at Edith Cowan University WA, night freight flying, low level surveying and parachute operations, racking up 5950 flying hours.
In answer to the question of why do we fly- for the practicality of shorter travel times, and improved function for fire fighting, ambulance (medical evacuation) and police function.
Flight has evolved over the centuries from hot air balloons in the 1700s to box kites then gliders, as seen at Benalla. These are launched by tow plane, or being towed by a car or winch apparatus.
Recreational pilots are limited to 2 seater aircraft under 500kg, may only fly in daytime, not in cloud and are governed by Recreational Aviation Australia.
Micro lite  and Ultralites are powered hang gliders.
Landing gear is appropriate to the area where craft is to be flown- may be wheels, skis or floats. Engines have developed from propellers to jets - Whittles initial design is still in use in the RFDS fleet.
Medical requirements for general aviation pilots (recreational) are much the same as for a car driver’s licence.
A general aviation licence is required to fly 4-seater and larger aircraft.
A commercial licence is required to fly up to 15 seaters.
Then for larger craft an Air Transport licence is required.
Air Force and Civilian qualifications are comparable and transferable.
Liz has been involved in training for many Chinese pilots at Mangalore, Texas, Florida and Canada How safe are overseas airlines? Liz suggested that a good rule of thumb is to check whether airline is approved to land within Australia. If not, suggest giving them a miss. 
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An exciting night at Rotary in Alexandra this week with the Dame Pattie Challenge. This year it was quoits with Dame Pattie 12 and Rotary 11. To see so much joy and excitement was wonderful.
Tennille gave a speech on the activities at Dame Pattie. She enjoyed cooking, computers with Chris Barry and music with Ros and Julie. The “Have a Say” conference in Geelong was a highlight. But most of all she enjoyed ‘Dame Pats’ because the staff are helpful and friendly.
Jenna spoke on how she love living independently and her work at the kindergarten and at Foodworks. Swimming is her highlight being chosen to swim with the Victorian team at the Special Olympic Nationals at Albert Park in 2014 and coming third in the backstroke.
Rotary in Alexandra has a varied program to promote our local community. We have the Primary School awards where a grade six from each primary school receives an encouragement award and $300. We send students to the National Science forum usually in Canberra. Recently we helped organise and run the Rotary 150th street party. If you want to join Rotary give me a call Tom Farrell 043188742 (Secretary). 
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This wonderful event help on April 1 2017 apart from providing a fun day raised $4000 to support the  ‘Young Men, Old Mountains’ program.

The Outdoor Education Group, along with our wonderful partners believe that young men living in regional communities need to be provided with opportunities to really test themselves, to embrace risk and uncertainty in a well-supported environment, and to be physically and emotionally challenged. Further, we believe that their reflections on these challenges should be professionally facilitated.  It was for these reasons that we created The Outdoor Education Group’s “Young Men, Old Mountains” programs, resulting in ten and five day extended outdoor education programs in the rugged and challenging High Country of Victoria.

Whether it be on the ten day senior boys journey, or the five day junior boys trip, these programs are designed to serve our young men by supporting them to personally experience the sense of reward and pride that often accompanies such physical and emotional challenge. Through traversing the beautiful Victorian High Country by foot, mountain bike, setting up camp, cooking food and spending time alone through solo experiences, the young men will be out of their comfort zones and many will be experiencing such challenges for the first time. This environment does not offer an immediate ‘leave pass’ – what does accompany such a commitment however is a genuine sense of realness. The boys are provided, through their experience, with a genuine and highly supported opportunity to endure the uncomfortable and not be able to abandon ship when the going gets tough. The rewards for such commitment on their part however, is an genuine sense of achievement that can only come with voluntarily attempting and persevering with something difficult, alongside their mates.

The “Young Men, Old Mountains”  program aims to honour the important factors we realise, from both experience and research, that play a critical aspect in young men’s positive development and that serve their constructive transition into manhood. One highly significant factor is the connection of younger men to older men; specifically the importance of positive, present and strong role models in their lives. For this reason, we ask the young men to invite a significant male in their lives to join them on the last night of the ten day journey. Through spending the night, sharing a meal and exchanging stories of their experience, a space is created for the telling and hearing of perspectives of the journey into manhood.  Such discussions have been highly influential and memorable for both the young, and old men alike.

By participating in a fully facilitated program with a specifically designed curriculum, the young men will be able to reflect on the characteristics of a ‘good man’ and be warmly invited to consider their own path into manhood. 

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Rotary 150th Street Party 2017-03-04 13:00:00Z 0


Pride of Workmanship 2017 Dawn Berry, Mark Warren-Smith, Gillian Steward, Briana Calvert & Ron Cooper.

Dawn Berry
Vocation: Enrolled Nurse

Dawn is a medication enrolled nurse at Kellock Lodge. She has worked extremely hard over the past year to streamline her communication skills, focus on what’s important, initiate change and improvements where she can.

Dawn strives for excellence in care and advocates best practice. She provides individualised care to each and every resident, takes a positive approach and focusses on quality of life.

Dawn isn’t shy in stepping forward, identifying a gap in service and providing solutions. She ensures her practices are researched, approved and within her scope.

Her priority is our residents; her passion is making their lives as meaningful as possible!

Dawn has worked hard and absolutely deserves the ‘Pride of Workmanship’ award. She should be proud of what she has achieved!

Andrea Appellman
Kellock Lodge Alexandra Inc.

Mark Warren-Smith
Vocation/Job: Support Worker
Mark joined our team at Dame Pattie Menzies Centre in August 2014. It was a career change for Mark as he had worked as a butcher previously. It was quite a change of profession but we are very glad that Mark decided to try something new.

Mark has shown himself to be a caring, compassionate support worker with a cheerful smile and a great sense of humour. Mark has proven himself to be multi-talented with skills as a fisherman, handyman, hay bale sculptor, cook, mechanic, bus driver, football supporter, photographer, tour guide, advocate, organizer and gardener to name a few.

Mark will give anything a go and do it cheerfully. He contributes innovative ideas and solutions to tricky problems. Mark works to high standards and ideals; if Mark does a job you know it will be done well. Mark gives his time freely to help others, often visiting clients on weekends. He is happy to ‘go the extra mile.’

Mark is a valued member of our team and we would like to thank Rotary for giving us the opportunity to formally recognize Mark for the wonderful contribution he makes to both Dame Pattie Menzies Centre and the lives of those we support.
Lynda Robinson

Gillian Steward
Gillian Steward has been treasurer of the Alexandra Uniting Church Council for over 10 years. The role of treasurer involves managing a local transaction account, a significant remote investment account and the financial issues relating to property management including a leased property.

Gillian always applies the highest ethical standards to every section of the Alexandra Uniting Church finances. Her regular accurate reconciliation and reporting of both the cash flow and accrued costs has ensured that the Church Council has been able to operate within a very limited budget as well as undertake significant capital maintenance and improvement. During her time as Treasurer the church has been reroofed, the entrance doors changed to conform with current public building requirements, the church parquetry floor has been completely renovated, energy efficient Long life LED lighting installed, efficient reverse cycle air conditioning installed as well as significant contributions to the wider work of the church through Mission and Service contribution. Gillian’s pride in her work and her prompt attention to even the most minor issue is a role model for any committee member. In the current difficult financial times with all the legal requirements that must be done to ensure effective governance of a business Gillian seems to take it all in with minimum fuss and always with a smile.

Robert F Chaffe
St Andrew’s Uniting Church Council

Briana Calvert
Vocation: Café Customer Service

We are proud to nominate Briana Calvert to receive the Pride of Workmanship award from the Rotary Club of Alexandra.

Briana is an exceptional person and her wonderful qualities extend far beyond the café. Briana is very caring and readily provides support to those around her that are in need. Many times, Cinamon and I have received a card from Briana, sent to us just to tell us that she is thinking of us and wishing us well.

Briana has been part of the Café Alex team for five years now. Briana has accepted challenging roles and taken on additional tasks with enthusiasm and determination. There is not a role at Café Alex that Briana cannot do. Some of Briana’s other qualities, her attention to detail, her easy going demeanour, her calmness and very friendly nature is appreciated both by staff and customers alike. Briana is a very reliable team member and she would be an asset to any organisation.

Briana, we all adore you and we are thankful to have you in our lives. Well Done. I commend this award to you and we hope that in some small way it shows our gratitude.

Cinamon Cunningham and David Dimech
Café Alex

Ron Cooper

Vocation: Co-ordinator 
Alexandra Friends of the Library Bookshop
trading as
Goulburn River Books

For more than ten years Ron has coordinated, managed and developed Alexandra Friends of the Library Bookshop, which trades as Goulburn River Books.

The bookshop is one of the most successful of its kind in Victoria. Profits from this enterprise support activities of Alexandra Library. Volunteers staff the business. Ron is a volunteer himself.

This successful business has been built around Ron’s enthusiasm, commitment and ability to develop new ideas such as the January 2017 pop-up bookshop.

He shows pride in all he does and truly deserves acknowledgement for his efforts.

Howard Paix
Friends of the Library Alexandra and District Inc.

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